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    Gamma progression II + Wise Tension Head 2086

    I have a Gamma Progression II drop weight and considering updating with a Wise Tension Head. There are two adapters on TW, one for drop weight and one for Gamma. Do I need both for it to work for my machine...
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    Question about using dropweight

    Hi, I'm a novice in stringing. I'm trying to string on a dropweight machine and have some questions. 1. How should I use the clamps when starting? I use a machine with two fixed clamps. I watched several videos but they all have different ways to start. Some would clamp both center mains with a...
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    Best way to watch tennis online?

    Hi guys, I live in a rented apartment and don't have a TV cable or TV set for now. Just wanna ask what is the best way to watch tennis live solely with internet connection? costs $15 per month or $120 per year, which is pretty legit. If I use it I plan to buy monthly passes only...
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    Buying a stringing machine

    I’m planning to buy a stringing machine and just did some random search on Amazon. The prices range from 200~3000. For now 400 is the max I can pay. All I want is getting the job done ideally with good tension accuracy. I just started to learn stringing so it’s better to be easy to use. Mobility...
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    Babolat Play racquet question

    hi TW staff, I’m considering buying a Babolat Play racquet. The racquet is lighter than my normal spec so I’m considering modding it. Can I change the original grip on it to heavier ones? Will modding affect the accuracy of the data? Thanks!
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    PB10 Mid or BB London Tour

    I've played with the C10 Pro for a couple of months and wholly satisfied with it. Very curious about the plush Volkl feel in a mid and now looking at the the PB10 mid and London Tour 93. PB10 seems to have a big following here and its spec looks just like a C10 Pro in 93in. BB London Tour...
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    Adding weight to the handle or buttcap?

    How does add weight to the handle or buttcap affect the maneuverability of a racquet? Theoretically, it does make the racquet more head-light but would still add to the swing-weight right? Could a higher sw with more hl benefit or hurt the maneuverability?
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    Wilson ProStaff 95 vs. Volkl C10 Pro

    Looking for a midplus racquet and now looking at the PS 95 (either the 2012 or latest version) and Volkl C10 Pro. Both are pretty flexible in the hoop and have the same string pattern. I've been a long-time Wilson user but C10 is said to be quite powerful given its flex which seems quite...
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    POG mid vs Redondo vs MW200g(95)

    Fascinated by these three classical mid's and plan to choose one to keep my PS85 company? Which one would be a better choice?
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    Versions of POG Mid?

    May anyone explain the different versions of the all-time classic. Newbie in classical rackets. Confused by all the one-stripe, four-strips, etc...And above all, do they differ a lot when playing?:confused::confused: