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    Advance Australia Fair

    I wonder what the odds were that at the end of 2021 Laver would still be last man to win a CYGS Rosewall would still be the oldest slam finalist and winner Court would still be the womens singles slam record holder and which of those records will last longest?
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    Volleying for your tennis life

    If anyone wants to see high quality volleying, watch a replay of the doubles match between Dabrowski/Stefani and Krejcikova/Siniakova at Cincinnati. Still available to watch on Amazon Prime, highlights here If you want to see top quality modern volleying, it is here. They don't show enough of...
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    Chris Evert - One on One

    For those interested there is a series of interviews between Chris Evert (the first WTA #1) and past and present #1s. This is the link to the premiere
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    Swiatek's serve

    Reminds me of Murray's serve. I see a lot of shoulder heave. Not terrible, but she is strong girl and it could be better. Her serve % can fall away and her coach Sierzputowski has said himself it is only mediocre. I wonder what they will do to improve it? Djokovic managed to improve his serve...
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    Being #1 versus winning a slam

    It is often discussed whether being #1 is better/harder/whatever than winning a slam. Just to put some numbers into the discussion Men Since the ATP started officially designating a #1 player, starting with Nastase in 1973, there have been 26 different players have been #1. In the same time...
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    Age of slam champions

    Average age of slam champions by decade from 1950: 1950-1959: AO-22 FO-25 W-25 USO-24 All-24 1960-1969: AO-26 FO-27 W-26 USO-26 All-26 1970-1979: AO-28 FO-24 W-24 USO-26 All-25 1980-1989: AO-22 FO-23 W-22 USO-25 All-23 1990-1999: AO-25 FO-24 W-24...
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    The best thing about Osaka

    Her tennis is silent. It's wonderful. And proves it can be done.
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    If you want to know what it was like to play on 'old' grass

    this is an excellent example Gonzales v Laver at Newport in the mid 60s. It is oviously taken by someone in the crowd. The low angle gives a good feel for how the ball moves. Some comments - I have played on grass like that (not as good though!). Until you experience it you cannot believe...
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    Rosewall v Gonzales videos

    Two videos showing Rosewall v Gonzales. The first is an interview with Rosewall followed by some film of his first match with Gonzales. There is a beautiful side shot (3'29) of Gonzales' effortless serving style. The second is from the Tournament of Champions at Forest Hills in 1958.
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    Pioline interviewing Thiem

    Not worth posting on the General forum... Did anyone think it was kind of appropriate that Thiem was interviewed by Pioline after his match with Gaston yesterday? A modern player with a heavy, one-handed, topspin forehand and backhand being interviewed by a player from the past with a heavy...
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    The evolution of tennis

    A nice summary of changes to the way tennis is played Okker not mentioned in the history of the windscreen wiper forehand, but overall a nice summary of changes.
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    Rod Laver interview

    Rod Laver was interviewed as part of the ITV coverage of Roland Garros here in the UK. Worth looking at if you can find it. The main points I took from his interview: - it used to take three days to get from Australia to Europe in the early years of his career - clay courts were a mystery to...
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    Fognini will be 32 in one month

    Nothing more to add.
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    Would Steffi Graf's tactics work now?

    Something I have been wondering is whether Steffi Graf's tactics of using the backhand, that vicious slice, just to keep the ball in play until she got a chance on her forehand would work now. I wonder if the generally better and more reliable two handed backhands these days, and the faster...
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    1970 vs 2018

    Watching Federer against Tsitsipas I was struck by a number of thoughts. While Federer looks a lot older than his boyish younger self when he started his winning streak, he still looks quite young to me at my age (71). Yet in 1970 I was courtside watching Laver lose to Gorman, and I remember...
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    Tennis in 1958 - Kramer, Hoad, World Tennis

    I posted this fascinating article on the General forum. I am not sure if anyone read it there, but it is worth reading. Apologies if it has been posted before mi
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    Players careers coinciding

    I have tabulated the periods for which the careers of two players famous on the post WW2 period coincided or overlapped. Here they are I took the start date as the year they played their first senior or professional match. The end dates are often a little more problematical as careers often...
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    Mischa Zverev

    His match against Federer got me thinking. He was very attractive to watch, but his serve and volley are/were not really penetrating enough against a really good player like Federer. For his style of play to work he has to get his opponent under real pressure and on his serve he didn't hit the T...
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    History of the tennis serve

    A nice article from the NY Times
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    How complete are Borg career stats?

    Is there a complete listing of Borg's career stats anywhere (and Connors)? I ask because I read krosero (and others) excellent work on Gonzales, Rosewall, and I have not seen anywhere such a forensic analysis of Borg's records. And yet much of what he (and Connors) did in the Early...
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    The finest ever Wimbledon match

    I have just been watching a video of the Borg-Gerulaitis Wimbledon semi from 1977. At the end of the match Dan Maskell says it was a fabulous match one of the greatest matches he has ever seen at Wimbledon, possibly the greatest ever. Since Dan Maskell was always very careful with his...
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    The most difficult slam double?

    Interesting statistics, which may have been aired before and may or may not say something about the difficulty of winning different slam combinations. FO-W Borotra Lacoste Crawford Perry Budge Patty Trabert Hoad Laver x2 Borg x3 Federer Nadal 12 different players 1 did it twice 1 did it...
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    Nastase v McEnroe US Open 1979

    Two videos of this match have finally emerged on Youtube. The first is poorer quality and shorter, but gives the denouement and some rather good highlights The second is better quality and includes some highlights and shows the end real time. It includes comments by Peter Bodo and McEnroe...
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    In 1964...

    ...Emerson won his first Wimbledon title (from Stolle). Also competing were Ashe, Roche, Newcombe. The participants were from these countries (numbers in brackets) Australia (13) USA (25) UK (17) South Africa (10) France (8) Brazil (4) New Zealand (4) Canada (3) Denmark (3) India (3) Italy (3)...
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    Average rally length since 1978

    I have taken data from this site (thanks NatF) and calculated the percentage distribution of points in slam finals since 1978 (AO,FO,W,USO). I have also plotted the numbers as charts. The data is not complete, but there is enough that I...
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    Average rally length Wimbledon 2013 final

    Does anyone have that data, and how does it compare with other data on average rally length in matches? I remember the match started with a 20 stroke rally, but how did it go from there?
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    Okker v Borg 1978 Wimbledon quarter

    A short, uncomplicated, but very enjoyable two games showing how fast the two could be, and how the ball used to crack off the old wooden rackets. I think it must have been uploaded by Okker's son.
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    Ten greatest matches 1975-1995

    What are they (male and female)?
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    The first open Wimbledon

    Very interesting article from the vault about the first Open Wimbledon. Lots of fascinating observations.
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    Australian Open archive

    There is a nice archive at the AO site which gives little background details for each year from 1969 to 2009, for both men's and women's draws. It is a nice trip down memory lane (for some at least!). I have set it at 1969...