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  1. Walenty

    I think today's final was a prime example of where men's tennis is going.

    I think everyone watching today realizes the advantages of a more spin heavy game in modern tennis. There's zero reason to approach net other than a put away. Djokovic was landing slices long because anything remotely short against a full poly user will immediately get put away. Hit a hard, high...
  2. Walenty

    US Open 2013 Final - Stanislas Wawrinka vs. Richard Gasquet

    So who ya got? I think Gasquet might get a set or two but ultimately Stan will hold on to raise the trophy.
  3. Walenty

    For the first time in 40 years, there will be no American men in the top 20

    Due to Isner's early loss in Canada, he'll fall out of the top 20 starting on Monday. I wonder how long the American drought will last now that Roddick's gone.
  4. Walenty

    The sky is falling

    Federer out, Nadal out, Sharapova out. Azarenka, Tsonga, Isner, Darcis, Cilic, Kholscreiber plus many more retiring left and right. What's next? Dogs and cats living together? Volcanic eruptions? May the tennis Gods have mercy on us all...
  5. Walenty

    Best way to catch recaps/whole recordings of matches at the end of the day?

    For those that don't have a DVR, how do you go about watching match recaps and such? Just what you can find same-day on Youtube? Does the Wimbledon site offer recordings of the matches after the fact?
  6. Walenty

    A. Murray vs. S. Wawrinka Monte Carlo 3rd Round

    I thought this was a good enough match to deserve it's own thread. Should be very fun to watch. Although they haven't played each other on clay in a few years Wawrinka leads that H2H 2-0.
  7. Walenty

    Anyone watching Madison Keys?

    Very impressive comeback today after blowing a 5-1 lead to Mattek-Sands to win the set in a tiebreak and win in straight sets. She plays Venus next and if she wins she'll play Serena in the semi's of Charleston. Could be interesting if she gets there too, her serve is of comparable quality...
  8. Walenty

    What matchup between two high-profile players in the same era has never happened?

    Exactly what it sounds like. Let's say a matchup that has never happened more than once. Between some of your favorite players.
  9. Walenty

    Agnieszka Radwanska on a tear

    She just beat Cibulkova 6-0 6-0 in the final of Sydney, her second straight title of the year. She's 9-0 and hasn't dropped a set in any of her matches. She drew Li Na in her quarter, who she just beat, and Maria, who she played competitively last year and hasn't had a tune up tourney yet...
  10. Walenty

    2012: The Year In Photos Thread

    Post all of your favorite photos from 2012 GO
  11. Walenty

    Di Wu to become first male Chinese player in Grand Slam main draw The start of a era of Chinese tennis for the ATP?
  12. Walenty

    Robin Soderling: "If no comeback in 2013, then I do not know...."

    More of a paraphrase than a quote, but someone interviewed him a few days ago: You have not...
  13. Walenty

    The Floodgate Has Now Opened

    Now that Murray has a slam, plus the gold medal, expect his confidence to finally be at its highest ever. The "Big Four" is now actually that. I was hoping Murray would win Wimby or the Open this year, before Fed gets to his twilight years, and now that it's happened, I get to make this...
  14. Walenty

    The Next Great American Player on the Horizon?

    Long read for an article, but an interesting one:
  15. Walenty

    Great Chance of Surprise Quarterfinalists this Year

    With a few upsets and withdraws there's definitely opportunities for some new quarterfinalists at the open: One of these guys is going to be a semi-finalist: -Tipsarevic -Isner -Gasquet -Ferrer One of these guys to the quarters: -Nishikori -Cilic Same here: -Ivanovic...
  16. Walenty

    Radwanska hits tweener Wasn't a winner, but still pretty uncommon to see one on the women's side. I think other than Schiavone this is the first one I've seen.
  17. Walenty

    All 4 Men's Quarterfinal Pick'ems

    I set the poll to allow multiple selections. The players are paired in order so just choose the 4 you think will win :)
  18. Walenty

    Which would be the more significant match win at this stage of Roddick's career?

    Roddick's victory over Federer at Miami this year, or...... A Roddick victory over Djokovic at the Olympics next round? Take a second and think about this one. The more I thought about it, the more my opinion changed a bit.
  19. Walenty

    The only other American besides Isner to make the 2nd week?

    With so many Americans being eliminated/injured I noticed someone that could make a pretty decent run (other than Isner that is). Sloane Stephens is just past 19 years old and won her last two matches in straights--feeding Mattek-Sands a double breadstick today. She next plays someone ranked...
  20. Walenty

    Serve Speed Record Broken Three Times in One Match

    Did anybody else see this (forgive the Chris Chase article): Apparently the old record of 156mph by Karlovic was broken by Samuel Groth of Australia. Recorded at 164...
  21. Walenty

    What established player you would most like to see suddenly crack the Top 5?

    Not a newcomer, not a player that's been top 5 or 6 before. For me it'd be Gasquet. It'd be so nice to see him suddenly GOATing and cracking backhand winners deep in slams.
  22. Walenty

    Tipsarevic vs Gasquet

    Didn't see a thread for this--it's a good enough match for a poll :) I'll say Tipsy in 4 but it's really more uncertain than that....
  23. Walenty

    Time to ask again: Who's the best up-and-comer on tour?

    I think considering the recent success of many of the younger, talented players on tour, it's time we take a new vote on who you think will have the most success in the next 2-3 years. Below are the candidates and some year-to-date stats on each: Ryan Harrison: Year-to-date record: 13-18...
  24. Walenty

    New Interview with Ernests Gulbis

    Pretty interesting to hear about Gulbis and his personal life--it's about what you'd expect lol.
  25. Walenty

    Clip of Connors vs Agassi 1988 US Open Video

    Hey all, I rarely post in the former player section, mainly because I've only been watching tennis since around 2007. However, an older video caught my eye: (warning: it is from a terrible chris chase yahoo article)...
  26. Walenty

    Man Most Likely to Pull QF Upset

    I want to hear your upset picks. Choose wisely :)
  27. Walenty

    Brisbane Final--Soderling vs Roddick

    Here we go, Sod and Roddick about to play yet another hard court match tomorrow that looks to be very promising. Sod leads the H2H 3-2: ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Paris France Hard Q Soderling, Robin 7-5, 6-4 Stats 2010 ATP World Tour...
  28. Walenty

    ?'s Regarding Leather Replacement Grip; PDRGT+

    So, not to add to the beating of the dead horse that is leather grip questions on this board, but after noticing the following of leather grip users on TW, I'm interested to try them out. I'm thinking of buying the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT+ (27.5 in), so that would be the racquet in...
  29. Walenty

    Which Men's Quarterfinal Are You Looking Forward To?

    So, after looking through these forums for a while now I finally decided to become a member. :) My first question for you guys is: What potential quarter matchup are you looking forward to/do you think will be the best? Federer vs. Cilic/Soderling: This repeat final would be my pick...