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    Iga Swiatek's epic choke means she will never amount to anything

    Well, probably me +1 :) However it's not that easy, even for polish natives. It was a great final. I am impressed with mental progress Iga made. And I did not expect such good net play and defense in final. Kenin played really well, I wish I could see more such finals in the future. Congrats ...
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    Can you help me search for an open pattern racquet?

    Hi, what about Pure Drive VS ? I am looking for a slightly lighter replacement for my Organix 10 325g, that I am playing for several years. Do You think 18/20 is generally more demanding than open string ? I was playing Volkl Power Bridge right before Organix and it was perfect - that's why I...
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    Tennis Elbow and Technique

    Maybe it's to heavy for You? For my type of TE, it's was ok. I've just noticed that it's extremely string sensitive. Last thursday I broke string (23kg tension) and change to another Organix, 24kg tension, it's was like playing totally different racquet. Much better, no less power and a much...
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    Hi, I tested video analytics today for the first time. It's pretty good, however it was not intuitive for me to set up the camera. I used tripod. I used watch as well, so You can compare data. The first impression is that You are doing Your best on the court knowing there's a cam somewhere...
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    Tennis Elbow and Technique

    Chic, thanks, but when I played older PB10 I felt pain, after 30-40 minutes. I accepted it, because I had no idea that playing with no pain may be ever possible. With Organix, it's ok, that's why I decided to keep it. It's far from PB10 regarding control. I am checking whether they put anything...
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    Tennis Elbow and Technique

    Same with me. Organix is the first racquet I can play without pain. I can feel pain even when I play with no vibrastop, sometimes I'm getting mad thinking it's not possible to feel such things. When I was pro player they cared somehow about my elbow, as far as I remember with "diadynamics"...
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    Tennis Elbow and Technique

    Rui, yeah, I was asking t_pac, because he omits vibrations problem focusing on load. In my opinion, that is not necessary true. On the other hand, in article I quoted above there's nothing about vibrations, just about racquet weight, string and lot about technic. I think it's better to leave...
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    Tennis Elbow and Technique

    Edit: I found some article that differentiates types of tennis elbow injury. For me it is something like this: (google translated): isthmus of the radial nerve canal - entrapment of the posterior interosseous branch of the radial nerve, the main differentiating symptom are paresthesia...
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    Tennis Elbow and Technique

    What about vibrations ? And why some racquets (same weight/swing) are more elbow friendly ? Maybe the injury I think of is not typical tennis elbow...
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    Volkl PB10 Mid is back

    I was testing it few years ago, it was awesome. I was impressed with control, I still remeber the first point won with PB. Ordered it immediately, but got Organix 10 instead, local supplier told me, that PB10 is out of stock and won't be restocked. Organix is quite different. I kept it, because...
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    Price of 1h tennis lesson in your part of the world?

    20-30USD in Poland, another 30 indoor court. More less.
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    Tennis Elbow and Technique

    Thanks for all replies. I wonder if we are talking about the very same injury - for me this is something You can't mistake, it's like constantly hitting elbow against corner, no way You can play tennis or hold anything. Regarding racquets, playing stiff and not very comfortable, like older...
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    Tennis Elbow and Technique

    Hi, no idea, I just asked service guy to put something good in. It's silver, quite silk and normal width. It gives no spin, I have to work hard to get my usual aggresive top spin. Not very happy with it. What should I use ? I prefer something that can help with spin, Organix 10 is not perfect...
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    Tennis Elbow and Technique

    Hi, I registered here to ask specifically about other's opinon about elbow injuries. I am suffering from this (as well as other typical tennis injuries) for over 20 years. I started to play tennis when I was 5, finished at 18-20 (no chance for senior career). The pain started when I was 15-16...