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    Rackets like a larger, more spin friendly 93p 18x20

    I moved from the 93P to the TF40.
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    Stringing shaped polys?

    Update: So I strung another racquet with this string. I think the secret is weaving through no more than a couple of mains before pulling the entire length through. This seems to have eliminated the problem. It's also not necessary until the last several crosses as long as you make sure to push...
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    Stringing shaped polys?

    Okay, that makes sense
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    Stringing shaped polys?

    I always thread weave. I'm just adept at push weaving.
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    Stringing shaped polys?

    Forgive me if I don't explain this correctly: Last night I was stringing a personal racquet with Mayami Big Spin. I got down to the 2nd to the last cross, weaved it through 3 or 4 mains, then the string coils up. Big spin twists maybe once every six inches or so, but this twist was more like...
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    2019 Yonex Regna (Japanese exclusive)

    Ok, so I'm not one to typically take the time to post in in-depth review of a racquet, but ask and I'll answer. So, I'd become a little bored with my TF40s and decided to give the Ezone Tour a go, played with it at one clinic (loved it) then the Regna became available so I ordered one too. This...
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    Nevermind. 82S are rounded and 82 are more rectangular. I think I'll try swapping them out for an 82 set.
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    What's the difference between the 82 and 82S pallets?
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    What would be a good material to try this with?
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    Love this racquet. Hate this grip shape, even after switching out to a leather grip. The bevel edges are just way to vague for me.
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    Babolat tool kit?

    Who has one? Is it worth it? Cheapest price I've found is a little under $200.
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    So I had my first hit with my new TF40 305. All the previous posts about the rock-solid feel are 100% correct. This is a great racquet. I'm coming from a 93P 18x20 and it's going to take some adjustment to get used to a stick that is much head heavier than my previous. It also appears that there...
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    Is it poly? Elbow pain makes no sense

    In fairness, I didn't read every single post here. I do think stiff racquets and strings can aggravate TE, but I believe it is fundamentally caused by gripping the racquet too tightly. Don't believe me? If you have any degree of TE, make a fist and squeeze tightly. Does that aggravate it?
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    New stringer struggling with maintaining tension with poly knots on tie off

    Oh, and I personally think a pro knot is even easier to tension than a parnell.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    So, I've been absent for a while because I recently switched the Prince Phantom 93s and I've been experimenting with full poly. This past weekend is was time for restringing and threw in my old favorite Ash Kev 17 and Monogut 16 at 60/45 in the 14 by 16 racquet. Wow, I instantly remembered why I...
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    Classic racquet recommendations?

    Not what you're asking for, but I suspect you'll love it, the 93 Phantom in 18x20.
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    Dampers taking away feel?

    There was a scientific study done several years ago and the link was posted on these boards. The result was that dampeners do not affect feel or vibration and only change the sound of the string bed. I'm sure if you search you could find it.
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    Nike Airmax Wildcard Insoles?

    Ok, just got my pair of these and at first impression, they seem great. The only oddity is that normally I use 3rd party insoles in all of my shoes and one of my first reactions to receiving this new pair was to pull the stock insole out. Wow, the forefoot of this factory insole is 2 to three...
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    Ashaway Kevlar vs Kevlar Plus

    Skip the +.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I personally could care less what string you play with. Standard kevlar, from Ashaway, played slightly softer and lasted much longer than the + version in my personal experience. Also, I would have to watch your mechanics to have any idea as what it was that was causing problems. Here's an...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Dude, that is exactly what I'm talking about. No one is debating whether or not kevlar is stiff. This is a thread about Kevlar + Zx, not something else. Without reviewing every post, I have seen very few reports of injury from this setup with the tension differential we are referring to.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Been a while since I chimed in on this thread, although I do read it every day. I'm not saying that I know exactly why this combo at these tensions plays so soft, but it does. I've read countless attempts by people to explain why and countless attempts by people that haven't tried it to explain...
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    Can switching racquets lead to elbow pain?

    The faster/ harder swing is probably causing you to grip much harder which is what is causing your elbow pain. Swing harder or faster, just try not to change your grip pressure.
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    Phantom Pro 100P setup

    I have to report that after not being very happy with the stock play of this racquet it is now playing amazingly.
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    Phantom Pro 100P setup

    I've been experimenting with mine. Currently, I have YPTP in 17 at 48 in mine, but I have also added about 9 grams distributes between 12, 3 and 9 and about 9 grams in the butt cap. Easing my way up to my 93P specs. It does play much, much better.
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    Balance Board?

    Time for me to break down and finally buy one, but to my surprise, I can't find anyone that has them in stock either Gamma or Alpha. I really do not want to make my own. Any ideas?
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    Will one half hitch hold on final cross knot?

    Not saying it would or would not work, but both of the standard knots (Parnell and pro) are so much easier to tighten by hand and produce a much cleaner look.
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    Will one half hitch hold on final cross knot?

    Why are you using a half hitch knot?