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  1. Saito

    2008 Year End No.2 of the World?

    Voted Nadal. Regardless of how one played during a tournament doesn't reflect on one's overall. But we are all entitled to our opinions, aren't we?
  2. Saito

    Women's Final: Henin-Hardenne v Sharapova Live Match Thread

    I so saw that "UE" (as Dick said) that occurred during the presentation ceremony coming a mile away. LMAO
  3. Saito

    Best Barricades...

    IMO: cosmetics = 3s/4s durability = 2s
  4. Saito

    Faulty Head racket

    I'm sure you knew what I meant by that, but if you didn't allow me to rephrase myself: Post your email if you want my help.
  5. Saito

    Faulty Head racket

    Well if that's the case, link an email up and I'll give you more details.
  6. Saito

    Faulty Head racket

    You do have to call them if you are going to do it yourself. Just get with the operator, ask her to connect you with someone in warranty returns department (which is very, very difficult I may add) and get a RA#. They will know what you are talking about. Like I said earlier, just go to a...
  7. Saito

    Faulty Head racket

    Usually a receipt with a date that's usually a within a year of purchase. It's a whole lot easier to go through a pro shop. Basically, all the pro shop should charge you for is shipping costs, and assuming they are an authorized dealer, they can ship it to Head and have it replaced for you...
  8. Saito

    How to use your opponent's PS 6.0 to your advantage

    I love this picture!!!! LMAO!!!
  9. Saito

    How to use your opponent's PS 6.0 to your advantage

    :lol: Your post hillarious!!! Your observation, correct IMO, with only a problem with the percentages (well, perhaps because of where I am from as opposed to where you are from.....). In my neck of the woods, Cat.1 would be 15%, Cat.2 would be 40%, and Cat.3 would be 45%. That said, hope...
  10. Saito

    does sharapova really use pro hurricane? According to TW, she uses Pro Hurricane and VS, and they're pretty accurate I think. She probably uses the white Hurricane.
  11. Saito

    I'm glad we have Andy Murray!

    For once Phil, I can honestly say that I agree with one of your posts! There's a first for everything. :shock:
  12. Saito

    Softer Poly Suggestion

    If you're looking for a softer poly, maybe you should give Wilson Enduro Gold 16g out. Try to find someone who has a sample you could try out. It's one of the softest polys I've ever hit with. Reels are a pretty good price too.
  13. Saito

    Tourna Grip High Tak

    What he says is pretty much on the money. I've used them both; I sweat tremendous amounts and here's the results of each uses: TournaGrip (High Tak): It's cloth like feel worked well, and it seemed not to slip out of my hands like reg TournaGrip would. It also seemed not to tear as fast...
  14. Saito

    Murray vs Clement

    I'm very impressed with the way Clement is running through this tourney. He seems real hungry for the "W". I would like to see Murray pull a comeback off, but if he doesn't it would definitely be a well-deserved victory for Clement. :)
  15. Saito

    Safin . . .

    I met Marat at Masters 2004. The guy is quite a character. Totally down to earth, calm-mannered (off-court that is anyway), and a charmer for sure (the ladies around us were getting the treatment of course...). Needless to say, if he didn't have to go and play Federer in the awesome final, we...
  16. Saito

    Will either Federer or Nadal win Rogers Cup?

    I truly hope that it is a Nadal-Fed final. I just hope that it's on hell of a fight and not some one-sided match. I'm always down to see a great match. As far as who is gonna win it, you got me on that one? I can put up a guess though: I'll go with Fed.
  17. Saito

    Agassi Withdraws from Toronto

    Nice rebuttal. :rolleyes:
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    Agassi picture thread

  19. Saito

    Agassi picture thread

    :shock: ??? <3
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    Agassi picture thread

    = :shock:
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    Agassi picture thread

    Cry more.
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    Agassi picture thread

  23. Saito

    Agassi picture thread

  24. Saito

    Agassi picture thread

  25. Saito

    Agassi picture thread

    You noticing a theme yet? Obviously not... noob.
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    Agassi picture thread

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    Agassi picture thread

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    Agassi picture thread
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    Agassi picture thread
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    Agassi picture thread