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    racquet handle shape

    Nobody said it was - please read my post again. Nevertheless, it’s very reasonable to assume that there is a huge chance that Head’s rectangular handle (TK82 - the older handle shape) is indeed on a Head racquet.
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    racquet handle shape

    Well, if it’s a Head racquet, OP could switch pallets from TK82 to TK82S
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    But it looks good on it (IMO)
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Try it with Element
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    Great Yonex consistency!!

    Nice QC even for the SW! I’d go either 4 + 6 (most likely) or 2 + 3.
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    B. (what kind of joke is this) F.

    Head’s official website
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    Head gravity pro - strings and tension

    After 2 and a half years playing with the Gravity Pro, my preferred setup was Hawk Touch FB @ 54/52 lbs. Had a spare one a couple pounds lower for bad days, though
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    It reminds me somewhat of the v7 in terms of how muted it is, but, unlike the Blades, you can actually tell where on the stringbed the ball hit. It’s not an easy feeling to explain - although the VCPs do remind me of the v7, I don’t think they share the biggest flaw (the stringbed thing)
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    Head controls 50% of ATP finals..

    Now chances are slightly less than 50%
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    Head Prestige 2021

    MP and MP-L - do they have the same layup?
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    If ATP pros use Gut/Poly, why do rec 3.5 and 4.0 players use Poly/Poly ?

    I don‘t like what I feel when using gut or multis and much prefer the feel of muted polys - that is the main reason I use them. I usually break strings in ~4 hours and I guess I’m fine regarding dead strings, but even if I didn’t, I’d rather just cut them out - more expensive than using gut, but...
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    Head Radical MP - Wowza!

    Depends on your playing style and on how much you break strings - I prefer 1.25 personally, which lasts about 2 weeks before breaking
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    Head Gravity

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    Vcore Pro Grommets

    Wow! I actually came here to ask about grommets for the 2021 models - but I guess that in the end it’s the same question: are the grommets that are on the site for the 2018/2019 models or for the newer purple-green-black 2021 model?
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    After reading 25 pages on this thread - and playing my best tennis in several years with the regular VCP 97 strung with Lynx Tour - I’ve decided to pull the trigger on one. The consensus around here seems to be that crisp strings are better/necessary and tension should be on the lower side. I...
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    Does Gravity Tour have more power on hard forehands?

    Yup, I was going to mention that - both Lynx and Hawk are black strings (Lynx is a tad shinier); only Hawk Touch fits the dark gray description. I do not like Hawk Touch in most frames, but on the Gravity Pro I found it a very good combination -- maybe the same applies to the Tour.
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    What will racquet tech be like in 20 years?

    Do they literally copy other brands’ racquets? I didn’t know that. Do you have an example?
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    What will racquet tech be like in 20 years?

    I think that the innovations on the last 5 years or so were foccused on making nice feeling racquets, but at inferior costs and using inferior materials, if I got things right. An example: the Gravity Pro and the PT2.0 are closer in feel to the frames Head produced in the late 90s than to the...
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    Broken Racquet

    On a side note, it was an incident like this that made me switch to Tourna overgrips
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    Is high swingweight even a thing anymore?

    Didn’t someone who got a hold on Tsitsipas’ racquet from the ATP Finals measure ir at ~360 SW? Edit: here, 359, in line with Sascha’s -
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    Leaving i.Radical in 2021

    Thanks! I had completely forgotten about the other Prestiges! We do have the S over here - I’ll tell him to check those out
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    Leaving i.Radical in 2021

    Tecnifibres are hard to find - and specially demo - here in Brazil :-/ He strongly favors multis and currently uses Xcel (which means restringing 1-2 times per week)
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    Leaving i.Radical in 2021

    Yup - he strongly favors Head frames. I think that even if we were still on the stiff-graphene XT era, he might have a mental blockade with other brands.
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    Leaving i.Radical in 2021

    That's a very nice suggestion - I had completely forgotten about the Extreme Tour. He even has one handy, as it's his fiancée's frame of choice. I haven't played for extended periods of time with the Ultra Pro, but I guess it really does fit the bill. I'm just unsure if it's more forgiving...
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    Leaving i.Radical in 2021

    So, my brother has been playing with unmodified i.Radicals for nearly 20 years and is now looking for something similar, but more forgiving, as he’s getting older and starting to feel a little like he’s needing to use a lot of energy on every shot. He’s a 4.5 aggressive baseliner who plays with...
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    Head Gravity

    Maybe you lost on the QC lottery?
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    The "String your Poly at 40" challenge thread

    Whenever I experiment with tension, I always end up in that 48-54 range (currently 54/52). I never went below 44 - but I have a racquet that needs stringing and I’ll give 40 a shot, as per OPs suggestion
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    Head Prestige 2021

    This brings to mind: what about the Extrme Pro/Tour situation? I haven’t hit with the Pro, but from what I read, the Tour might be more of a player’s frame?
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    That’s a tricky question: - Absolute beginner average Joe: Instinct - Truly average Joe, including beginners, weekend warriors, etc: Speed (the most versatile for a baseliner, which I guess is where most of the average Joes like to play). That’s what I voted - Average Joe with several...