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  1. Fate Archer

    Berdych's sportsmanship in Miami vs. Dimitrov

    Very classy stuff from Berdych in the net while handshaking Grigor after the bulgarus big win today. He knew how much it meant to him. What a gentleman. Definitely deserves the sexy czech model. May he have some nice, comforting and reassuring moments in his hotel room tonigh.
  2. Fate Archer

    Interesting stats on IW: Federer, Nadal and Nalbandian spin rates on strokes

    Very interesting stats were displayed on the IW broadcast. They were showing the placement and spin rate in RPM values of the player's strokes grouped by 3 ranges: >0 (<1500, was also labelled as flat); >1500 (<3000) and >3000. Unfortunately it didn't occurred to me to capture the screen...
  3. Fate Archer

    Roger Federer vs. Thomaz Bellucci - 2012 Indian Wells 4th Round

    First meeting between these two players. I think this match has lot of potential. Bellucci is a lefty that plays with a lot of topspin and serves big, certainly has the tools to trouble the mighty Swiss. Poll coming soon.
  4. Fate Archer

    Probably the best PED insights you will ever see in this interview.

    Alright, since so many threads about PED's, WADA/ITF anti-doping tests, doping, steroids, tests, and all the other related subjects are popping up, I think it's a good time to bring this interview to this discussion. I think it can bring some great insights into the shady world of the WADA/ITF...
  5. Fate Archer

    No one is talking about Tsonga...

    This is weird... he was much more talked at the end of the season when people were even wondering if 2012 could be the year of Tsonga. I think he played very convincingly in Doha at the start of the season. Now suddenly at the Ozz Open no one is talking about him anymore. It's even stranger...
  6. Fate Archer

    2012 Australian Open Qualifying - Live

    Some interesting matches in the qualifying rounds on schedule today. I think Oudin will play Laura Robson later if play is not stoped by the cloudy weather. First match about to start now.
  7. Fate Archer

    Youzhny Graduates With PhDs in Philosophy - article

    Former World No. 8 Mikhail Youzhny has graduated from the University of Moscow with a PhDs in Philosophy. In a ceremony held at the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism on 15th November, the Russian tennis player answered approximately 20 questions about his...
  8. Fate Archer

    The REAL reason Nadal lost the US Open final

    Upon some deep meditation, I realized the REAL reason Nadal has lost the US Open final. It makes so much sense now, how come I didn't notice that during the match... It's all because of those bunch of stubborn people on Nadal's camp for insensibly REFUSING to take at least a simple look at the...
  9. Fate Archer

    Nadal was TOTALLY gassed out in that 4th set

    That's what happened... the match was extremely physical despite the one sided score of the first two sets, and Rafa gave EVERYTHING he possibly could to come back in the 3rd and win the tiebreak. He didn't have anything left in the tank after that. And after that quick massage Novak came...
  10. Fate Archer

    Why are Federer and Djokovic playing in the first semi final tomorrow?

    I mean, what is the criteria around the order of the semi finals played on saturday? I heard that the most popular matchup is the one that plays the second match. So shouldn't Federer and Novak play second like last year? :confused: I'm just trying to understand this, coming from the Money &...
  11. Fate Archer

    Wow did you guys seen Rafa at the press conference???

    All of a sudden he started to feel extremely uncomfortable for several minutes, it looked like he was in pain or feeling some serious cramps at that press... the press was obviously cancelled the moment he was falling from his chair. Really strange stuff. I really hope that in the end it was...
  12. Fate Archer

    US Open 1st round - Grigor Dimitrov vs Gael Monfils

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this match. Good stuff so far, Dimitrov looks sharp and Monfils is already making some GOAT worthy gets.
  13. Fate Archer

    The "I want Wawrinka or Gulbis to make the finals of Montreal" thread

    So, once in a lifetime fate has been kind enough to our fandom with the multiple upsets of late and we find ourselves with this unprecedented chance to pull for some of our favorite but not so huge profile players. I don't even need to ask who these guys are. They are Gulbis and/or Wawrinka...
  14. Fate Archer

    Wawrinka Magic: Best point of the year and the Origins of the Tsonga 1HBH

    I had just watched a short but SWEET highlight of a match I really repent for not watching (I was probably busy with important things at the time, but that doesn't justify missing it I know I know)... when Wawrinka came back from 2 sets DOWN against Tsonga in this year's RG, essentially doing...
  15. Fate Archer

    Novak Djokovic: "Nothing can stop me now Ok... Nothing!!"

    He says that at HEAD's new tribute congratulating Novak for the number #1 ranking. Cocky? Arrogant? Take your word. I have nothing to say but: INDEEESTRUCTIBLEEEEE...
  16. Fate Archer

    Mark my words: Roger Federer will win the US Open this year

    Well, since people are already predicting the Wimbledon champion coming this sunday, then why not predicting all the way to the summer hard court season and the US Open?? Here's what I think: It's 2008 all over again, except Nadal may not (probably won't now that Federer is out of the draw?)...
  17. Fate Archer

    I know I'm veeeery late, but why Lukas Lacko didn't play this year's French Open?

    In case you don't know, he is the guy who won a 71 games first round match at last year's French Open and he's the one who bageled Nadal this year. At the Aussie he lost his 1st round match against Rogi in what was probably the best match Rogi played in the tournament (that second round against...
  18. Fate Archer

    Federer, Monfils, and many other pros practicing for RG!!!

    Here's a good clip of Pros practicing for RG on court Phillipe Chatrier. Some great stuff from Federer and Monfils. It's simply great to see these guys practicing and getting in form for one of the most important tourneys of the year...
  19. Fate Archer


    The title of the Djokovic: INDESTRUCTIBLE thread actually reminded me of an even fitter music to Novak's current state right now. Check out SF4 Theme song. :) I can feel it coming over me I feel it all around me I've been waiting for this...
  20. Fate Archer

    Roger Federer vs Gilles Simon - One match makes a whole lot of difference

    Since the Simon match, it's been pretty obvious how Fed's level of play has decreased, after a very lazy win over Malisse despite the easy score and losing a set to Robredo in a match he should have closed much more easily in 3 sets. My impression, and I bet many share this view, was that the...
  21. Fate Archer

    Very suspicious thing Nalbandian was given by his coach on his match tonight...

    That was surely a great match and I was really pulling for Nalbandian to get the win, but I can't simply ignore something that just happened there which seemed pretty suspicious... By the end of the fourth or during the fifith set, the cameras caught Nalbandian's coach, Luis Lobo, giving a...
  22. Fate Archer

    Roger Federer can't hold his laugh... part 2

    Roger Federer can't hold his laugher... part 2 Yeah, I know what you're all thinking, but I promise you it's not that video again. :) Not sure if this is an old one, but it was posted recently. So, here it is: I have no idea what they...
  23. Fate Archer

    No strikethrough tags?

    Is there a way to use strikethrough tags here on TT? Or are they deprecated or something? I thought most vBulletin forums supported it.
  24. Fate Archer

    Tipsarevic LOLED ...

    when he saw he was leading the ace stats... :) :) :) It's a pity that he lost today... now Andy is going to kill him as he promised. :twisted:
  25. Fate Archer

    Federer's kick serve this week...

    it's been WICKED!!! He's getting many free points off it even on second serves. He's been using it very effectively throughout this tournament as a mix serve, but the action the ball is getting now is truly outstanding as of late. There was one kick serve ace on 1st serve that he hit...
  26. Fate Archer

    So, did the queen show up?

    Didn't catch the start of Murray's match, and was too busy following the awesome matches of the outer courts this round. So how was it, did they actually bowed, salute and stuff? :)
  27. Fate Archer

    Now that Monte Carlo is over, when will Del Potro, Davydenko and Soderling show up?

    I'm missing these guys, specially now that Nadal is regaining some of his confidence back and other top guys are underperforming, like Djokovic and Murray. This clay season promissed to be the most interesting part of the tennis season this year, with the field being so open with the fall of...