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    Volkl PB mid vs. Head IG prestige mid? Info?

    I have been searching for direct information about a comparison between these two, but found close to nothing. It seems that the PB 10 mid has often been compared with the Youtek mid, which was released at the same time, but not with the IG mid, which is more recent. Both got glowing reviews...
  2. matchmaker

    Volkl PB mid sweetspot shape

    Quick question, have used search function, but find nothing that answers it. Is the sweetspot long or short, i.e. is there a lot of action in the upper hoop just like the v-engine mid?
  3. matchmaker

    Federer, a year without slams...

    In the last 4 GS, Fed hasn't won anything, that is to say, hasn't been the champion of any Grand Slam tournament. To the tennis-historians on this board, how long is it ago that Fed goes for 4 consecutive slams without a win? Should we give any meaning to this?
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    Rafa, the "nice guy"

    It just occurred to me how he had three chances this week to hand out a tasty double bagel to someone, but somehow ended up with a bagel and a breadstick. Any chance Nadal is being filantropic here? At club levels it is quite usual to tank at least a game when the score is too lopsided, not...
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    Scored a Dunlop MW 200g, what to expect?

    Hi guys, Today I picked up a MW 200g for 20 bucks. Truth is, the paint on the racquet is quite blemished, but structurally the stick is sound. I bought this one as a sort of stick for one of those days I wanna take full swings at the ball without it going out and also for those moments...
  6. matchmaker

    My take on the PC600 and the K90:

    Now the K90 is going to be discontinued, I feel a comparison with the PC600 might be appropriate. I actually did this write up a few months ago, but for some reason forgot to post it. Serves: PC 600: Great, great frame to serve. It might produce the best flat serves I have seen. Slices...
  7. matchmaker

    Amazing 5-set record on clay

    I read in a newspaper that Nadal's win over Berdych was his fiftieth 5-setter on clay, of which he has won a total of forty nine. Quite an amazing performance!
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    NG mains - poly cross: pingy sound, vibration?

    I put a hybrid of Natural Gut (one of the cheaper ones) and SPPP 1.18 in my K90. This is the first time I use NG, except for a used racquet I bought once that was strung with it, but that was a long time ago. I have the impression the NG is really a soft string, but for some reason, when I...
  9. matchmaker

    Do Head Sonic Pro string reels exist in orange?

    So today I was at my tennis shop and saw they had Head Sonic Pro Strings in Orange, in a reel, I had never seen this. It sure looked authentic, but I was just wondering. This is supposed to be one of the softest polys ever, any comments on how it plays? I think they might have had the price...
  10. matchmaker

    BA 1.22 and Titan 1.30 hybrid

    So, after asking about tension retention on the BA 1.22 in another thread, I am pretty much convinced that it should be a better alternative to my usual Polylon SP 17g. Polylon 17g is one of the softest polys out there and it plays very well but only for a short time. You have to string it high...
  11. matchmaker

    Pro Supex Big Ace tension maintenance vs. Polylon SP/Enduro pro

    Hi, I want to try a new poly main. At the moment I am playing with a Gosen Polylon SP 17g and Forten Sweet 16g hybrid. The Polylon SP, though soft, loses its tension very quickly and it actually starts to move around. I was thinking of Big Ace 17g, but I see on the website of...
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    This just in: Nadal injured, won't be playing Queens

    Spanish version: English version: Nadal admits having knee tendinitis and won't be playing Queens. Thins look rather messed up for him now. Going into Wimbledon without preparation and after a RG...
  13. matchmaker

    38 year old in final men's doubles at RG!

    Dick Norman, many years ago in the last sixteen at Wimbledon where he played a very good match against Boris Becker, has reached the final of the men's doubles at RG. If my information is correct, it is the first time he participates in the doubles tournament. He already announced the...
  14. matchmaker

    Agassi or Djokovic: who is the better claycourter?

    I thought this would be an interesting comparison. I feel technique-wise Djokovic is better but result-wise it's AA.
  15. matchmaker

    PC600 vs. KPS88

    Here are my findings on using both frames. Some footnotes: I have used the PC600 for a few months and am now playtesting the KPS88, so I haven’t got a complete opinion on the latter yet, and especially as to string set up, I haven’t found my ideal one for this frame yet, so I will report on this...
  16. matchmaker

    Kim Clijsters may be back on Tour

    Ever more rumours about a possible return to the WTA Tour have led to a press conference by Kim Clijsters to clarify the situation. The press conference will be held on Thursday. She has been planning a number of exo's: at Wimbledon and Rosmalen and also some matches in the U.S.A. She...
  17. matchmaker

    David against Goliath

    I just saw the draw of Indian Wells. Christophe Rochus, one of the smallest players on circuit is up against John Isner. This seems a very interesting match up.
  18. matchmaker

    From 100 to 85 sq. inch in a few minutes: true experience

    Not by me but by my training partner. We were playing a match and his strings snapped on his Pure Drive. He asks me: do you have any spare racquet? So I give him an 85 sq. inch Wilson Reflex mid thinking I would have a good laugh at seeing him frame the ball all the time. But most...
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    WTA player hits linesman and is excluded from match

    WTA player Yanina Wickmayer was in the final of the 50 000 usd ITF tournament in Clearwater, up 6-1 and 1-1 against Julie Coin when she apparently hit a serve from her opponent that went out backwards a little too hard and it hit a linesman on the shoulder. She was immediately excluded from the...
  20. matchmaker

    Anyone extended a racquet?

    Has anyone built up the length of a racquet from 27 inch to 27,5 or 28? I believe a half inch increase shouldn't be that difficult, one could add some material under the handle and just staple on the butt cap, most butt caps are long enough not to make that a problem. But adding a full inch...
  21. matchmaker

    Serena: my best win was the one over Roddick Serena still savouring Roddick 'win' 16 years on Despite winning nine Grand Slam titles on the women's tour, Serena Williams says her greatest victory came when she was a junior and thrashed men's star Andy Roddick in a...
  22. matchmaker

    Racquets with most dwell time?

    I was looking up some information about the very subjective term "dwell time". I bumped into two threads, one about "buttery feel" and the other about "that sinking feeling". Now, we are talking semantics but maybe dwell time and buttery are not the same. To give an example: I felt the VE mid...
  23. matchmaker

    Why no Head finest calfskin leather grips?

    Why doesn't TW carry them?
  24. matchmaker

    Too sexy attire

    I just read an article on how AO inspectors forbade Alizé Cornet to wear her red skirt white top outfit because it was deemed too sexy. Any thoughts on this? I mean with Bettany Mattek's outfits and with Serena's attire, where should the line be drawn?
  25. matchmaker

    PC600 difference in head shape

    Today I received a PC600 but in comparison to the one I have the head is noticeably narrower. Is this common for these frames?
  26. matchmaker

    Swing speed / power level ratings: accurate?

    Many racquet companies have their own system of swing style rating, basically it can mostly be reduced to slow / medium / fast. TW also uses this criterion in its racquet specs. Now, I find this information after some personal experience often misleading. Take the case of the Wilson...
  27. matchmaker

    Best slice backhand ever?

    As title says.
  28. matchmaker

    Pro Supex Big Ace versus Gosen Polylon SP

    Say we have both of these strings in 17g, what would be the difference? Which is: - the softest - the most control oriented - better at tension maintenance - better for flat / spin
  29. matchmaker

    Hybrid Gosen Polylon SP 17 - Forten Sweet 16

    Has anyone tried this hybrid or at least one of the two strings in a similar hybrid? How would this play?
  30. matchmaker

    My take on the Head Prestige Classic

    So this week my Prestig Classic mid (not Classic mid neither Prestige Classic 600), designed in Austria (means that the frame is made in Austria and the handle and paint are put on in Czech Republic) arrived. I had it strung up with Wilson Sensation 16g at 55 lbs. mains and 53 lbs. crosses. I...