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  1. otifiwi

    New Yonex Shoes 2018

    so what happened ? :D
  2. otifiwi

    Denis Shapovalov to Yonex

    that's not a problem if you ask me, as long as quality is good....i think even the pro's rackets are made in china for head know apple make its poducts there too....anyway can i have your instagram ?
  3. otifiwi

    Chung Racquet/String and Tension

    it doesn't make sense giving him 6 where 4 are different than the rest really..maybe the guy's english is bad and we didn't understand what he meant...from what i understood, it's a habit for him to play with 2 only...dude was a top 100 player, yonex sponsors almost eveyrone, i know a dude from...
  4. otifiwi

    Denis Shapovalov to Yonex

    what do you mean here ? what do others do differently ? thanks
  5. otifiwi

    Djokovic's decorated racquet bag @ AO 2018

  6. otifiwi

    Chung Racquet/String and Tension

    why does he use only 2 out of 6 he has ? it doesn't make sense to me at it just a habit ?
  7. otifiwi

    Angelique Kerber new racquet ?

    hey i did post something on your profile, check it out and answer me please, thanks
  8. otifiwi

    Yonex must sign another top player

    dude 3 or 4 years later everyone seems to be switching to yonex it's unbelivable...johnson, shapovalov, mmoh, tiafoe, you just name it...unbelivable i swear...even troicki man haha
  9. otifiwi

    New Diadem String!!!!

    so you're saying that diadem here is better than tourbite ??
  10. otifiwi

    Looking for a Cheaper Alternative to Diadem Solstice

    is diadem really better than solinco tour bite or Hyper G ????? anyone else can confirm ?