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    Laureus World Sportsman of the Year: Federer 4 - Nadal 0

    The Laureus sports awards are like the Oscars of the film world. To be awarded a sportsperson must achieve outstanding achievements greater in magnitude that all others in other sports. From the official website: The Laureus World Sports Awards is the premier global sports awards honouring...
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    The Better Forehand: Nadal or Sampras?

    Who's forehand would you rather have, Sampras or Nadal's? Vote now.
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    W. Ferreira vs Sampras Lyon 1995 Indoor From 23 seconds onwards watch Ferreira hit his running DTL forehand against Sampras off a running cross-court forehand from Sampras.
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    Most lopsided h2h against a #1 in a slam final

    The title says it all. The most lopsided surface dependent h2h (Edit: not in favour of ) a #1 in a slam final . I'm not interested in rhetoric, opinions, english or any other language you may write in. I just want to know about players ranked #1 in a slam final who faced opponents with really...
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    The real Aerogel? Looks like the aerogel stuff is real. Whether it can offer benefits in a tennis racket that no other older commercially viable material can is another issue entirely. 'Aerogel, one of the world’s lightest solids, can...
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    The Rules of Engagement(distance) How to playt a dinker,etc. It's not new info but interestly presented.
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    Keifers: What's the Yonex MP 3i like?

    Keifers, I remember years ago you posted a comment about the Yonex MP 3i. Could you tell me how this racquet compares to any Fischer racquet you have used like the Pro #1 or Pro Classic 90 in terms of Power Stability on off centre hits comfort spin flex thanks in advance for any...
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    Pioline Genuine Rival to Sampras?

    Pioline has played Sampras 9 times and lost all 9 times. Over the course of 9 matches 24 sets were played between them and Pioline won 3 of them making it 21-3 in sets to Sampras. Had Pioline won 1 set in each of the 9 matches he'd have 9 sets against Sampras but he only has 3 sets to his name...
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    Guillermo Canas not a spolier and

    don't make it one. Watching him play now and he's hitting double handed backhands. I'm 100% sure he had a one handed backhand so when did he switch?
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    symmetrical abs?

    Of course many people have asymmetrical abs(non symmetrical) because of nature. Also playing a sport like tennis can also result in uneven muscle use between the left and right sides of the body. Since muscles can only contract/pull not push, so for instance I think the left sided abs are used...
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    free website about strings

    edit: deleted reason: old news
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    Strings less affected by temperature change

    Where I play the temperature can vary by as much as 20 degrees fahrenheit. If I use string tensions for the lower temperatures the strings become too springy and powerful at the higher temperatures. If I use string tensions for the higher temperatures the strings become too stiff and hard...
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    Federer 5 consecutive major finals

    I thought it was interesting that Federer has now played in 5 Major finals in a row, winning 4 of them. By way of comparison Sampras managed no more than 3 in a row since the French open proved too big a challenge for Sampras so his run didn't exceed 3 in a row. Borg, another all time great...
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    Tursunov vs. Nalbandian

    go here instead
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    Sampras & Agassi Vs Stich & Wayne Ferreira

    A trivia question for historians Sampras had a career head-to-head against Wayne Ferreira of 7-6 Michael Stich of 4-5 However neither Wayne or Michael ever beat Agassi Wayne is 0-11 Michael is 0-6 So were there any players who never beat Sampras after several attempts but had...
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    FO, Wimbledon, USO winners 1968-2004

    From 1968 to 2004, a 38 year span the winners of the FO, Wimbledon and USO are as follows(assuming my records are correct): FO Winners ======== 1999 F Agassi 1974 F Borg 1980 F Borg 1981 F Borg 1979 F Borg 1978 F Borg 1975 F Borg 1993 F Bruguera 1994 F Bruguera 1989 F Chang 2002 F...
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    Did Lendl really do that?

    Q&A for Korda from a website: Q) One of the only former champions not playing on the Delta Champions Tour is Ivan Lendl. What is he doing these days and what was he like to play against? Jason, Croatia A) Ivan is living in the United States. His daughters are playing golf extremely...
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    I have seeeen...

    Awhile ago there was talk of Fischer reintroducing their Vacuum Pro classic frames as a retro product. Some posters doubted this, as did I, but I have, today, seen these frames with a new retro paintjob on a website. I don't agree with JD but to keep him happy(;-)) I won't provide any other...
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    Most 'solid feeling' discontinued tweener racquet

    Which discontinued tweener plays with the most 'solid' feeling, has lots of controllable power and is arm friendly?
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    Some jokes you may not have heard before I'm trying those pickup lines Friday night.
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    Be Fast B4 Link Changes : TMS Madrid-Models-Agassi-Henman Check the above link before it is moved. It's a mildly amusing article about the use of models as alternatives to the ball-kids. Apparently they are paid 600 UK pounds per week.
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    Roddick and grass courts

    Does anyone think Roddick over the long-haul may achieve more slam wins at Wimbledon than the US open or at least get to more semis and finals at Wimbledon? I think he might because Roddick's strengths are more dominate on grass and his weaknesses are more difficult to attack.
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    Joachim Johansson and the Thunder God Thor

    From Norse mythology, Thor was the Thunder God who struck down his foes with his mighty hammer (love Marvel comics). Joachim is Swedish and can smack that forehand with his hammer substitute(Yonex RDX 500 (paintjob)) like no one else I have ever seen on earth. Pim-Pim just just does...
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    Some comments on Yonex RDX 500 mid size

    I received this racquet(L3 grip size) last week and was planning on having a thorough play test but I haven't got the 'right' strings/tension in it yet so I'll delay posting a full review until I get the strings sorted out. I think I'll need a lower tension and less soft strings. Impressions...
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    Hewitt Calls Tactical Time out

    I'm watching this Federer-Hewitt match and Federer just hammered Hewitt 6-0 in the third set. Hewitt was running around in the 3rd set like the cartoon character Speedy Gonzales and then when he looses it 6-0 he calls an 'injury' time-out. It's now 1-1 forth set as I write this and Hewitt is...
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    Here You Go! Buy an Exact Replica of Pete Sampras's Racquet!

    Minus the lead tape.
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    Is the Volkl Tour 10 Mid stable?

    How stable is it compared to Head PT 280, Yonex MP Tour 1, Fischer Pro #1 320g version? Thanks
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    Is muted feel of volkl Tour 10 Mid like Yonex MP-Tour 1 98&q

    I don't like the very muted feel of the Yonex Mp Tour 1 98". I was wondering if the muted feel of the Volkl Tour 10 Mid 'feels' the same.
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    Can the ATP Tour learn from the WWF?

    I've been thinking recently. Kids love WWF because it has characters like Randy Macho Man Savage, The Natural Rick Flair or was it something like Nature Boy :? Do you think the ATP Tour would attract more kids to take up the sport if they marketed the players with official nicknames...