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  1. misterg

    More arm friendly equivalent to APD racquet

    Wolkl Organix 8 !
  2. misterg

    So what's been your most disappointing racquet used/tried?

    My experience: Dunlop 500, toooo stiff, gave away in 10 minutes, Dunlop 200g to demanding.
  3. misterg

    Volkl Powerbridge 8 (295g) vs Organix 8 (300)

    Thx man. I have an opportunity to get a old but absolutely not used PB 8 295 for 50 EUR, or a semi-new organix 8 300 gr for 100 EUR but I have no chances to demo the organix... Specs are almost the same so...
  4. misterg

    Volkl Powerbridge 8 (295g) vs Organix 8 (300)

    Someone who has hit with both racquets, can please give comparison expecially in terms of confort. Thx.
  5. misterg

    My unit turn is greater holding racket in left hand, but I've always been a righty?

    I experienced that too. Becaus of wrist injury i'm forced to play lefty, and my strokes (expecially the forehand) ad technically musch betten. I'm using my whole body and not only the arm, also the preparation and also footwork is much better... well except for the serve. I have a theory about...
  6. misterg

    Anyone Start Tennis Later in Life? *TL;DR*

    I started tennis at 33 now i'm 50. At age of 44 because of sore wrist I was forced to quit tennis... So I started to play with my left hand (my no-dominant) and had to start learn the game from the beginning. I enjoy every moment on the court, it doesn't matter if you are 2,0 or 5.5, it doesn't...
  7. misterg

    all slice no talk!!

    Acex! I had a similar experience and played lefty for agout 4 years. My forehand was much better other strokes about 60-70% of my right hand (except the volleys where sometimes youh have to improvise. The serve was a nightmare and i really couldn't master anything decent. I had also to focus a...
  8. misterg

    Replacement for yonex RDX 500 MP

    Yes, thats part of the problem, al the mentioned racquet are sensiby stiffer than the RDX...
  9. misterg

    Replacement for yonex RDX 500 MP

    Thanks ! I'm searching for replacement in the Yonex family.
  10. misterg

    Replacement for yonex RDX 500 MP

    Hy, what is supposed to be the replacement (if any...) for the Yonex RDX 500 MP? This are the specifications: Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632 sq. cm. Length: 27 inches / 69 cm Strung Weight: 11.7oz / 332g Balance: 8pts Head Light Swingweight: 315 Stiffness: 62 Beam Width: 18-21 mm...
  11. misterg

    Slice grip

    What grip are you using on your backhand slice? The continental grip is supposed to be the correct grip but I hit my best slice's with the eastern forehand grip ! (sic).:confused: What's your experience?
  12. misterg

    Aero pro drive cortex - comfort?

    Great article, it makes sense! thx
  13. misterg

    Looking for racquets having buttery feeling & plow through

    Fischer MPro N.1 for sure.
  14. misterg

    Aero pro drive cortex - comfort?

    Ha ha, great idea !
  15. misterg

    Aero pro drive cortex - comfort?

    Not really, the Pro n.1 it's a great stick and I'm happy with it, but like a lot of people on this forum afer a year or two I start to look around for other racquet's. If there is something I'd like to change is a bit more of spin, maybe a 16/19 pattern but then it probably would be a...
  16. misterg

    Aero pro drive cortex - comfort?

    Thanks for the input!
  17. misterg

    Aero pro drive cortex - comfort?

    I know it is a stiff racquet and I already had TE issues in the past (that's wy I'm playing with flexible sticks like MPro N.1, Prince O3MP, PK5g... and soft multif. strings...) but I'd like to try the APDC, it yust looks soo cool... So the question, for those of you who play(ed) with a...
  18. misterg

    Best sliced backhand in the mens game?

    Flavio Cipolla by far!
  19. misterg

    Federer vs Nadal 2006 Rome Masters Final...Federer should watch this match again...

    Returning to the original post. On match poin Federer missed an really easy forehand from the T. From that moment Fed regularry missed decisives but easy forehands with Rafa. IMO his main problem playing Rafa is not his backhand but his forehand AND his head...
  20. misterg

    Post photos of your Vantage racquets

    cool, thanks, first i was thinking about the black one but now i'm intrigated by the white one...
  21. misterg

    Post photos of your Vantage racquets

    Can you, Vantage user's post some photos of your racquet's. I'm interested in this racquets but I'll like to have more inputs how they look in reality. And btw I would like to have more color options... Thanks!
  22. misterg

    lefty serving argument

    I'm a righty but beacause of wrist problem's i play with my left hand for more than 3 years already. Here are my observation's: leftie's have really BIG advantage, i'll say about 15-20%. All said by before posters it's true. I think the bigger advantages are that righties are yust not enough...
  23. misterg

    Where it all started: Nadal and Federer's first match

    To return to the post, IMO it all started at the epic Rome master final a few years ago. I was there. 5 sets, in the fifth Fed had 2 VERY EASY match points, just 2 easy put away forhands in middle-court, pefect... And he choked, ha missed them both very badly. I'm convinced that if he had won...
  24. misterg

    Pick 'Em

    I say Rafa because I don't see Federer able to beat Djoko and Rafa back to back, and idem I don't see Djoko able to beat Federer and Rafa neither... Rafa has improvode a lot on hard, he won the Olimpics, so he is my favorit.
  25. misterg

    hitting a completely flat serve with continental grip

    Practice your serve closer to the net.
  26. misterg

    Loopy forehand

    Hy, any tips on making my lefty forehands more loopy, more Patty Schyder like. I hit pretty flat with my eastern grip, I'm in the 50-ies and don't wanna change my grip. Thanks!
  27. misterg

    Do we have a Prince club?

    Sign me in, 03 white
  28. misterg

    Most talented player ever

  29. misterg

    arm friendly racquets that are not kennex

    Pk 5g, O3 tour MP, Fischer Pro N1
  30. misterg

    switching from right to left handed.

    Because of wrist sorenes I also switched from righ to left hand... two years ago. Today, after two years my forehand is better now, backhand is about 70%, volleys about 50%. my serve sucks...