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    Stan Wawrinka Racquet

    I got a used 95D midplus for kicks. Pretty racquet. Really low-powered but control oriented for me.
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    Racquets at the First Pro Match You Attended Live

    I saw McEnroe in 1977 playing for Stanford against Cal using a Maxply. He sliced and diced talented Marty Davis that night.
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    Remember the date. August 28, 2021. Infiltrating the Island: MaxTennis vs J011yroger

    I got so depressed that I ate a whole order of Xiaolongbao (10).
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    Why do some recreational players have so many racquets??

    What if I develop my core by doing planks, sit ups, and the like. Then I can use the money I saved by not buying a TRX and get a new racquet instead?
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - You should be happy

    I love the KAPOW sound it makes when I hit it just right.
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    Why do some recreational players have so many racquets??

    Because it’s cheaper than buying cars or drugs. I don’t do much match play. I like the different feels of different racquets. I’ve been taking out my old PK Redondo 93 and Pro Staff 85 reissue recently, and I’m happy to say that I still enjoy them. On the other hand, I tried to hit with my old...
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    Remember the date. August 28, 2021. Infiltrating the Island: MaxTennis vs J011yroger

    Max, we in the SGV, land of Mandarin Noodle House, JJ Cafe, and Shakas, salute you.
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    Nakashima and Brooksby

    His mullet is reason enough to pull for him. Mullet = the outstanding hairstyle since the 80s.
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    What book are you reading?

    The Great Influenza about the 1918 pandemic.
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    Where are they, former TW members?

    SoCal Lefty has been pretty active. He turned me on to the Pure Strike Tour 3rd Gen. Big fan now.
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    MaxTennis Tournament Thread

    Asian playing a nerdy hacker or doctor.
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    MaxTennis Tournament Thread

    Do you mean the late David Carradine?
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    Michael Chang's speed is legendary

    I saw him in the 90s at the old UCLA Volvo Tournament. Just remember a blur as he buzzed around the court like Dash from The Incredibles.
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    Bill Scanlon Dies

    When American college tennis players were competitive.
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    MaxTennis vs S&V-not_dead_yet

    Nice to see SGV is representin’.
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    Jimmy Connor's forehand grip...what was it?

    This thread is so old that it qualifies for the “Former Pro Players Discussion.”
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    Pure strike 3rd Gen vs Ezone Tour Questions

    Is the PS Tour a worthy substitute for the Wilson K Factor 6.1 95? New K Factors are in short supply and going for as much as new brands.
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    Who is the real Alpha Male in the Tennis world ? ( not afraid of anyone .... )

    Pancho Gonzalez. Even the 60 year old version.
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    An old guy's racquet journey

    I’m in your age range so I can appreciate your movement. You look like you played competitive sports. Kudos for staying in shape!
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    4E Wide Tennis Shoes?

    My right foot is 6E width. Left is 4E. I heard there’s a NB cross-trainer that goes up to 6E and that’s it. Both of my feet are short in length so it’s like having two squares for feet. I have to settle for NB a half or one full size too long.
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    JackB1's 11oz Racquet Corner

    Glad to see you and your positivity back.
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    Who owns Donnay?

    That’s a great word, “astringent.”
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    Ball kids... AO 2021 rules...

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    Prince RipStick 300 - coming soon!

    I also like reissues that pay some homage to the original. But I like what the new Ripstick conveys: ripping the cover off the ball. Fun!
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    Prince RipStick 300 - coming soon!

    I must have the Ripstick.
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    The Genius of Hsieh

    Refreshing in this bang-bang era.
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    Someone explain Why Tomic plays pro tennis

    Because someone’s willing to pay him?
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    If you want to see why pushing works...

    It seems like you have to be a ball crusher or else you’re a pusher. It would be silly for Hsieh to try to be a power player.
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    The Kyrgios Serve

    The livest arm in tennis. Has he ever been timed throwing a fastball?
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    Tony Trabert Dies You didn’t mess with Big Tony on the court.