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  1. sinatra161

    POG LB Headcover?

    Just wondering why the Longbody doesn't come with a headcover?Did Prince not make one to fit the length or are they just simply not available at this moment?Sorry if this has been brought up before.Did a search and nothing came up...Thanks.
  2. sinatra161

    Post Count?

    Not that I'm obsessed over this meaningless number I have noticed mine hasn't changed from 188 in quite some time!Even though I continue to make posts somewhat regularly...
  3. sinatra161

    Is this the real thing?

    It's selling for a really low price so I thought it would be better to ask people on here that actually own them than to get screwed buying a fake racquet!
  4. sinatra161

    Calling AndrewD!!!!

    I was told to ask you about a racquet you bought from awebb.He has another one and said you could verify condition!I said I would never buy a used racquet but the pics he sent me show it's pretty much mint condition!I just wanted to ask how your deal went with him?Thanks for your time. If you...
  5. sinatra161

    babolat aero tour,again

    I have no clue what happened on the other thread!Anyways I basically got a incentive bonus in my check today which would be enough to demo,purchase, and string a racquet in that price range.I play with a lot of pace and spin(If that helps at all).Any other racquet suggestions welcomed,Thanks
  6. sinatra161

    Magazine subscription... Is this a legit site?This price seems a little too low especially since the shipping is free!