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  1. 408tennisguy

    String setups for the 2021 Yonex Vcore Pro 310

    Let this be the first thread that gains momentum once we get our hands on these sticks! Gonna be interesting to try my main setup of Mayami Big Spin mains and Ghostwire crosses at 49x45 lbs. Will report back! Coming from a Prince Phantom 100x 305 16x18 customized
  2. 408tennisguy

    Prince shaped Pallets

    I know that Prince racquets have a foam mold, but are there any Pallets that can be bought that are similar in shape to a Prince? I did a search on the forum and couldn't find anything. Am I only left with the option of getting close by buying the Head TK82S? Thanks for the help in advance! I am...
  3. 408tennisguy

    Adidas employee store access for USTA members

    Was just browsing the internet and came across something interesting. The Portland,OR employee store is allowing USTA members to come in with 4 guests until January 7th 2021. Would be beneficial for people looking to cop some U4s at a 50% discount or other adidas stuff for that matter. Just...
  4. 408tennisguy

    Yonex Regna 98 and 100

    Wow. They finally brought them to the US from Japan. Pricey though. Anyone had any experience with them? I guess these are part of the Yonex Brandography promotion and the anticipated Yonex that Brittany was talking about in the other forum.
  5. 408tennisguy

    Summer Sitewide Sale

    There's a Summer Sitewide Sale going on at TW Europe....... Any chance TW is gonna be doing a similar promotion? Just curious.
  6. 408tennisguy

    Poly hybrid combo for winter weather and GE

    I am currently playing with a Phantom Pro 100 and I have GE (caused from serves) but I have been trying out soft co-poly full setups and will be gravitating to a poly main/multi cross for the winter weather. It has been getting to around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit in the evening where I live. What...
  7. 408tennisguy

    Backpack with thermal lining

    Does anyone know if there are 1-2 racquet backpacks that have thermal lining in them? It seems that most companies don't put thermal lining in their backpacks.
  8. 408tennisguy

    Backpack with thermal lining.

    Does anyone know if there are 1-2 racquet backpacks that have thermal lining in them? It seems that most companies don't put thermal lining in their backpacks.
  9. 408tennisguy

    Isospeed cream or Tier one ghost wire?

    It seems that TW is always out of stock with isospeed cream in 17G. I signed up for the "notify me" option, but when the date approached, it changed to a later date. Im thinking that ghost wire would be a comparable "soft" poly and easier to obtain from what i have read. Has anyone compared...
  10. 408tennisguy

    Genesis Twisted Razor question

    I am a big fan of the Genesis Twisted Razor and have been using it as my go-to setup ever since I playtested it last year. I remember getting a set of gray colored Twisted Razors and once they were out on the market, they dyed them black. I know that dyes slightly change the playness of the...
  11. 408tennisguy

    TW Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

    Will TW participate in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions? I know a few other online competitors who are running a promotion and i would rather give my money to TW because they have great service. :)
  12. 408tennisguy

    New PolyFibre Black Venom and Hexablade

    These strings look interesting. Anyone ever tried them? $12.50-$12.90 a set. Power, spin and touch are the trademarks of this products. Polyfibre's specially developed Standardized Molecular Distribution Technology (SMD) provides this string with long-lasting resilence as well as the...
  13. 408tennisguy

    Dunlop 4d 100 question

    Hey guys, I have seen pics of the Dunlop 4D 100 brand new strung and pre strung. I know most players sticks in general don't come pre strung so are the strung ones fake? or does it vary by region if they are strung or not? Thanks
  14. 408tennisguy

    How long do Polys last?

    I'm about to buy a reel of SPPP and I'm not sure about the shelf life of polys.... I've had experience with syn gut getting old and brittle after it has been exposed to air after just sitting around for a month or two. Does this ever happen with polys? I break my strings (syn gut and polys)...
  15. 408tennisguy

    Found what I think is a good deal....

    This guy is selling a ektelon DE stringer with a cabinet base, what he says is the DEC model for roughly $100 bucks. I've looked around the forums and have not found any information on this model. He will be emailing me some pics tomorrow but says its a crank tensioner and all the parts are...