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  1. Bungalo Bill

    Bungalo Bill is Alive

    What is happening? Just wanted to say hi to everyone!
  2. Bungalo Bill

    Just wanted to stop in and say Hi. HI!

    I see the boards are alive and well.
  3. Bungalo Bill

    Slice Backhand Study

    Following are my open notes on the slice backhand. You can comment if you want, however, keep in mind it is a study that I am also gathering more information on and understanding. Got to edit some of this stuff... EDIT: The study I am trying to do is simply isolated to the arm swing of the...
  4. Bungalo Bill

    Technical Analysis: Videos

    If I promised to look and provide advice to your videos, please accept my apoligies but I dont remember the threads on where they are located. Pop it up by posting something in them, and I will take a look. If I miss it, keep popping it up. I am not trying to avoid you or not do it. I want to...
  5. Bungalo Bill

    Australian Open

    Has any of you doubles players watched the doubles on TV? What do you think? Any interesting things learned? Tatics? Strategies? Serving placement? Net play? Movement? We had a doubles thread that disappeared so maybe we can get a little new one going. Any one catch Todd Woodbridge's match?
  6. Bungalo Bill

    System 5: Key 2 Tennis Theory

    THE FIVE PHASES OF PLAY Tennis is a game in which your playing situation constantly changes. One very important source of change concerns ball characteristics such as speed, spin, depth, height and placement. Another source of change is the location and mobility of both you and your opponent...
  7. Bungalo Bill

    System 5: Key 1 Tennis Theory

    THE FIVE ZONES Simply defined, the tennis court is merely a playing area that both defines the boundaries of play and governs the actions of those who play. The white lines that divide the court into various sections serve the purpose of determining whether a ball is on or out of play. Yet...
  8. Bungalo Bill

    System 5: Key 4 Tennis Theory

    THE FIVE HEIGHTS The highest percentage of points a player loses are on balls that either go out or into the net. Thus, the trajectory of your ball is critical. By understanding how to calculate the correct height of any shot in any situation, you can significantly reduce the number of...
  9. Bungalo Bill

    System 5: Key 5 Tennis Theory

    THE FIVE RESPONSES Successful implementation of any one of the previous four keys will lead to an immediate improvement in your game. If you are able to integrate two or more (or preferably all) of these four keys, your improvement will be dramatic. However, to realize the full potential of...
  10. Bungalo Bill

    What players personality do you think you are?

    Would people think you are a lot like: Agassi? Riggs? Gilbert? Who? None of these? Then who?
  11. Bungalo Bill

    John Yandell's Forum

    Hey, this is not a tip but an announcement. For those that have posted questions in my forum on John Yandell's website, I am starting to answer them. Sorry for the delay as I moved my family up to Idaho and we are loving every minute of it. Some of you asked questions regarding the serve and I...
  12. Bungalo Bill

    Wegnerites Unite! It is Time to Rule Tennis Instruction Forever!

    YOU FOOLS. You thought for one moment I was on your side? Take a look at this bunch of junk from your beady-eyed master's site. ======================================================= Veteran tennis technologist and general all-around great guy is leading a team of like-minded and experienced...
  13. Bungalo Bill

    Kevhen, statistics

    Congrats on your tournament play record. I know you worked hard and although we can get into a lot of tiffs, I am impressed with your diligence in pursuing a higher rating in tennis. Work on that serve and I am sure you will reach your goals.
  14. Bungalo Bill

    Need Advice On Stringers

    Hi Guys, I am contemplating buying my own stringer. As many of you know, my famil;y and I moved to Idaho and live in a rural area just North of Boise. I have a big garage and can put a stringing machine in there and string my own racquets and possibly others. In the past, I have kept my eye...
  15. Bungalo Bill

    Idaho Tennis Players

    We are going to be living in Idaho (Boise Area) as of April 14th. This is a done deal and we are packing as we speak getting ready for the move. I would like to hook up with some tennis players out there, check out the clubs, and in general tennis in the area. It is time to get in shape in the...
  16. Bungalo Bill

    Anyone from Idaho?

    Hi Folks, Looking for those that live in Boise Idaho area.
  17. Bungalo Bill

    Did you know?

    Did you guys know John Yandell's forum site is free?
  18. Bungalo Bill

    Anyone Play With he Power Angle Racquet?

    Anyone Play With the Power Angle Racquet? Your thoughts are appreciated. I am ordering a demo but thought I would gather some feedback. Please indicate which model you tried or own.
  19. Bungalo Bill

    It was nice to see Stephi Graf back playing again.

    Well another topic that doesnt really belong here. So breifly I just wanted to say it was nice to see that deadly slice back in the game.
  20. Bungalo Bill

    Are spending enough time on your Secondary shots?

    Spending time practicing your secondary shots can help you develop an all strokes game. It can also be the shots you need to beat the person you are having a hard time beating. IMO secondary shots are: 1. Slice forehand 2. Slice backhand 3. Drop shots There are a few more but these are...
  21. Bungalo Bill

    Can Swinging Inside-out On Your Strokes Really Help?

    I was reading through my books to refresh my memory on some excellent advice from well-known coaches like John Yandell and Vic Braden. As you know, I am back on the courts teaching my daughter how to hit a ball. It is difficult to remember everything and that is why I am spending some time...
  22. Bungalo Bill

    Need some help please?

    Hi Everyone, I need some help (I am also posting this is the racquets section). I am building a little "tennis museum" in my home and placing racquets I used to play with in various places (at least that is the thinking so far) or will have a "wall" (a small wall if my wife has any say) of...
  23. Bungalo Bill

    Can you please help me?

    Hi Everyone, I need some help (I am also posting this is the racquets section). I am building a little "tennis museum" in my home and placing racquets I used to play with in various places (at least that is the thinking so far) or will have a "wall" (a small wall if my wife has any say) of...
  24. Bungalo Bill

    Email Apoligies

    My apoligies to everyone emailing me. I have changed out three computers and had major hassles with setting up my home network under Windows XP, that I simply forgot to setup my TW email account in Outlook. I have a ton of emails to sort though and will get to each of you that sent me an email...
  25. Bungalo Bill

    Why Are Men Happier?

    I know this doesnt belong in the tip section, but this is where I hang out and thought I would break up the mononty of providing "tips" all the time. ========================================================= Men Are Just Happier People... What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your...
  26. Bungalo Bill

    Good Forum (Tips, Etc.)

    I have seen some good things on Yandell's site. One in particular is his new tennis forum which is up and running. The awesome thing about it is pictures, videos, animations, you name it can be SEEN within the thread for people to get their questions answered and learn! If there is an article...
  27. Bungalo Bill

    EASI Tennis Article III

    Courtesy of EASI Ideal Racquet Motion In every groundstroke, in order to strike the ball, the racquet must be advanced from a position in which the racquet butt is pointing toward the ball to where the racquet face is perpendicular to the path of the ball. Below is an animation of the...
  28. Bungalo Bill

    EASI Tennis Article II

    Here is another I thought was very good. Lots of good stuff. Courtesy of EASI Tennis. Awareness of the Racquet Face In order to hit a clean ball, you must spend time consciously thinking about how the racquet face will contact the ball. This means that you need to work on a...
  29. Bungalo Bill

    EASI Tennis Article

    I highly encourage the developing tennis player to join this site. I am an instructor and member of EASI Tennis (Kevhen, I dont get paid when people join). The research they have on the site is excellent and is very useful in helping you improve your NTRP rating. Below is an article I felt...
  30. Bungalo Bill

    AP BELT: More Great News

    Hi Folks, as promised I spoke with Pat and showed him all the activity we've created on these boards. He was extremely appreciative for the thoughtful feedback from all of you. He is thankful for your valued opinions and has agreed to extend his very best deal, exclusively for the TW community...