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    Hit with the 2012 Pure Drive...

    Good grief, I know why so many use it. Makes the game easy from the back! I could take just about any ball and crack a forcing shot (as long as my feet are there). It was hilarious! No elbow or shoulder pains at all either, thinking about taking the new Extremes for a spin now...

    What's your split?

    So how does everybody approach their lifting? I know guys who'll hit the whole body 3-4 times a week which I just can't do! I'm on a 4 day split now: 1)Heavy legs w/one other body part, 2)Back and bis, 3)Chest and tris w/light legs, 4)Shoulders. I change up the order depending on the other part...

    Ruffcode FTW?

    Got 6 packs of TF Ruffcode as a gift and just strung up 3 of my YT Prestige mps with the stuff at 54#s. Looks like Lux but has a different feel to the touch, seriously doubt it will play like Lux. I'm gonna try it out tomorrow and will let y'all know how it plays. Interested to hear others...

    Awesome Djoko... Awesome

    Anyone else think Marko stole some of his big bros gear lmao :)

    Bigshot... godly.

    Got a pair as a gift from my cuz and wearing them brought back so many warm memories :) Sliding is a dream, and they are super comfy. Kswiss really has a winner in these.

    Help with stringing a Blade!

    I switched to the BLX Blade 98 this year and still havent found a string that I really like in it, I had Kblades before and used Cyber Flash 17 but it doesnt feel as nice in the new Blades. I've tried BHB, BHS, PHF, and PLII but haven't found "the one". I was gonna try SPPP next and am open to...

    Love for A-Rod! World class.


    I smell home cooking!!!!! Khan vs Peterson has to be the best example of home town advantage I have ever seen! Not only was the crowd on Peterson's side but so was the ref! 2 points taken from Khan for pushing even though it was Peterson pushing Khan into the ropes, those 2 points decided the...


    WOW! That was a long day! Over 9 hours on court, legs are jello. So I was practicing with a few teammates all day pretty much and some odd stuff happened... Started with 4 sets of dubs and my serve game was good since I wasn't broken (few deuces and BPs), won all 4 sets while changing up...

    Gift for da GF!

    All the ladies out there, thought this would be fun! My girlfriends bday is coming up and I got her some stuff already but wanted to get one or two pieces of tennis gear. Maybe a few shirts, or a dress, or or a complete outfit (top and short/skirt/skort). Figure why not ask what y'all like...

    For the ELITE

    I never thought much of the Nike elite socks other then they looked pro, I underestimated how different they were! My girlfriend heard me blabbering about them a few times and decided to grab me a few pairs (I <3 her), they really feel alot better! The fact that they're cut for the left and...

    MSV crazy breaks

    MSV Heptatwist... Great playing string but today I had a pretty crappy experience. Three FRESH strung frames straight outta the plastic bag popped on me. No misshits or strange location, center mains in the sweetspot as usual. I just got a reel and these were the first three strung, any chance...

    "my foot is not fine"...

    Pull out then. I'm tired of hearing this BS... I liked Rafa, enjoyed watching him, not anymore though!

    WC Black 5 Edge vs SP Tornado 17g?

    I will be trying these strings side-by-side, hopefully, very soon and was just wondering what other people thought about these strings. Also if anyone has tried them against each other Id love to hear your thoughts. Quite a few friends and training partners have been telling me to try this...

    Why did Rafa...

    not attack Djoker's forehand wing? From what I was seeing, he still hit a vast majority of his forcing shots (however few he actually had) to the backhand side of the court today. The times when he attacked the forehand seemed to go a hell of alot better for him in this match and past matches...

    Fedex's MC kit!

    I gotta say Federer's outfit for the Monte-Carlo Masters event is pretty epic. Simple blue and white still looks sweet against the the red dirt! Also just to add, he's playing fairly aggressive against Kohlschreiber. Banging that fh!


    Who else here likes Gilles Simon's game? His movement and anticipation are solid, his strokes are simple and clean, plus he plays very smart. I really enjoy watching him play, he has had some huge wins! I would kill to have his game...

    Gel Res 3 vs CB 3.3!!! Let the battle of the yellows begin!

    First off I've been living on Nike shoes for tennis and Asics shoes for running for a couple years now, this is the 1st time I have ever tried an Asics tennis shoe. I have a medium width foot with mid arches and usually run 11-11.5 in tennis shoes. So far my favorite shoes for tennis are (or...

    The Beast has been unleashed!!!

    This will be a quick review of 361Nation/Prince Beast XP 16g mains and Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 16g crosses. I tried them strung at 52, 54, 56, and 58#s in a Youtek Prestige MP. This string is great at the two lower tensions, 52#s was what I felt played best for me, that being said this will be...

    New Prince Poly

    The new green string, 361nation Beast or something like that. Anyone hit with this stuff yet? I got a pack today for free from the prince rep in my area and Im just wondering if it has some great qualities or major faults before I string it up. How is it as a hybrid (if anyone knows)? Any info...

    Temporary switch?

    Ok so I went to my coach to string my sticks and he calls me about half an hour later saying I dont have enough RPM blast in my reel to string all of them. Well I went all over the place trying to find a reel but no one had 17g in stock, so I decided to go out on a limb and buy a reel of Pro...

    RPM Blast 17g Opinions

    So I am still messing with tension and so far 58 #s is the tension Im liking, just would love to hear others opinions on tension for this string. I really wanna find that "magic" number (or range) cause I still feel I have not found it for this string.

    Help! S&v!!!

    Gonna play a serve and volley player in a few sets over the next week, never met the guy but I am guessing he is good because my coach knows him and asked him to play me. My coach said he plays college tennis (IDK what division or year) and is part of their #2 doubles and #5 singles I think it...

    Trying to switch from poly!

    Well this was a little weird but my Coach told me that I should try to switch from poly back to a multi. His reasons being: 1) it will make me work less because of the easier access to power 2) because Im not working as hard it will help me relax more and swing more freely. That sounds like it...