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  1. Tennisfan339

    Marián Vajda snubbed for Coach of the Year?

    But Djokovic hasn't really improved or impressed this year, as crazy as it sounds. This is the 3rd time he wins 3 Grand Slams the same year. Almost a routine year for him... Vajda and Ivanisevic have not brought anything new. Medvedev won his 1st GS, Norrie and Hurkacz won their 1st Masters...
  2. Tennisfan339

    Davis cup 2021 Nov 25th to Dec 5th

    Rublev is going to explode, literally. Never seen him get that angry.
  3. Tennisfan339

    Murray at 22AO?

    Very tough to go deep when you're not seeded. If he can't do it in smaller tournaments, it'll be even more difficult in Grand Slams. The problem is he can literally play Djokovic or Medvedev or Zverev in Round1. In USO it was Tsitsipas, maybe he'll have more luck this time. But this is almost...
  4. Tennisfan339

    Will ATP also suspends china events or not

    Again... All ATP tournaments in Asia were cancelled in 2020 and 2021. Given the evolution of the virus, I doubt China will allow Shanghai and Beijing in 2022. So, if the ATP suspends the China events because of this drama, it will make literally zero difference. I am even starting to wonder if...
  5. Tennisfan339

    Davis cup 2021 Nov 25th to Dec 5th

    They had 5 players in the top-60 at some point this year. That's impressive for such a small country. But they are all in poor form right now. Djere sucks in indoors and on fast courts in general. Kecmanovic had a promising breakthrough in 2019 but he hasn't progressed at all this year. He has...
  6. Tennisfan339

    WTA suspends all tournaments in China due to ongoing blackmail of Peng Shuai

    Indeed. In 2019 there was only some crowd in the WTA 1000 events (Wuhan and Beijing). The new 500 in Zhengzhou looked like funerals in most matches. The stadium for the final between Pliskova and Martic was 80% empty. As for the 250s in China, 10 spectators is being generous. I remember...
  7. Tennisfan339

    WTA suspends all tournaments in China due to ongoing blackmail of Peng Shuai

    Every tournaments held in Asia have already been cancelled in 2020 and 2021 (including the WTA Finals in Shenzhen) because of the covid. What difference will this make? This isn't like they were going to be played in 2022, with or without this...
  8. Tennisfan339

    Davis cup 2021 Nov 25th to Dec 5th

    My bad, How many match points did Chokemanovic miss? I have lost the count.
  9. Tennisfan339

    ATP comeback player farce

    What about Sock, Kokkinakis and McDonald? How did McDonald make a "comeback" this year? He has never been that great to begin with. And barring the final in Washington, what has he done this year? Sock besides his 1st set against Zverev in USO, he hasn't won anything this year. And Kokkinakis...
  10. Tennisfan339

    Nick Kyrgios sends a warning shot for 2022, looks ready to dominate

    Kyrgios to win the CYGS in 2022 and rub it in Djokovic's face, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... will lose in the 1st round of the Australian Open...
  11. Tennisfan339

    Johanna Konta retires

    Still don't know how she lost that RG semifinal against Vondrousova. She was up a break and had multiple set points in both sets and managed to lose in 2. Even this year she still had a great run in Notthingham, she won the final 6-2 6-1. I thought she was an outsider for Wimbledon but she...
  12. Tennisfan339

    doesnt matter djokovic AO participation-hes not winning anyway

    Hmm. Even peak Tsitsipas couldn't beat him on his best surface (clay) this year. How is he even gonna win a set in this pitful form and in Djokovic's garden? I doubt he even makes the semifinal next year. Even Nadal will be favorite against this Tsitsipas. Yes, Zverev and Medvedev CAN win but...
  13. Tennisfan339

    Ten questions for 2022

    1. Zverev won the most title this year and seems better than Medvedev in Masters and smaller tournaments so I'll pick him. 2. Sinner in Montreal or Miami, Berrettini in Madrid or Cincinnati, Alcaraz in MC or Madrid, Karatsev in IW or Shanghaï. One of these 4. If I had to pick 1, Sinner. 3. In...
  14. Tennisfan339

    Will Auger Aliassime ever win a title?

    Why so many expectations for this player? He is only 21 years old and already has 1 quarterfinal and 1 semifinal in GS, he's already reached the top-10 and played multiple finals. And he still has a lot of room for improvement. For his age, it's impressive. Sure if we compare someone to Djokovic...
  15. Tennisfan339

    Rafa to skip ATP Cup 2022.

    Still more interesting than the new Davis Cup. There were a lot of great matches this year and last year. And at least it awards ATP points (750 for the player who wins all of his matches).
  16. Tennisfan339

    Does Matteo Berrettini win a Grand Slam? Ever.

    He has only lost to Djokovic in slams this year. If he is fit, he can definitely win 1 or 2 Wimbledons. At this stage of his career he is a better grass player than Zverev and Medvedev. Maybe 1 USO with a good draw and if he has some luck. But I doubt it.
  17. Tennisfan339

    Does Casper Ruud win a Grand Slam? Ever.

    RG is his best shot. Once Djokodal are gone for good why not? Barring this duo he is currently top-5 on clay with Thiem, Tsitsipas, Zverev (and maybe Alcaraz but it remains to be seen). He's already made the SF in the 3 clay Masters. I wouldn't rule him out in RG.
  18. Tennisfan339

    If life is ultimately fair and analysis can ultimately be linear - Nadal will end up with the slam title record!

    That's one way to see it. One could retort that Djokovic and Federer are better clay players than Nadal is a grass or indoors player. Clay is only 25-30% of the season, and it's always been like this. The supreme domination on hard courts will bring you more Major titles. When it comes to...
  19. Tennisfan339

    Does Stan win RG'17 if he faces Novak in the finals?

    Yes he would have. The version of Djokovic in 2017 was the worst. Thiem bagelled him in quarterfinal. Wawrinka beat a very in form Murray in semifinals. Nadal is just a terrible matchup for Wawrinka on clay but he always brings his best tennis against Djokovic. If he could beat 2015 Djokovic...
  20. Tennisfan339

    Admit it...

    Still the 4th best player of the century so far. Let's see who can do better than him... win 4 slams, 15 Masters, be #1.... At this point it's not even certain Medvedev or Zverev are gonna win more GS than Murray. Even if they do, it will not be in the same era as Nadal Djokovic and Federer.
  21. Tennisfan339

    Davis cup 2021 Nov 25th to Dec 5th

    Who is this Gojo guy? Guess one Borna from Croatia replaced another one, lol. First he beat Popyrin and now Sonego. This is as shocking as Piros beating Millman and Cilic or Lopez upseting Rublev. This isn't looking good for Italy... Even if Sinner wins, they won't be favorite of the doubles...
  22. Tennisfan339

    If Rafa can win Ao 2022, he will correct what went wrong at Rg 2021.

    A lot of Grand Slams "went wrong" for the Big-3 over the years. Sure, Nadal could/should have won RG21 but then the same can be said in many other examples. Grand Slams Nadal could have won: AO2012, AO2014, AO2017, Wimbledon2007, Wimbledon2018, Grand Slams Djokovic could have won: AO2014...
  23. Tennisfan339

    Djoker's father: he will most likely skip the Australian Open

    This is the... 7th or 8th thread about the exact same quote? Get a rest.
  24. Tennisfan339

    Admit it.....

    I think he will come back strong; still don't see him taking down Zverev and Medvedev (and possibly Djokovic) back to back in Australia. But a SF or even a Final is doable. The clay season will be a key moment for him. He has underperformed in the clay Masters 1000 since 2018. Only 1 in 2019...
  25. Tennisfan339

    Admit it...

    If you want a good and recent example, The Wimbledon 4th round against Auger-Aliassime was quite dismal on serve. More than 20 DF. Too bad there aren't any long highlights of this match because overall the level was excellent, but his serve completely betrayed him in the key moments...
  26. Tennisfan339

    Davis cup 2021 Nov 25th to Dec 5th

    Lol, so thanks to #2 Medvedev beating PCB in straight sets, #1 Djokovic qualifies with a set-average of 9-6, while Spain's is 9-7. This is very hilarious as far as I'm concerned. Yes, a Russia/Serbia final seems possible at this point. Russia should be wary of Germany... Rublev may lose to...
  27. Tennisfan339

    How do you like this new Davis Cup finals format compared to the prior format?

    At this point IMO the ATP Cup is far more intersting than the Davis Cup. In 2020 there were so many great fights at the ATP Cup in Australia. Including a Djokovic/Nadal in final, imagine that. Plus, the ATP Cup awards ATP points which makes it way more attrctive for the top players. The winner...
  28. Tennisfan339

    Davis cup 2021 Nov 25th to Dec 5th

    Russia should def. let Karatsev play or even Khachanov. With 4 players in the top-20 + a strong double, they are still huge favorites. Medvedev is favorite against anyone except maybe Djokovic but if Djokovic beats Medvedev in singles, the 2nd single player and the double are still very...
  29. Tennisfan339

    Djokovic Vs Struff Davis cup 2021

    Every matches are available here, freely,
  30. Tennisfan339

    Best ATP matches in 2021

    It's tough to pick only 3 in this list. I already gave my favorites matchs in 2021 in a previous thread. (before WTF) I copy paste it here In Masters Djokovic Tsitsipas Rome Medvedev Hurkacz Toronto Nadal Shapovalov Rome Zverev Tsitsipas Cincinnati Sinner Bautista Miami Djokovic Medvedev Paris...