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  1. stingstang

    Leather grip alternatives?

    I love leather grips but I’m using six one 95’s (2017 reissue) and they push the weight higher than I want. Shocked to see Babolat skinfeel has been dropped! Are there any other ‘fake leather’ grips which keep the bevel feel? I don’t want to drop a grip size like with the tourna thin grip.
  2. stingstang

    Upper arm pain and tennis racket

    I have a pain in my upper arm (on the outside of the arm under the shoulder) and have been using stiff rackets (the one now is 71 w/full poly) for a while. Obviously technique is the major thing I need to look at but could the racket be contributing to it? I thought tennis elbow is the symptom...
  3. stingstang

    Doubles - do you watch it?

    Tried watching doubles a few times but its way too boring. 130mph serve, smash volley. Repeat until tiebreak. With modern rackets/strings and singles players not entering its just a waste of time. Should they give up on it like Jmac says? Or make them play with wood rackets to make it about...
  4. stingstang

    Possible time for A-Rod to retire?

    This is NOT a hate thread... His USO draw has been kind to him. Just say he could pull out a win against Ferrer (difficult but possible), that would line up a huge match against Nadal on Ashe. Surely that would be a nice time to call it a day, especially if he could make it a real battle...
  5. stingstang

    Tsonga the new Krajicek?

    Smashed his way to Wimbledon '96 with 140mph serves, massive forehands and solid net play. Took down Pete in the QF's. Ok RK's draw was much easier after the QF's but the way Nole is playing right now he has a big shot at the final :)
  6. stingstang

    Now we'll see how good Djoker really is...

    Ok he lost to in form Fed on clay no big deal but I thought he choked the big points. Winning streaks and masters is great and all but if you don't back it up on the big stage it means NOTHING
  7. stingstang

    Order of play for semi's?

    Who is on first out of the nadal & djokovic matches? Has it been decided? If Djoker v Fed is on first I think the result could affect Nadal massively.