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  1. untetheredKite

    Is it possible to fix this tennis racket? (Babolat Aero Pro Drive)

    My racket flew out of my hand in the middle of a serve. It hit the court hard and made an awfully loud sound. I know hoping that it could be fixed is wishful thinking but I would really appreciate any help. Here are the pictures:
  2. untetheredKite

    Dominic Thiem's new strings at Indian Wells

    I have noticed Dominic Thiem isn't using his usual Orange Rpm Blast and Natural string hybrid at Indian Wells. He is using some all white string crossed with maybe some Natural string. What are these new strings???? Pic...
  3. untetheredKite

    Increase Grip Size Heat Shrink Sleeve or Overgrip?

    I want to increase the size the of my grip while keeping the weight increase to a minimum. Should I use a 1/2 size TW heat shrink sleeve or an Overgrip or Replacement Grip like Babolat Symantec Lite or Wilson FeatherThin? I also want to preserve the bevel feel. I want to increase the grip size...