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  1. spiderman123

    US Open Schedule: First match for seeds

    IS there a "rule" when the first seed/second seed would play their first match at the USO?
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    Silent Partner AC Adapter

    I managed to lose my Silent Partner Star AC Adapter used to charge the battery. Found one that fits but wanted to confirm the rating before I used it. Can someone who has it send me a picture of the AC Adapter used to charge the battery or just tell me the rating. Thanks.
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    DQ and DQ with forfeit

    Our opponents had a singles player who was self rated get DQed with forfeit which awarded a victory to our team. Now it has been changed to DQ with no forfeit so we have lost again. What are the rules? When can you get DQ with forfeit and who can change it back like this. We plan to appeal as...
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    Roger-Rafa coin toss

    Has Roger ever opted to receive after winning the toss against Rafa or has Rafa ever opted to serve after winning the toss? What about against other opponents?
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    What is Roger Federer like in real life?

    Apologies if this has been posted earlier. Roger Federer in real life from
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    Modern Tennis: A typical pro's perspective

    I had some free time this morning. Feedback welcome. TT is the first place where I am sharing this. Little better link:
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    How much would you pay for this BluRay set?

    Trolls will be ignored (tag: sureshs :) ) The Young kids post got me thinking. Would it not be great to get a Blu-Ray set of all of Federer's great matches that includes all the GS finals, the important earlier rounds, milestone masters and WTF and some tough losses that he bounced back...
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    Murray will be the first one in the open era to...

    join this group. John Hartley * Robert Murray ** Bill Tilden Rene Lacoste Fred Perry Don Budge Bobby Riggs Frank Parker *** Budge Patty Lew Hoad John Newcombe if he wins the AO final.
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    Agent Sloane has locked the target: Threat neutralized

    Serena Williams comes close to praising a teen-aged rising star. Calls her a good pusher. ----- “I think my opponent played well and was able to do a really good job,” she said. “She's a good player. She run fast and she gets a lot of balls back. That's always a plus to have in your...
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    Leander Paes: The Bollywood star

    The movie trailer: Official site: No confirmation if Bhupathi is going to watch it or not.
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    Can someone photoshop Federer's face here?
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    US Open 2012 Men's Singles, who do you want to see win?

    With Roger and Rafa supporters donning the "Independent" hat (true sense as the other is not around in the semis either), curious to see who majority of TT would like to see win? EDIT: Did not see a similar poll posted earlier. Sorry for the new thread
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    Roddick Speech

    "I do not have to be scared of the people I have to go home to " weird way of mentioning your wife in your speech man! -- What? Too early? Come on, it is Andy Roddick. He will joke about it himself.
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    Camera angles, boom mics and video streams

    Now that they let us choose which court to watch on internet streams (and on satellite channels) how about letting us choose which camera to watch the action from on the center courts at least that has multiple cameras? Now that I see the boom mic operator behind the chair, it would be nice...
  15. spiderman123

    On Court boom mic

    Do they have the person with a boom mic on court every year moving it to the direction of ball striker every time? I noticed it just this year. What other tournaments do it? Can they not have it hidden somewhere, this person sitting there and moving it seems so ....1980 like.
  16. spiderman123

    Bartoli-Sharapova commentator

    Who is the woman commentator for this match? Tracey Austin?? Is she on Sharapova's payroll? She was complaining that Bartoli's shadow swings between Sharapova's first and second serves saying it would be distracting to Sharapova and not saying anything about the ridiculous amount of noise...
  17. spiderman123

    US Open scheduling

    Nice of the organizers to help keep the evenings free for the fans. Yesterday Fish, today Isner... Feel sorry for the people who bought evening session tickets hoping to watch a top seed.
  18. spiderman123

    Sloane Stephens

    Hope she joins the big league. Nice to see an American who is silent, has a good game and does not seem to have any arrogant traits... Looking forward to root for her... Good first impressions!
  19. spiderman123

    Somdev Devvarman #473 in US Open draw

    Anyone knows how? Is this some sort of reciprocal arrangement?
  20. spiderman123

    Bagels for sale (Needs update but interesting stats)

    Was published last year but interesting info I came across after Cincy final.
  21. spiderman123

    Jeremy Chardy Rises

    Murray out. No pressure after hearing Nadal's USO withdrawal.
  22. spiderman123

    SMS from Rosol to Roger

    " See you tomorrow at 9:00 am on Court 18 for your "serving for the match" lesson scheduled by Mirka. "
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    The Top 4

    All Majors, Masters 1000 and Olympic Gold are held by the top 4. In addition, all runners up at all the majors are also from the top 4. Not sure how common this is in last few years but thought it was interesting. What a performance by Roger, Nole, Rafa and Andy Rest of the guys...
  24. spiderman123

    Action Reaction

    Murray agrees that he is passionate, emotional about the game and that is why this heartbreaking loss made him cry, like Federer after AO09. Nothing wrong with that! He knows fully well that he is passionate and emotional like Roger. What he needs to remember is how Roger approached...
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    ""I'm very happy to have the opportunity to win a Grand Slam.""

    An old article that I came across while searching for something.
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    Brother Murray and Dad Murray

    Why is Jamie never there? If he had to choose one match to show his support, it was the Wimbledon Singles final. Was trying to read more about their parents' separation and could not find what led to the split. Any idea what happened there? I was trying to figure out why Andy seems so...
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    Links to Good quality Youtube videos of Key moments of Wimbledon 2012

    It has been difficult to find good quality videos of key moments with so many videos posted. Let's make a collection in this thread. Link should include a short description of what it is to make it easy to browse.
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    How early did you spot Federer's genius?

    And how confident were you in his ability? Better than this?
  29. spiderman123

    Paul Annacone

    No love for him? Thanks Paul for playing a big role in bringing him back.
  30. spiderman123

    Long live the "new" King??

    Can anyone say this to the lady who said it last time... and yes,