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  1. Fate Archer

    Nadal confirms tennis evolves, says he is not sure if he can beat himself from years ago

    Pretty much. I think with Fed it's part of his future oriented mindset and champion's mentality, of always looking into the present and the future, regardless of the past (almost disregarding it). It probably doesn't cross his mind much, because it's important for him to always think or feel he...
  2. Fate Archer

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    It wouldn't be an important Fed match if he didn't gave his fans a heart attack.
  3. Fate Archer

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    I think I saw George RR Martin as a linesman there.
  4. Fate Archer

    Federer News

    It's really not the first time he brings up USO 2009 like that. I think going into one of their matches at the Toronto Masters a couple years ago, he was asked about it and he said something like it was one of the losses he regrets the most.
  5. Fate Archer

    10 years ago today one of the biggest upsets in tennis occurred - Söderling beats Nadal

    I remember at the time Nadal being asked (I believe in the Rome presser) something about the easy score of that match, and him remarking the score there was misleading, saying it could have easily been 5-0 for Soderling the way things were being played in the first set, but he was handling it...
  6. Fate Archer

    Fedr out of top 10

    Nah, he's still Federer the Grey... come Wimbledon, he'll have found his new powers and return for glory as Federer the White. No Balrog can resist the true power of a Maiar.
  7. Fate Archer

    Tsitsipas, De Minaur, Shapovalov

    I think I can see it too. There's a sort of wonkiness in Shap's game which seems comparable to Fed's undeveloped game at that time. That said, it's still a "big if " if he can develop and figure his game out just the same. And it took some time in Fed's case to the point he was considered a late...
  8. Fate Archer

    I have a feeling that Nadal will win the AO

    It all went down in the same day too (Dimitrov losing to Tiafoe and Federer to Tsistipas). Seems like everytime I'm confident Nadal will lose early, he goes all the way. Think it was that way in USO 2010 and 2013. Feel free to quote me again for another epic fail if/when he wins later. lol
  9. Fate Archer

    I have a feeling that Nadal will win the AO

    Meaningless. Ebden is a kind of player who can make Nadal look good, since he doesn't have much to hurt him. I haven't looked much into Nadal's new serve, and I know he can do a lot with small serve adjustments, but he'll be playing on unfavorable conditions against better servers and ball hitters.
  10. Fate Archer

    I have a feeling that Nadal will win the AO

    I think it will be too hard for Nadal to win this year. I think he will roll over de Minaur quite easily, then from 4th round onwards it'll be when things start to get really tough for him. Berdych should be in theory an easy matchup, but the court conditions over the past couple years and the...
  11. Fate Archer

    When Skywalker Shapovalov finally met Darth Federer

    Love how he brings up emphatically his quickness, overall and at his age. Such an underrated aspect of his game. Not at the forefront like Nadal or Novak, but the guy is a panther out there.
  12. Fate Archer

    The animal appreciation thread

    It is indeed. But unnecessary stress put on the little one for the sake of it, he could have been handled much better. But like @2good4U , I salute the absolute display of bravery. It may not look to us, but the little one is fighting for his life. Imagine the guts it takes to go against...
  13. Fate Archer

    You want to be Federer but, admit it, you’re more like Kyrgios

    I wish he had a cameo appearance in a James Bond movie. Would be so befitting.
  14. Fate Archer

    Serena Williams

    Also the final against Samantha Stosur. Was getting thoroughly outplayed and had a case with the umpire in that occasion. Can't believe people forgot the incident with the asian lineswoman too.
  15. Fate Archer

    Federer News

    He looks great on Uniqlo to me. Just feels like a good fit for his refined style.
  16. Fate Archer

    Is this Federer's most underrated Wimbledon performance?

    Always love his 2004 form. Can't help but see him like a crouching panther there, always ready to pounce and it amazes me that 14 years later the chase is still on. Thanks for posting!
  17. Fate Archer

    Federer Is A Greek God

  18. Fate Archer

    Federer's speed and defense in early years

    It was amazing to watch. I think 2003-2006 are his peak years when it comes to overall agility, nimbleness around the court and specially his transition game from defense to offense. He was the absolute master of that transition during those times. Still quick from 2007 to 2012, but rather...
  19. Fate Archer

    Oh dear, Raonic is back

    Dude, you were not supposed to point this out.
  20. Fate Archer


    "Roger Federer... you're getting betterreeeer"...
  21. Fate Archer

    Pepe Imaz to Return as part of Djokovic's team in 2018!

    Are you a heretic or just living under a rock? Federer has been a Religious Experience since at least the 2006 piece. Even earlier for sage followers.
  22. Fate Archer

    Federer positive about Djok Comeback

    Nah, I think it'd be a win/win situation. Either 1) He does so, and he likely gets away with it. So he wins and looks dominant. Or 2) He does and gets rekt by Novak on their next five meetings. Now everyone wins. Including him. Roger also cares about tennis.
  23. Fate Archer

    How many slams for Nalbandian if he had the work ethic of Fed?

    Naldandian is the first Ljubicic brings up on the toughest players to play against. Has some nice comments about his game.
  24. Fate Archer

    To clay or not to clay - That is the question

    My vote goes to the third and invisible option: "Whichever decision he takes, I'll be happy and support him as a fan."
  25. Fate Archer

    How many slams for Nalbandian if he had the work ethic of Fed?

    I'd like to give Nalbandian the benefit in this hypothetical. If for arguments sake he could somehow improve his fitness and discipline tenfold at an important moment in his carrer, like in the early 2000's, I think some impressive things could have manifested from the capable base he had. If a...
  26. Fate Archer

    Federer Now Oldest Back2Back In Modern Format

    I find this to be an incredible piece of statistic from Federer here.
  27. Fate Archer

    AO 2018 4th Round - Chung vs Djokovic

    It's what I was thinking too. For once Novak is feeling how nice it's like to have a wall that retrieves everything, plays almost everthing deep and no apparent weakness on the baseline to go for.