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  1. Batoussai

    Who here plays League Of Legends?

    It's probably the best free game there is. It has a pretty steep learning curve but you start at level 1 so in your first games you're paired with other level 1's. I've been playing it a while now and it really is great, fast games and really entertaining. You really don't need to pay for...
  2. Batoussai

    If you introduce a new tennis surface, what would it be?

    Heads down: Non-Newtonian Fluid!
  3. Batoussai

    A Surprising Nadal-Picture

    Too bad there isn't a video of this. How I would love to see him hit some one-handers. :) Look at his funky griphold!
  4. Batoussai

    Did we miss the best match ever?

    Match stats are not always completely reliable. I'll give you that. :) But just imagine they are right, from the 256 points played if 24 where errors (16 UE and 8 DF) their are still 232 points left. Now that probably weren't all forced errors...
  5. Batoussai

    Did we miss the best match ever?

    Malisse - Almagro Just look at the unforced errors... Freaky stuff for more than 3.5 hours of playing. Greetings
  6. Batoussai

    Ugliest Racquet?

    The colours are hideous, but at least I can understand the symmetrical assymetrie :p The torch is just all wrong, colours, pattern, ...
  7. Batoussai

    Ugliest Racquet?

    omg... :oops::oops::oops: I feel my dinner comming up
  8. Batoussai

    Tom Boonen is the Roger Federer of cycling

    This is a really old pic. He's like 4 years older now. And just like me he is Belgian!
  9. Batoussai

    Federer Fragile Mentally

    In tennis there is no such thing as a sure win.
  10. Batoussai

    Sharapova says: "In Wimbledon I'll wear something classy"

    Question is: When is she going to put it on? Maybe she's saving it for the finals.
  11. Batoussai

    After Federer retires

    I'm not agreeing on Isner. All the others have a lot more probability. Especially Gulbis. Don't think Murray will ever get that high though. I think Roddick will be top 3 again.
  12. Batoussai

    Was the tiebreaker really a good idea?

    You should add a poll option: Yes, but not in the final set of a match... That's the one I would chose.
  13. Batoussai

    TV ratings in Europe - tennis vs golf?

    Golf... Majors... ??? What the hell is that??? :p Here in Belgium golf coverage is 0 and tennis is covered a lot!
  14. Batoussai

    Awesome Nadal = Awesome new technique

    Thanks for adding this. I didn't think of it as a table tennis technique but come to think of it... It's all about placement to get the arm in a perfect position. But the body, once it is in a good position doesn't do much else than being a attachment to the arm.
  15. Batoussai

    Awesome Nadal = Awesome new technique

    Okay, I was thinking. We can all agree that Nadal is dominating the last 2 months of the season. And ofcourse this has everything to do with it being the gravelseason but right now he's also performing well on grass. He's been dominating the gravel for over 4 years now. In my opinion this...
  16. Batoussai

    How is Gael Monfils pronounced ?

    I speak french and I'll try to break it down for you in English words: GA: first part of the English word GAGA (like crazy :p) EL: Like the movie NELLE (-N) MO: as in MOE from The Simpsons N: Silent FIL: as in FEEDBACK (-DBACK) S: Pronounced S
  17. Batoussai

    One-handed forehands on each wing?

    I think you'll have a hard time finding someone on this board who didn't already know this. This is actually a very well known fact also with the less fanatic tennisfans. They did a post-match interview at AO I think this year, with a funny reporter asking what he does with his right hand...
  18. Batoussai

    Why Isnt There a Grass Masters Series Event?????

    ² I don't think you can call it a season when it doesn't surpass at least 6 weeks.
  19. Batoussai

    Hamburg Final: Federer (1) - Nadal (2)

    Thx god he's got his serve.
  20. Batoussai

    Hamburg Final: Federer (1) - Nadal (2)

    He should stop turning around his backhand. Nadal is playing too much into the open court and too precise.
  21. Batoussai

    Belgian tennis rests primarily on...

    Amazing how people can say that somebody 'sucks' when they are top 50 in the world... Not talking like a teenager. On some people, the concept is lost.
  22. Batoussai

    Belgian tennis rests primarily on...

    Can't agree with you more! As a Belgian I'm so glad this guy is performing. Just needs a little bit more consistency in his results.
  23. Batoussai

    All matches from Justine Henin (In times of despair)

    I know this isn't 100% reliable. But if downloaded about 20 matches. It's just a site of a superfan who wants to bring the matches of Justine to the people.
  24. Batoussai

    All matches from Justine Henin (In times of despair)

    It's already posted with the video sticky but I just thought a reminder couldn't hurt anyone. After all, we won't be seeing live footage from Henin ever again. Here is the site with almost all of her matches on it. I hope a lot of people will keep on...
  25. Batoussai

    Should Henin retire? ... Well she did.

    Let's stop remembering all the bad things. She doesn't deserve that. She's one of the few true champions at heart of the WTA.
  26. Batoussai

    Has fed ever been truly beaten?

    In my opinion the only match where he showed his best but someone was just better. Clay isn't his surface so he will always play at like 95% on that.
  27. Batoussai

    Should Henin retire? ... Well she did.

    As she said in her press conference: -The fire was out -She couldn't motivate herself anymore, she felt like she had accomplished everything -Winning Wimbledon wasn't going to make her happier -She wants to focus on new things. Love, travelling, studying and family -She's been playing...
  28. Batoussai

    Should Henin retire? ... Well she did.

    I'm Following the press conference right now and she just said it... She's quitting tennis... The fire went out... She didn't have anything to express anymore... She won't reconsider... She's actually happy now with her decision... She will continue giving aid to her foundation... And...
  29. Batoussai

    Should Henin retire? ... Well she did.

    She Is Retiring 99.9% OFFICIAL A Respected Belgian sports newssite (For the dutchspeaking on the board) has had confirmation from a very reliable source that Justine Henin is today announcing her immediate retirement from professional tennis... 4 o'clock will be the...
  30. Batoussai

    Should Henin retire? ... Well she did.

    I Wouldn't call this a False Alarm... She said literally: 'I need to ask myself the right questions.' Which is mostly a bad sign!!! She is giving a press conference today here in Belgium at 4 O'CLOCK (Belgian time). I'll try and keep you updated