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  1. Rumjungle

    How much should a used Axis Pro go for?

    I have an Axis Pro listed in the buy and sell section and would like to know what the fair market price should be. I bought it about 1.5 years ago and have strung about 25 times with it. It looks brand new and I even have the original packaging for it (since my girlfriend's lil bro started...
  2. Rumjungle

    Canon's article on Maria Sharapova's SI photo shoot Includes some description of the equipment used to photograph her and has images different from what was used in the magazine.
  3. Rumjungle

    Talking smack with British slang?

    Maybe someone from the UK can help me out. A buddy of mine transferred there for work a while back and is coming home to visit. Do you know of any good lines for me to say to him? I'm talking about something funny and/or vulgar using british slang to tell him how much he sucks and how I'm...
  4. Rumjungle

    Marius, would elliptical machines...

    aggravate my PF? I'm thinking of getting one but don't want the PF to get outta control.
  5. Rumjungle

    Serious yo-yoing

    Wow, all I've ever been able to make it do is go down and, sometimes, come back up.:D Video
  6. Rumjungle

    Are you an Over or an Under?

    I've had a chance to get to know some of you over the last few months and I must say, I've had a great time doing it. I think it's time for me to take the next step and find out about the real yous. So my question is, Over or Under? For me, I'm strictly an Over guy. Why? I guess cuz that's...
  7. Rumjungle

    Coors Light

    Beer must be 21 to play (or I guess you could lie).:p
  8. Rumjungle

    High res Nike images

    Do any of you know Nike's PR website addy? I'm looking to get some high res images.
  9. Rumjungle

    Mod your iPod Nano to 200gb!!

    Wow, I wonder how many songs you can have with 200gb with of storage. Here's the link to the Instructions.
  10. Rumjungle

    The ultimate pre-game meal

    This guy knows how to do it right: LINK
  11. Rumjungle

    Anyone have an image of the Prince Precision Retro?

    Just curious what this thing looks like and what the specs are.
  12. Rumjungle

    Iso-Speed Pro...wax?

    I finally decided to try out a set. However, the instructions on the packaging suggest that I wax the mains and increase overall tension by 6lbs. Have you guys found this to be true? Also, where do I get the wax? TennsDog, you've been using Iso-Speeds for a while, what do you do?
  13. Rumjungle

    Biggest sweetspot for a < racquet?

    Which, non-hammer type, racquet out there has the biggest sweetspot and why?
  14. Rumjungle

    Does Adidas come out with new bags every year?

    I know many of the bag manufacturers come out with new stuff every year but I wasn't sure about Adidas. Does anyone know for sure? If so, when does the new stuff come out?
  15. Rumjungle

    Anything between a 3 and 6 racquet bag?

    I'm looking to replace my 6-bag with something smaller but still large enough to accomodate 2 racquets, shoes, clothes, balls and some misc crap. So far, it looks like the top choice would be the Adidas 6-racquet tour bag. It's the smallest of the 6ers that i know of and it's got good backpack...
  16. Rumjungle

    CAD files of tennis racquets?

    I know it's a longshot, but I'm looking for CAD drawings or Solidworks part files for anything tennis related to play with in Solidworks. I've got some free time at work today. Even detailed measurements would be good enough to get me started as I don't have a racquet handy to pull...
  17. Rumjungle

    Suggestion for a 2.5 switching from OS HH racquet?

    My friend has been casually rallying for a few months using a Wilson Triad 3.2. That thing has so much power that I've noticed he's developed a very short, lazy and wristy swing. I've played with it and it's a cannon. It literally feels like it's imposible to mis hit (or feel anything...
  18. Rumjungle

    Are there counterfeit racquets out there?

    I see good deals at online auction sites but I'm afraid that some of these may be counterfeits. Does anyone know if this is a problem? Or are the new racquets at this site usually real? I've been searching for another Diablo Tour MP 4-1/2 and see them for 50 less on a buy it now price. What...
  19. Rumjungle

    Help with a 1988 Prince CTS Approach 110

    This baby was made in 1988 and it has red, white, and green stripes here and there around the frame. It's a 16 x 19 pattern with a tension range of 55-70lbs. Has anyone done one of these before? Or know where to go for new grommets and bumpers? I've checked the USRSA database and can't...
  20. Rumjungle

    Anyone see McEnroe's "wood" paintjob?

    I just watched a round of World Team Tennis where he paired up with Hingis. He had it painted to look like an old fashioned wooden racquet and used a leather grip too. Has been doing this paintjob for a while or is it a new thing for him?
  21. Rumjungle

    Special order reels?

    Would it be possible for me to request reels of strings that you don't currently stock? If so, would they be made available for purchase online or would I have to call in the order?
  22. Rumjungle

    Where do you get your string at?

    Just curious on where to get reels of string at a good price. TW is great, but they don't have some of the strings I need like Prince Premier 17 by the reel.
  23. Rumjungle

    Oh Gaines...

    I just picked up an Axis Pro. Do I need to calibrate the tension head at all before using it? If so, can you please recommend one to me? Thanks.
  24. Rumjungle

    Eagnas experts, please help

    Aside from my other thread, I also have questions about the differences between the Combo 910, Flex 940, and the Flash 925. I'm a novice, so please forgive me, but they all seem very similar to me. Yet, the pricing for the Flex 940 is lower by almost $200, I think. These are all within my...
  25. Rumjungle

    Is there an affordable constant-pull machine?

    I'm looking to get a stringer soon and I keep hearing that constant pull is the way to go. Can someone give me a solid recommendation? I would like a quality unit but the price has to be right...I can't afford $700-$1000. I won't be stringing much either, just 2-3 times a month. I hope...
  26. Rumjungle

    Shoe cleaner?

    I'm on my second pair of Addidas Barricade II's and I find it hard to keep them clean. What's your favorite way to quickly and efficiently clean your shoes? I usually use a leather spray and scrub it hard with a towel. But, I just burned through my last can of the stuff and I think they...