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    Lahyani Supended

    The suspension seems fair to me. Lahyani made a mistake here.
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    Serena Williams

    It is truly staggering how Serena is being portrayed as the victim here. It genuinely beggars belief.
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    Serena Williams

    Although unfortunately, I imagine this incident will only have negative consequences for Ramos.
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    Serena Williams

    Billie Jean King is talking complete nonsense. Anyway, good on Serena for fighting for women's rights, like that time when she threatened to shove a tennis ball down a female line-judge's throat.
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    Serena Williams

    He's now the target of a backlash from the Twitter feminists. Sadly, those people do not care for facts and logic.
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    Serena Williams

    Mystifies me why the tournament is releasing a statement in gushing praise of Williams.
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    Serena Williams

    Well said.
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    If England reaches the world cup final...

    I can't really vote on the poll since I don't agree with any of the options entirely. They should ignore it and schedule the final as normal.
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    Nick picks a fight with Bartoli!

    Seems like Bartoli is the one who picked a fight. She criticised Kyrgios. Kyrgios responded. How is this getting blamed on Kyrgios?
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    Will Roger play clay in 2018 ...

    He shouldn't. I hope he doesn't.
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    Will all Federer fans finally accept?

    Sure, Nadal is the rightful number one. He accumulated more points over the year, and deserved it. It is kinda funny, I mean it's really the "Nadal-fan logic" that would suggest Federer had the better year: close in terms of titles between the two, but Federer won all the H2H matches.
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    Men should be limited to three-set tennis at Grand Slams, says Heather Watson

    How about the women start generating the same revenue as the men, if they are so determined to be treated equally? Or in fact, if the women's game is just as tough as the men's, why even have a separate women's tour? Just have one tour for both men and women, competing against each other.
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    Nadal was scared of playing against Federer in WTF

    The Express is publishing a huge number of clickbait tennis articles at the moment, lol.
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    Yeah, shame this didn't happen last year. I don't see Federer winning this year tbh. I'd put Murray as a heavy favourite should they meet. Wouldn't surprise me if Fed lost before meeting Murray anyway.
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    Wozniacki Whining While Wasting in the Wilderness at Wimbledon

    The men's game is simply more popular. She's got no point at all here. Compare the debenture finals ticket prices: Ladies' final - £2120 Men's final - £6720 (source: The women's game is probably over-represented on the show courts, once you correct...
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    Wozniacki Whining While Wasting in the Wilderness at Wimbledon

    Using that logic though, why are doubles players/juniors/wheelchair players paid less?
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    John Inverdale fired from Wimbledon

    What's he doing? His Twitter behaviour is kinda weird, he calls out a fair few people who criticise his commentary. I think he must search his own name... Awful commentator.
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    Wozniacki Whining While Wasting in the Wilderness at Wimbledon

    To be honest, the women at Wimbledon should be thankful that they can piggyback off the success of the men. If there was a separate "Women's Wimbledon" held,for example, the week after the men's tournament, it would get far less coverage and viewers. So, Wozniacki acting as if things are biased...
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    McEnroe on Federer and Stan ''Something went on in the locker room last night''

    Wow, this is the lead story on the Daily Mail website. They are stirring like they do best:
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    Federer: Wimbledon's all-white clothing enforcement "too strict"

    I think banning his orange-soled shoes was a bit much, especially with what other players have gotten away with, but I very much like the predominantly-white dress code.
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    Wawrinka : Uncle Toni coaches too much

    But of course it's fine when you insult Wawrinka on the first page of the thread, right? :???:
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    Federer's poor record in 5 setters

    I find looking at that statistic very illogical. It rewards players for taking 5 sets to dispatch their opponent rather than getting the job done in straights, and penalises players for getting beaten in 5 sets as opposed to beaten in straight sets.
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    Wawrinka : Uncle Toni coaches too much

    Exactly... It's hilarious that people are blaming Stan for pointing out cheating.
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    Who would be greater between Serena and Roger if they both have 17 slams?

    I would say Federer, because if Serena played on the men's tour, she'd have no slams.
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    The GOAT does not run from his rivals

    Yes, that is definitely possible IMO.
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    The GOAT does not run from his rivals

    I don't think Federer is running from Nadal. Why would he always have previously went deep into clay tournaments when Nadal almost always beat him on the surface? I think Federer is just losing more often now, he's a worse player, I don't think he tanked.
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    Lupica picks Nadal as GOAT

    Or make Federer as "good" as Sampras on clay, and he'd probably never have played Nadal at Roland Garros, and posters such as yourself with a dubious grasp of logic would then consider him a better player? Sorry, makes no sense at all.
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    Lupica picks Nadal as GOAT

    Lol, that is some serious ownage. THUNDERVOLLEY says we cannot trust Lupica's opinion when he says Federer is the GOAT, but then insults those who criticise Lupica when he instead picks Nadal as the GOAT. Can't get any more inconsistent than that.
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    Lupica picks Nadal as GOAT

    You don't honestly believe the nonsense you post, do you? Yeah, clearly nobody outside of a few deluded idiots on this forum thinks Federer is the best...