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  1. vex

    I think Nadal wins the Slam Race at 22. Fed/Djoker end on 20.

    Unpopular prediction around here no doubt but I’m calling Nadal as the final slam champ ending on 22. “But Vex, Djokovic is coming off 27/28 slam matches won, you’re crazy that he won’t win another.” Maybe. Maybe not. To my eyes his groundstrokes have seriously declined since 2018/2019. His...
  2. vex

    Make a Case for Everything Going Wrong for a Member of the Big 3

    ALTERNATIVE HISTORY - if everything broke the wrong way how low could you get any one Big 3 member’s slam count? For example, Djokovic flirted with losing each of the slams he won in 2021 and just as easily could have gone slamless this year as he won 3 of them. Looking only at these close call...
  3. vex

    Zvev and Med CAN beat Djoker but…

    Djokovic’s matches against Brooksby and Berretini have FORCED him to up his level. His groundstrokes are significantly better than they were at Wimby. If he does go down it should be pretty epic.
  4. vex

    Emergence of a Big 3 Level Player

    For the people complaining about the death of tennis and ripping the NextGen: would you prefer the emergence within the next year of one player on par with the big 3 if it meant that that guy would push out the Old3, go on to dominate the next 15 years and win 35-40 slams?
  5. vex

    Generation: Desperation

    So many post on here have been just TEARING into Shapo, Tsits, Med, Zvev, FAA. Acting like some 22 year old should be able to match one of the GOATs for mental toughness on big points and calling them mugs when they can’t do it. PLEASE people, these dudes are loaded with talent. Tsits alone...
  6. vex

    How good is Novak’s serve right now?

    Can one of you statistical geniuses break his 2021 serve numbers down compared to say Fed?
  7. vex

    Sinner is the Most Talented Ball-Striker to Come Along Since Djokovic

    Thiem, Rublev, Tsits (sorta), Zev (on his backhand)... these guys are good ball-strikers. Sinner is on a different level. It’s way to early to say he’ll have XYZ career - he has to put some weight on and improve other parts of his game. But this is unquestionably the most talented kid I’ve...
  8. vex

    Journeyman Mocks Djokovic Celebration Proceeds to be Stomped in Straight Sets

    Is there anything that more encapsulates Kyrgios’s career than this? Lol Djokovic boob toss is dumb, granted.
  9. vex

    Kinda cool Fed serving pose GIF

    For all you Fed fans. Impressive how microscopically consistent Fed is with his serve motion:
  10. vex

    It feels weird to have just Djokodal...

    It’s just strange to see Dominic Thiem firmly the world #3. Like Andy is GONE. Fed may soon be gone. He could play another 3 yearsor he could retire in 12 months... I have no idea. Onky Djoker and Rafa truly remain. Just feels strange.
  11. vex

    Commentators during Fed-Djok SF said Fed was no longer doing some of the off court things the elite players do. Thoughts?

    Basically said he’d reduced his commitment to being a top player and had slipped in some facets because of it. That he was more inclined to enjoy the family and let the tennis be whatever it would be based on his reduced commitment and natural skills. can anyone point to exactly what they were...
  12. vex

    Chances the AO gets cancelled?

    Players are starting to complain... day 1 and we’ve had our first breathing retirement... is this thing in legit danger?
  13. vex

    FBI Jackson investigation

    Nvm too controversial:p
  14. vex

    The Official Wimbledon 19 Final highlight vid...

    ... skips right over Fed’s match points like they never happened. LOL Own up to it Fedfam! Which one of you guys edited this video? Cuts straight from Fed going up 40-15 to suddenly by magic Djokovic has a break point. Pretty funny the two most important points in the match (most important...
  15. vex

    It’s crazy but it feels like Federer is out of the slam race

    Seems like a 2 man race right now with Rafa a heavy favorite with a 3 slam lead. Short of Medvedev proving he can maintain or improve his level and going on a tear... more Novak/Rafa slams are coming
  16. vex

    Fed has a chance to secure his legacy Sunday

    I believe Sunday is the most important match Federer will play for the rest of his career. Here’s why: - Nadal is coming. Fed’s win over Rafa Friday was huge because had Rafa proceeded to upset Djoker in the Wimbh final, Rafa would have almost certainly surpassed Fed’s 20 slams. Tho Djoker is...
  17. vex

    It’s unfair that Krygios has to play these less talented guys...

    Why does NK have to labor thru these lesser talents that take advantage of his boredom and sneak in upset after upset after upset.... NK is too talented to play these low ranked mugs who keep beating him mercilessly... He can’t showcase his true talent bc they’re not good enough to let him...
  18. vex

    Is Fed's decision to play Clay this year a sign of impending retirement?

    Skipped clay season the last 2 years. Hasn't done anything relevant on clay since Stan stomped him in the RG SF years back. Now he's suddenly going to play RG. Is this because: a) He wants to give himself every slam chance possible in his remaining years? b) Privately he knows this is his...
  19. vex

    Post your Fed quotes as he roots for Djoker today...

    Let’s be real here. We all know Fed’s gonna be watching the AO final decked head to toe in the latest Lacoste Djoker gear with a “Go Nole” sign, a Serbian flag and a nice vegan meal to snack on... Toss out ur best quotes from Fed as he learns what it means to be a Djoker fan during this match...
  20. vex

    Are there still any Djkr is a Pusher folks out there?

    You guys know more than Fed?
  21. vex

    InB4 all the Retirement threads...

    I know the bandwagon is huge so I'm not talking to the legit fans or the serious tennis fans. I'm talking to the fans that post 20 terrible threads after an upset. Just stop. The guy will retire when he feels like it. He owes you nothing. He'll do what he wants. Your opinion doesn't matter...
  22. vex

    Does anyone understand the whole Fed losing in practice sets thing?

    These tales of dudes who can beat Fed in practice and then he stomps them in the real thing.... what’s the deal? Is Fed playing super loose? Trying different tactics? Not really trying? Rope-a-doping them?
  23. vex

    Wheres the "Djokovic has no weapons" crowd today?

    I shoulda made a list. So many posters claiming that he was done b/c he had lost a little quickness and didn't have the offensive groundstrokes to make up for it. Anyone gonna own up to it after he just won the tourney that rewards offense the most?
  24. vex

    Every Fed fan that trashed Uniqlo when Djoker rep'd it...

    "WTF I love Uniqlo now!?!?"
  25. vex

    Who was the better prospect? Delpo or Zev?

    injuries have rendered Del Po into a big “what if?” Did he look more talented than Zev early on?
  26. vex

    Just watched Rafa v. Thiem @ MC, what are everybody’s thoughts about Wimbledon? Who’s the favorite after Fed? Cilic? Will Fed feel pressure to win Wimbledon to bump the slam gap back up to 4? Will Djoker have a chance at Wimbledon? Side note: Rafa is about 1-2 years away from shaving his head.
  27. vex

    Good Luck With Your Progress

    :cool::D ... Seriously tho, winter's coming to an end. What are you guys working on this spring? For me its my Kick Serve. Spoiler Alert: Its bad.
  28. vex

    FH inconsistency HELP!

    My forehand is in the garbage right now. (Preface: I hit with a straight arm FH, E grip). I *think* the problem is that I'm trying to add too much TS and I'm snapping my wrist at contact and its causing the racket face to be wildly inconsistent at contact. Directional control is OK but my...
  29. vex

    Djokovic’s groundstrokes are DIALED IN right now

    He demolished Ramos with his trademark side to side accuracy. DTL, cross court, didn’t matter he hit every spot. Ramos was desperately running a marathon all match. Point after point ended with either an easy winner to open court or Ramos desperately banging the side of his racket on a ball from...
  30. vex

    Age of Ultron 2: Wrath of the Serbian King (An Unexpected Journey to OZ)

    #Prayers4TheElbow He looked good yesterday. If he makes a run come celebrate it here! (If he gets bounced by Monfils tomorrow let’s just pretend this thread never happened) btw: is it a bad omen that Murray isn’t here to play the whipping boy in a potential final? WTH Murray, you had ONE job!