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  1. stingstang

    Dan Evans- could use a more powerful racquet?

    IDK why people think the 6.1 is a low power frame? Every version packs a serious punch. The PSC, K and Hyper versions were raw and brutally powerful, especially as 16x18. It’s the hairy chested, big block V8 of tennis rackets.
  2. stingstang

    The best looking forehands

    It just never got boring. Karatsev hits a beautiful strike with a nice THWACK sound too.
  3. stingstang


    I have never liked Tsits for all the usual reasons but he’s now crossed that line to become almost a pantomime villain. Everyone hates him and that deserves respect.
  4. stingstang

    An Ode to Stan Wawrinka

    I’m being a smartass here but does some junk food cause inflammation in a super fit athlete with high muscle mass/low bodyfat? With calories in range and taking in required nutrients, the rest would be processed efficiently as energy? Legend has it Phelps munched through loads of pizzas every...
  5. stingstang

    Medvedev is MUCH better than Djokovic in Bo5 in hot conditions

    The heat at the last Miami crushed med so bad he was struggling to walk!
  6. stingstang

    LOVE 18x20 pattern for everything EXCEPT Serving

    Switching to thinner string can cut a surprising amount of weight, especially in an 18x20. I bought a used frame with thick looking (dunno exact gauge) Babolat poly, restrung with 18g and it was 10g lighter. I thought it was bad QC before cutting them.
  7. stingstang

    What's in between a Head Pro Tour 630 and Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95?

    Gravity Pro packs a heavy punch similar to the Wilson but with a softer feel. Very easy transition from a six one. You might not like the size/shape of the thing but worth a try.
  8. stingstang

    On a scale of 1-10 how did Berrettini play today vs Novak?

    You guys are harsh! First time in a slam final on centre court, playing a GOAT. Obviously didn’t play lights out but put up a good fight to the end. Took defeat with class. 7.0.
  9. stingstang

    Someone said, "Federer is not an athlete..."

    Obviously Fed is naturally very athletic, has excellent cardio etc. That’s not debatable. But I get his point. Is he in incredible shape? Hell no. Does he possess any amazing attributes in terms of speed, strength, flexibility etc? No. He is a phenomenally skilled tennis player but he doesn’t...
  10. stingstang

    Kyrgios is a legendary loser

    I’m not entertained. Ugo Humbert vs FAA would have been a way better third round.
  11. stingstang

    Kyrgios is a legendary loser

    He should put up or shut up. Hire an ass-kicker coach like Lendl, put the Rocky music on and train as hard as a navy seal for 18mths. See what happens. Or just go. The shtick is boring now.
  12. stingstang

    Medvedev has randomly become underrated

    AO final was a reality check and bump back to earth. Everyone expected Med to push Djoker hard (I did), a lot had him as favorite. He will win a slam in the next few years.
  13. stingstang

    What In The World Is An "Abdominal Injury"? This Is Wimbledon. You Bite The Bullet And Play On.

    I’ve injured abs in workouts after not warming up properly / using sketchy technique. It sucks and would stop you playing tennis properly. Maybe it’s bad luck, more likely poor preparation/conditioning given it’s Nick
  14. stingstang

    Greatest Choke of All Time? (Poll)

    Lisicki vs Bartoli 2013 Wimbledon is worth a mention. I felt so sorry for Sabine. 40-15 from a tennis perspective was barely even a choke. Fed tightened up a little bit (as any mortal would do serving for a GS) and would have got away clean if it wasn’t for the beast on the other side. It’s not...
  15. stingstang

    Kyrgios “ I can beat 50% of the draw with no preparation”

    Ended the tournament undefeated. Would have won it obviously.
  16. stingstang

    Wimbledon was ruined in the early 2000s.

    I don’t think speeding the grass would result in a servefest because 1) quality of returning is so good now 2) racket/string tech 3) heavier balls. I love long gruelling rallies but variety is the spice of life! Especially after clay season. I like some slice & dice action! Let grass be grass...
  17. stingstang

    Wimbledon was ruined in the early 2000s.

    They should put some form of imitation surface down then. With today’s tech they could create something very good. You would get better rallies and no worn out patches etc. Either have a legit grass court or admit it’s outdated and move on. It’s just good for nothing now.
  18. stingstang

    Kyrgios “ I can beat 50% of the draw with no preparation”

    If he beats Humbert, he’s being too humble. Humbert is #24 and just won Halle. So we’re talking 75%+.
  19. stingstang

    Wimbledon was ruined in the early 2000s.

    Being totally honest, it’s a pointless and stupid surface. It’s the worst of everything. You don’t get the great rallies of clay or hard and you don’t get much net play/finesse that you got back in the day. Just meh. Looks pretty for a few day though.
  20. stingstang

    Stefanos Tsitsipas will never win a grand slam.

    Hi will win a few - weak era 2.0 incoming. Players worse than him probably will too.
  21. stingstang

    Is Cam Norrie a tough 3R at Wimbledon?

    My take - he has the capability to upset a top 10 if they aren’t on it. He is physically very fit, solid / consistent on every shot, moves well. A real threat no because he doesn’t have the power or a killer weapon.
  22. stingstang

    Head Gravity

    I wish QC was as good as the frame. I bought 3, 2 are 314g, the other 10g heavier. The weighted trap door is good news though - remove when adding leather grip and you are still close to original spec.
  23. stingstang

    FACT: Kyrgios Can Never Beat Djoker In Best Of Five. Impossible. Too Inconsistent.

    I really wouldn’t be shocked if he serve-bots Djokovic out of Wimbledon then loses to Seppi straight sets next round. Nothing logical about anything Nick does.
  24. stingstang

    Any ATP players with big/thick lower legs?

    Marcos Giron doesn’t skip leg day either!
  25. stingstang

    Head Prestige MP Help/Thoughts/Suggestions?

    You might like the Yonex 95’s. Very easy to swing.
  26. stingstang

    What’s going on with the prestige?

    True but this isn’t a PS85 discussion! We can’t say they are outdated when virtually half the tour, including Djokovic, is using a similar old Head frame. Even a few new names eg Popyrin, Karatsev and Koepfer using PT57’s who are too young to have used them when they were retail. It’s just a...
  27. stingstang

    Djokovics US Open default was mild in all honesty..

    Players throw rackets, smash balls hard into stands etc routinely and nothing is done and rightfully so because removing emotion would be disastrous for viewers. An Isner serve or ill-timed Rublev forehand is infinitely more dangerous than the threat of Djokovic throwing a ball in a tantrum...
  28. stingstang

    Djokovics US Open default was mild in all honesty..

    I don’t understand removing the player from the tournament - unless it’s something real bad. It’s just the fans that suffer. Make the player give their prize money to a charity, at least something good comes out of it then.
  29. stingstang

    (UOAT) Unluckiest player of all times?

    Tommy Haas & Soderling At least DelPo had one big opportunity and took it. If you win a slam your career was an incredible success, even if you could/should have won loads more.