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  1. IceNineTX

    Videos from Houston Tourney

    Here are some links to the videos I took last week at the clay courts. Enjoy.
  2. IceNineTX

    Schwank fined for "erratic play" in Houston

    If dropshots and lobs are erratic play, the ladies leagues here are in for some trouble...**********lines
  3. IceNineTX

    Men's Clay Court Championship

    Anyone heading over to River Oaks next week? It's always a fun time and a good venue. Should be exciting with Gonzo coming this year.
  4. IceNineTX

    Men's Clay Courts - River Oaks

    Anyone planning on attending? I'll be there all day Tuesday and Friday night. Can't wait!
  5. IceNineTX

    Anyone been to Bollettieri?

    My wife and her team are taking a ladies trip to FL this Spring. Has anyone been to IMG Academies? If so, do you have any feedback on the pros there, who to request (if possible), etc? They already have it booked, but if there are any tips on how to maximize their experience, I would love...
  6. IceNineTX

    Junior Clay Court Championships - The Woodlands, TX

    Just curious if anyone attended (or played in) this event. We caught some of the action. I guess our club hosted a few matches, and they were playing doubles when we showed up. Oddly enough, they were played on hard court. I was impressed with the consistent groundstrokes that were...