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  1. pug

    Nole ONLINE Store launched!

    Did you not see that 100% of proceeds go to his charity?
  2. pug

    Nole ONLINE Store launched!

    Nice looking store front.
  3. pug

    New Yonex Vcore line?

    Thanks for the update!
  4. pug

    Some live photos of RF97 and RF97 Autograph

    Sweet. Thanks!
  5. pug

    Some live photos of RF97 and RF97 Autograph

    +1 10 char
  6. pug

    Why Roger switched to the RF97 - from Roger himself

    Fed is so cool. Great to see him playing so well.
  7. pug

    Below 95sq in Politically Incorrect

    Winner! 10 $$$$$
  8. pug

    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    Roger or Stefan, are you out there?
  9. pug

    Coolest GIF's of Pro's.....

    Nice. 10 Delpos
  10. pug

    Just tried Graphene Extreme MP & Lite

    Thanks for the info. Are you going to try the pro?
  11. pug

    Anybody know where to buy this shirt?

    Thanks, appreciate the help.
  12. pug

    Anybody know where to buy this shirt?

    How does the UNIQLO fit compared to Adidas, size wise? Is a large a large in both brands for example?
  13. pug

    Anyone try changing a Prince pallet?

    It is a molded foam grip which means you have to sand it down which is challenging to do well. I just removed the complete foam grip and replaced it with a Head pallet. This works if you like the Head pallet shape.
  14. pug

    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    Great post, and absolutely spot on. We are all lucky that Fed continues to play and play at such a high level.
  15. pug

    What's Andy Murray's real racquet.

    18x20? Wow, how did I miss that. I wonder what his thinking was?
  16. pug

    String for Head Graphene Radical Pro

    My experience of using Hawk is that it plays better at a lower tension in most racquets. When strung at 50 it feels more like 55 to me, and with a poly I like that. Keep us posted on your experience.
  17. pug

    String for Head Graphene Radical Pro

    I found Head Hawk strung at 50 lbs great for power and control in this frame.
  18. pug

    Labrum Repair surgery

    How old are you if I may ask? I wonder if age plays a significant part in recovery from this type of surgery?
  19. pug

    News on PS97 paintjob sand future of Prostaff line.

    I don't know, Del Potro played/plays with his Kfactors for several years, and he is definitely a 4.5 or maybe even better :)
  20. pug

    The shot Roche plays

    Probably, but it can't be much better than that.
  21. pug

    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    yea but a pt57A is not 22 mm beam, so it is a different animal
  22. pug

    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    Yes! I wish they would keep the paint mostly all black.
  23. pug

    rogers new frame update,

    Just stick around.....
  24. pug

    Henin high ball backhand analysis

    Thanks. Really miss seeing that shot, so sweet.
  25. pug

    Sloane Stephens last US woman standing (again)

    Might be awhile, com'on Sloan!
  26. pug

    Taylor Townsend stick?

    Looks similar to serena. She seems to be using the Tour 100 (18x20)
  27. pug

    Wilson Steam 105s (head cracked- 2nd time)

    LOL, common Wilson, pick up your game! Keep us posted on their customer service and warranty.
  28. pug

    Taylor Townsend stick?

    But what about the serena factor? Signifcantly overweight but wins with brute force? Sorry not trying to derail the racquet question, which I am interested in also.
  29. pug

    2014 Head Extreme

    Thanks for all the info. and pics.
  30. pug

    2014 Head Extreme

    Great work! Thanks.