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  1. Rumjungle

    Sharapova in Russian means....

    Is this pro tennis or peace corps? I'm more a fan of Snyder than Maria but going so far as hating someone because they aren't as nice as you'd like them to be is ridiculous. If it's within the rules, then there's nothing wrong with it. If you have a problem with rules being bent, direct your...
  2. Rumjungle

    Alpha Axis Pro vs. Alpha Apex 2

    Thanks, Lefty. I'll lower my price.
  3. Rumjungle

    How much should a used Axis Pro go for?

    That's cool. I'll drop it to $500 then. Thanks.
  4. Rumjungle

    How much should a used Axis Pro go for?

    I have an Axis Pro listed in the buy and sell section and would like to know what the fair market price should be. I bought it about 1.5 years ago and have strung about 25 times with it. It looks brand new and I even have the original packaging for it (since my girlfriend's lil bro started...
  5. Rumjungle

    Alpha Axis Pro vs. Alpha Apex 2

    I have an Axis Pro and am quite happy with it. I find it to be very easy to use and really like how Alpha treats you as a customer. I think you'll be happy with either one as there really isn't a huge difference in performance. Your best bet is to try them. BTW, I'm selling my Axis Pro in...
  6. Rumjungle

    Diablo Mid is the only ‘New’ Prince worth a dime& all O3 players will come realize it

    I happen to like the Diablo even though I regulary play with a POG.
  7. Rumjungle

    Canon's article on Maria Sharapova's SI photo shoot

    This surprised me as well. I mean, I have the 24-70L, but I wouldn't use it for this kind of photoshoot unless a higher image-quality lens was not at my disposal. Why not a 35 or 50mm?
  8. Rumjungle

    Canon's article on Maria Sharapova's SI photo shoot Includes some description of the equipment used to photograph her and has images different from what was used in the magazine.
  9. Rumjungle

    WTA Website Updates JHH Pic

    Is it just me, or does Kim look like a tranny in this pic? :o I'm a big fan of hers, but I can almost see the 5 o'clock shadow in this picture.;)
  10. Rumjungle

    Texas Hold 'em

    Been playing successfully for a long time and my tennis still sucks, what gives?:)
  11. Rumjungle

    breaking in shoes?

    I'm inclined to agree with Nuke on this one. 3 weeks of running should be enough to break in a shoe, if it was sized to fit you to begin with.
  12. Rumjungle

    This is pretty good looking girl, Domachowska(?)

    That link's not working for me.
  13. Rumjungle

    sharapova is smokin hott in si

    I've got one:
  14. Rumjungle

    Barricade 4 owners : Problems with forefoot pinching and/or shin splints?

    So the IV's are WIDER? I was under the impression that they were narrower than the III's.
  15. Rumjungle

    sharapova is smokin hott in si

    LMAO! Good one!:D It never fails to surprise me how picky some people get when talking about women who are unattainable to them.:p
  16. Rumjungle

    Barricade 4 owners : Problems with forefoot pinching and/or shin splints?

    The IV's sound like they would be a nightmare for me. I'm like North, with a wide forefoot. Too bad, as I was just about to order them. Another pair of III's it is.
  17. Rumjungle

    Mauresmo wins *spoilers*

    WTF? Good thing I already watched it.
  18. Rumjungle

    How can I speed up the stringing?

    Ah, I think this will help me shave 5 minutes alone. Good tip, fish!
  19. Rumjungle

    Adidas acquires Reebok

    I heard this before too, but I guess now it's officially approved by the European Comission.
  20. Rumjungle

    Hantuchova is HOt

    Gee, thanks for the spoiler.
  21. Rumjungle

    Hantuchova is HOt

    Too skinny for me. I had a gf who was a college runner that had a very similar phisique. A little to bony for my tastes.
  22. Rumjungle

    HINGIS: Great draw and could get to

    Giving her the same odds as Sharapova? Wow.
  23. Rumjungle

    New Topspin 2 (Xbox 360) images

    No, not all of them look right, but some really do. I'm sure you can tell who this chump is::)
  24. Rumjungle

    espn spilled the beans

    I usually don't pay attention to the ticker, but maybe I should tape up the bottom of my TV just in case.:p
  25. Rumjungle

    espn spilled the beans

    Do you mean to say that the final score for the match came across the crawl while you were watching the match in progress?
  26. Rumjungle

    Just some observations on the Venus match...

    Are you saying that Venus was distracted by them, er, I mean her?;)
  27. Rumjungle

    Blue Courts vs. Green Courts

    Me too. I find that the AO's particular shade of green makes it very difficult to pick up the ball on TV. Rather than changing the color of the courts, I wonder if they can digitally enhance the ball just for TV...not by much, just enough to make it clearly visible.
  28. Rumjungle

    Ljubicic is taking ballet classes - photo

    Nice shot, zvos1! What was your camera setup for this shot?
  29. Rumjungle

    would you rather be a martina or an anna?

    In general, I'd much rather be respected and well off than just being beautiful and rich w/o any achievements. Specifically, I'd rather be Anna. I mean, c' you want Navratalova's life instead?:p
  30. Rumjungle

    Unsound Stringing Practice?

    Wow, I wonder if anyone bothers to check if their racquets are lopsided.