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  1. MonkeyBoy

    Who is the greater tennis player? (2 hypotheticals)

    Player 1: Wins 18 slams over a 20 year period. (1st slam at age twenty, 18th at age forty). Never achieves the no. 1 ranking at any point in his career. Player 2: Wins 16 slams in a row. (four consecutive CYGS, four consecutive YE#1) Age 24-28. Never wins another slam after this streak...
  2. MonkeyBoy

    Federer and Nadal fans should have given more love to Murray

    Retrospectively he was the only one that could have preserved their legacies over Djokovic's. In 2016 he made three finals, won a slam, WTF and YE#1. Since his injury struggles and layoffs started in 2017 Djokovic has won 8 slams. Murray would have been able to snatch enough of those away had he...
  3. MonkeyBoy

    Murray's second Gold, bigger than his second wimbledon?

    There's a case for this. Of course Singles gold by itself is not worth as much as a Wimbledon title. However quite a few players have won 2 wimbledon titles. Quite a few have won more than two. 2 single's golds however stands alone. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic all have their own unique records in...
  4. MonkeyBoy

    Roddick is underrated

    The depth of his resume is very underestimated. Some Fed fans have tried to tout this guy as some high level ATG, which he isn't, but on the other hand the backlash against this has vastly underrated him. People talk of Roddick often as a one-dimension serve bot who got lucky with his one slam...
  5. MonkeyBoy

    Just how good was Santoro?

    I've never seen as much praise levied on a player who only reached a singles ranking of #17. I didn't follow tennis deeply during his career— exactly how good was he? People talk of him as some technical tennis wizard. Does he get overrated because of a highly unique style (e.g. two handed...
  6. MonkeyBoy

    Is Verdasco the Wawrinka that never was?

    I love Verdasco. He's a lot like Wawrinka: Power game and an incredible ball striker, but inconsistent a basket case between the ears. Wawrinka was able to 'figure out' his mental issues to the extent that he could summon the form after the AO-2013 loss to rise to the top five and snatch a...
  7. MonkeyBoy

    I look forward to Roddick as a commentator

    I always wanted to see Andy Roddick commentate. He has such instinctive and natural charisma as a person. You see Novak Djokovic trying OH SO HARD to be funny and likeable in press conferences and interviews, and he's okay at it. Roddick didn't even try and his press conferences were hilarious...
  8. MonkeyBoy

    Average ranking of Big Four GS final opponents

    I made this thread a couple years ago and I thought I'd recalibrate the data for the present. Roger Federer: 48,86,2,4,2,7,54,2,2,9,10,2,2,3,2,2,6,1,23,6,6,5,1,4,1 Average: 11.6 Median: 4 Rafael Nadal: 37,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,5,12,3,3,2,1,1,1,4,1,8,2 Average: 4.4 Median: 1.5 Novak Djokovic...
  9. MonkeyBoy

    Should MTO be completely banned?

    What other sports allow a player to freeze play to get a shoulder rub down? The rule is constantly abused and it's hard to police. Should MTOs be eliminated completely?
  10. MonkeyBoy

    Is Djokovic v. Wawrinka currently the best rivalry in men's tennis?

    I think so. at the moment it's more exiting than than Nadal/djoker, murray/djok, federer/nadal etc, etc Their best-of-3 matches are whitewashes, but they've played 5 slam matches in the last 2.5 years (I think that's more than any others in that time period) and they've all been close matches...
  11. MonkeyBoy

    Is Cilic a one slam wonder?

    I know we said the same thing about Wawa after Australia. But Stan at least continued 2014 with strong results, including a big win at Monte Carlo. Cilic is #45 in points won this year. The guy has fallen off the face of the earth. Last September he was playing like a GOAT candidate. The way he...
  12. MonkeyBoy

    Murray to win Wimbledon 2015

    Who else? Wawrinka: Weak on the grass. Federer: Declining. Having a poor season. Nadal: yeah right Djokovic: the most serious other contented. But Murray is narrowing in on him, and has the advantage on the grass.
  13. MonkeyBoy

    Your Best and Worst Tennis Predictions

    What are some of the best and worst predictions you've made about tennis? For me, Best: -Predicted that Cilic would beat Nishikori in straight sets at the USO 2014 (most thought Nishi would win, no one thought it would be over in straights) -Predicted Murray would beat Djokovic in straights in...
  14. MonkeyBoy

    Centre Court should be reserved only for the second week of Wimbledon

    Okay: Here's an idea. The grass at Wimbledon gets beat down and becomes slower cause of all the play. By the final it's basically a different surface. Maybe the logistics of this would be tricky, but if centre court was reserved only for the second week of the tournament it would retain its...
  15. MonkeyBoy

    Nadal will be back

    -People thought he was done after his long layoff and poor comeback in 2009. (Remember 2-6,2-6,2-6) -People thought he would never beat Djokovic again after losing 7 in a row. -People thought he was done after his 8 month layoff after Wimbledon 2012. (including myself) -People thought he was...
  16. MonkeyBoy

    Rafa's worst ever loss on clay

    What's Nadal's most one-sided loss on the surface? He had a couple bad ones early in his career (got thrashed once by Olivier Rochus of all people) but since becoming an adult is 3 and 2 to Murray his worst ever?
  17. MonkeyBoy

    Andy Murray has the best slice in men's tennis

    I think it's even better than Federer's. Defensively speaking it's certainly better than Federer's. It amazes me the angles he can hit a defensive slice at, the depth he gets, and the infrequency of errors.
  18. MonkeyBoy

    Raonic v. Big Four in slams

    Currently 0-15 in sets won. COMPLETELY unable to rise to the occasion.
  19. MonkeyBoy

    Dimitrov is not as talented as people say.

    Dimitrov's type of talent is overrated. People seem to think: flashiness = talent. prudence, endurance = hard work. That's why we have all this talk of Dimitrov-type players being immensely talented, and Ferrer-type players having little talent and just succeeding because of hard work. This...
  20. MonkeyBoy

    Andy Murray had an outstanding 2014 season

    To pick himself up a to finish year end finish at # 6. When has that been done before after a major surgery? He returned in january, but he wasn't able to fully train until around august.
  21. MonkeyBoy

    What was the single strongest year ever in men's tennis?

    I'll put my hat in for 2011. 4 ATG at, or near their best. Djokovic and Nadal at the peak of their powers. Murray slightly pre-prime, and Federer slightly post, but both still great players and serious contenders at majors. In addition, Soderling, Tsonga, Berdych, Ferrer and Del Potro were all...
  22. MonkeyBoy

    Feliciano Lopez peaking at 33

    The second half of 2014 has been the best section of Lopez's career. It shows how tennis players really are getting older and older. Also think Stan Wawa winning his maiden slam at 28 earlier this year and in 2011 Mardy Fish qualifying for the WTF for the first time in the year he turned 30 —...
  23. MonkeyBoy

    Most Beautiful trophies...

    I'll start us off with the most beautiful trophy in all of sport, held by the most beautiful man in all of sport
  24. MonkeyBoy

    Why am I so unenthusiastic about Raonic?

    I'm half Canadian and have lived in the country for more than a decade. I feel obliged to root for Raonic. As the greatest tennis player in Canadian history sans Rusedski I feel I should be really enthusiastic… but I just... can't… There's probably 7 or 8 players I'd root for against him. I...
  25. MonkeyBoy

    Most championship points saved

    Anyone know the official record for this in a match, especially if the person who had them lost? Murray has been in two matches where 5CPs were not converted. Shanghai versus Djokovic and Shenzhen versus Robredo (including 4 in a row)
  26. MonkeyBoy

    Luke Jensen is fantastic

    No sarcasm. I love him as a commentator. I think he's fantastic. Great speaker with an intimate, insider knowledge of the game.
  27. MonkeyBoy

    Couldn't hawkeye judge a double bounce?

    When it comes to double bounces players just have to go with the umpire's ruling, but isn't this something that hawkeye technology would be able to judge? I'm not tech savy in this way, but it seems to be able to map the journey of balls quite precisely.
  28. MonkeyBoy

    What exactly was the rationale behind ITF declaring Nole as world champion for 2013?

    Nadal Ranking points: 13,030 Slams: 2 WTF: 0 Masters: 5 Titles: 10 Djokovic Ranking points: 12,260 Slams: 1 WTF: 1 Masters: 3 Titles: 7 I see absolutely no argument for this. Novak had a better ending to the season and that was it. Let us also not forget that Nadal was coming off...
  29. MonkeyBoy

    Tsonga a serious contender for the USO

    He had that hickup against Youzhny, but I think that more a result of him partying all night after Canada, and not having sufficient time to recover as a non-top eight player. Like someone said Novak won Canada in 2007, lost his first match in Cincinnati, and then went onto the final in New...