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  1. arcadewater19

    Laver Cup

    Is pretty boring watching Diego S vs Goffin in single, but DS and isner vs Goffin and Dimirov I'll watch
  2. arcadewater19

    Laver Cup

    They need to have 2 double matches per day next year. Is fun to watch the top pros play double
  3. arcadewater19

    Laver Cup: Top players VS Mugs

    The scoring system is a joke. 1 point for day one, so viewers have to turn into Sunday to determine a winner
  4. arcadewater19

    2018 Davis Cup - General Discussion

    Coric just lost 3rd after being up 5-1
  5. arcadewater19

    Serena Williams

    MJ Fernandez said Serena saved the day during the ceremony lmao
  6. arcadewater19

    Nadal showed why he is a greater competitor than Fed.

    Besides Joker and Thiem , Nadal has no challenge in Roland Garros. It's the weakest grand slam out of the four.
  7. arcadewater19

    US Open 2018 R3 Nadal vs Khachanov

    Anyone else watching this on espn? They just left the match for over 25 mins to promote Serena and Venus match tonight. Wtf
  8. arcadewater19

    Kyrgios: "Grass is pure tennis, clay is not"

    Is not that one surface is better than the other. It's just that there's no competition on clay besides Nadal, joker, and Thiem. There's really no point watching the first few rounds cause the top clay court players never lose. On the other hand, on grass, there's federer, joker, Murray...
  9. arcadewater19

    [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Andy Murray US Open FINAL

    What the hell ESPN, spending the first 15 mins talking about Bengals and Ravens, get to the U.S Open highlights already.
  10. arcadewater19

    2012 US Open QF: [1] Roger FEDERER vs. [6] Tomas BERDYCH

    If there were a tennis god, Federer will be in every final.
  11. arcadewater19

    Two Federers

    LOL, the fictional Federer you are describing is exactly what is happening to Walter White.
  12. arcadewater19

    [1] Roger Federer vs B Phau

    Any topics involving Federer or Nadal is infested with trolls.
  13. arcadewater19

    Poll: Which Top 10 ATP Player Do You Dislike Most

    Nadal is also a more successful baby than Federer.
  14. arcadewater19

    Poll: Which Top 10 ATP Player Do You Dislike Most

    How do I get an avatar? Do I need to have over a hundred posts of something?
  15. arcadewater19

    Will Djokovic become the first man EVER to beat Federer in all 4 Grand Slams?

    Why does this guy 6-1 6-3 6-0 always mention Nadal, even on a thread that has nothing to do with him. I bet 6-1 6-3 6-0 works in Dunkin Donuts, so whenever someone orders a bagel he will mention Nadal beating Federer 6-0 in the final set of the French Open final.
  16. arcadewater19

    In 10 years Federer will be forgotten

    People are only talking about Fred Perry because he is last British player to win a major plus he has a clothing line. I doubt anyone is talking about Yvon Petra or Jaroslav Drobný.
  17. arcadewater19

    What will Federer do after retiring?

    He will team with Nadal to play double.
  18. arcadewater19

    Masters 1000 Coverage US sucks

    Tennis the only major sport that shows male and female at the same time. Can you imagine while watching a NBA and they suddenly switch to an WNBA game?
  19. arcadewater19

    TV coverage of the olypics final in US????

    NBC just announced their partnership with Roland Garros have been extended to 2024. Expect more type delay semi-final matches if you don't live in the east coast.
  20. arcadewater19

    Men's Olympic Bronze Medal Match: Del Potro vs Djokovic

    I'm currently watching on NBC live stream, but I want to watch it on my HD TV. Why do NBC always mess up the tennis coverage? I'm so glad ESPN got the right to Wimbledon.
  21. arcadewater19

    Men's Olympic Bronze Medal Match: Del Potro vs Djokovic

    This match is suppose to be on MSNBC, but they are showing fencing instead.
  22. arcadewater19

    Federer vs Del Potro - 2012 Olympics semi-finals

    Michael Jordan = Federer KB = Nadal And now that LBJ got a ring = Djokovic karl malone = Murray
  23. arcadewater19

    Federer vs Del Potro - 2012 Olympics semi-finals

    What a great day of tennis and is all in the Olympic.
  24. arcadewater19

    Federer vs Del Potro - 2012 Olympics semi-finals

    Are they using the same linesmen as the major? I haven't seen one missed call yet.
  25. arcadewater19

    The importance of Olympic Gold just about to skyrocket

    Resides Nadal, I have no idea who won gold before the Beijing Olympic. Further more, the winner only gets 750 points where as the ATP World Tour Finals winner gets 1500 points. If anything, WTF should be counted as a major.
  26. arcadewater19

    Most Underrated Player In Men's Top 100?

    He was beaten by Nadal and it was in the 4th round. Monaco beat Rosol and Raonic to get to the 4th round. On a side note I guess Nadal is lucky he didn't have to face Rosol in the FO.
  27. arcadewater19

    Roger Federer shoes going for $3000
  28. arcadewater19

    Most Underrated Player In Men's Top 100?

    underrated Juan Monaco overrated Gael Monfils
  29. arcadewater19

    The points in the Olympic?

    Let say player A has 8750 points in week 51 and player B that didn't compete in the olympic has 8001 points, does that mean player B will be surpass player A in week 52?