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  1. hyperwarrior

    Roger Federer's Australian Open 2017 or 2018?

    Which edition of the tournament do you guys think Roger has played his highest level of tennis? Please debate! Why?
  2. hyperwarrior

    What is this Dimitrov's "new" Wilson racquets?

    This is not his usual Wilson Pro Staff 97S black/red. Apparently, I'm curious about this new paintjob...
  3. hyperwarrior

    Will Julien Benneteau win a single title before retirement?

    Julien Benneteau's profile Yes or no? Why?
  4. hyperwarrior

    Which men's Wimbledon final do you want to see this year?

    Now that we're closer to the final, let's see what you guys wanted...Thanks for voting!!! Djokovic vs Raonic Raonic vs Dimitrov Federer vs Djokovic Dimitrov vs Federer
  5. hyperwarrior

    Who do you miss more?

    Who do you miss the most since their retirement?
  6. hyperwarrior

    Do you want to see Nadal breaking Federer's Grand Slam record?

    Fans of TW, let's vote and see!
  7. hyperwarrior

    Who's the better Batman?

    All right tennis fans!! It's time for me to know who's your favorite batman! Telling us the 'why' is always appreciated... P.S: For obvious reasons, I didn't put Clooney, Kilmer or West by choices...Thank you!
  8. hyperwarrior

    Guess his NTRP level So let's watch and vote, then we'll see what will be the final result Thanks
  9. hyperwarrior

    Federer's 2012 racquet: same racquet, new paintjob

    Post some new pictures of Fed with the new paint if there's anything new...
  10. hyperwarrior

    Very rare clip of Federer hitting alone...

    First time I've seen this clip and it's quite amazing to see how different his forehand was back then. Maybe this was 5-6 years ago...
  11. hyperwarrior

    Most ANNOYING game ever!!!!

    How do you resolve this game?!?!?!
  12. hyperwarrior

    Unfair wildcard at the Sony Ericsson Open?!?!

    So Bernard Tomic is 180th world and why the special treatment to him?? I would understand if this youngster is an american but I'm wondering, why not give this wildcard to a more deserving player like Grigor Dimitrov, who's better ranked than Tomic!!! Dimitrov is also a young up-and-coming...
  13. hyperwarrior

    Mark Philippoussis's redemption

    It's official! One of the greatest without a slam is going to play his first match since 2006. Yeah baby!!!!
  14. hyperwarrior

    ATP: Which rivalries is the most underrated?

    Federer vs Nalbandian Federer vs Hewitt Federer vs Djokovic Nadal vs Djokovic How do you view a great rivalry? The number of matches played between the two players over the years or the closeness of their head-to-head?
  15. hyperwarrior

    Best looking: Mardy Fish vs Tommy Haas!!

    Ok people who's the best-looking? I heard someone who thought that Mardy looks like David Beckham so my guess, he's good-looking and then Tommy looks like Breakpoint from TW so I presume it's the same!
  16. hyperwarrior

    Best looking: Mardy Fish vs Tommy Haas

    Go in this thread to vote
  17. hyperwarrior

    Do you agree that Nadal has the most spectacular...

    tennis footwork of all time? It's probably raw and brutal for the legs but I can't deny the fact that he has the most explosive footwork I've ever seen. When he runs around the backhand to hit an inside-out or an inside-in/down-the-line forehand , it seems that he has all the time in the...
  18. hyperwarrior

    This guy's forehand is simply FEDERESQUE!!! Is that a club player?

    Check this vid If he's only a club player then it is inspirational! I was skeptical before clicking onto this vid thinking this might be another failure from people on youtube thinking they have a 'Federer's' forehand. I would like to see Will...
  19. hyperwarrior

    Will Thomas Muster get a wild card for the French Open 2011?

    You heard me! Just vote! We want to see him against Nadal or Federer!! Yeah!!!
  20. hyperwarrior

    Prime Rafter VS Prime Djokovic...

    Who's the better player and who has the better career?
  21. hyperwarrior

    Do you think Dick Enberg should retire?

    If you watch tennis on CBS... I'm tired of his meaningless comment! I'm watching Nadal now and his comment about Nadal's shirt is pretty irrelevant!!! He is so annoying when they're about to start a point... You can feel McEnroe a bit disturbed Sorry for the rant...
  22. hyperwarrior

    Who's John Mcenroe's favorite tennis player?

    You heard John commenting a lot of tennis matches and which players made him 'horny'? LOL!
  23. hyperwarrior

    Gerard Butler - Most beautiful man of all times?

    Anyone think he is the most handsome of all times? Please discuss... The man who played King Leonidas in 300
  24. hyperwarrior

    Durable strings like Gosen Polylon but softer...any recommendation?

    Does anyone know any monofilament polyester that is durable like the Gosen Polylon Ice but way more softer!! I'm not searching for a co-polyester, not very durable for me... Thanks!!
  25. hyperwarrior

    Roddick's forehand or Nadal's forehand?

    Nadal Roddick Which one is more beautiful or more pure?
  26. hyperwarrior

    Should we ban Wayne Odesnik??

    We'll see about that...
  27. hyperwarrior

    Myla Rose and Charlene Riva Federer on WTA Tour in 17-20 years? Possible?

    Do you believe we will see at least one of the Federer's twins competing on WTA Tours in about 20 years from now? Discuss...