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  1. Satch

    Blue, red, green.. clay.

    Can someone that actually knows something about clay court preparation say here what is the real difference between blue and red clay except color? As long as i know, you can make any color of clay using ceramic pigments...
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    Best grip for handshake?

    So you might think that this thread is a joke. But how many times you were at net, a moment for a handshake and you were confused should you do this or that what is the best grip (apart from this two), what you use and what do you think are the pros and cons of both. :-P
  3. Satch

    Djokovic's team, hats off...

    You created one monster of player and showed how tennis is actually a team sport... amazing job..
  4. Satch

    Tecnifibre molds..

    so i have heard that old tfight series were from dunlop molds (not sure which ones) but i am interested for vo2max... Is it some all new mold from tecni or they have bought some old one from some other company?
  5. Satch

    Do you really want this kind of game back?!

    Can't see this but not to say that their reflexes look so amazing.. not like todays camping on the baseline.... But still i would like to see more all-court today, not just baseL or SV.
  6. Satch

    Best 2HB Agassi, Nalbandian, Hewitt?

    NOooooooooo Novak Djokovic... His 2HBH is amazing, it's at least equivalent to Gonzos and Rogers (from better days) forehand. I am speechless!
  7. Satch

    Enjoy one more year too bad there's not more players that act so casual like Fed :neutral:
  8. Satch

    Full synthetic gut in open pattern?

    is it a good idea? Also what tension do you recommend (15L btw)..
  9. Satch

    OK Fed won today but..

    anyone who watched closely could see that he was at least 1/2 step slower in 2nd set than in the 1st. His performance in 1st set is alway perfect. But he slows down, and that's where Fed lost it comparing to the old days. It should be interesting seeing him in a GS final vs Rafa again...
  10. Satch

    I would break all my arms and legs chasing these shots...

    What a performance from Fed...
  11. Satch

    It's clear now.. S&V is dead due to the slower courts

    LLodra just showed us. Paris is a lot faster than last year. Some say fastest surface now.
  12. Satch

    Top 5 most intelligent players

    According to the game alone... players that use brain instead of pure power (like Gulbis, Roddick ect). my top 5 would be: Nalbo Murray Djoko Fed Santoro :D
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    The pop sound

    Do you consider your string dead when it losts that sound... i know some people restring as soon as the sound goes away.
  14. Satch

    Djokovic will win masters cup 2010 bald headed...

    So who understands this, thumbs up :D
  15. Satch

    VO2 max paint??

    When i first saw this stick (325 series), i saw that the paint was a bit under my expectations for such high priced racquet, comparing to wilson for ex. during todays match i dropped it accidentally from my hands, it was 1m from the ground, hard court. And here we go, 3 paint chips...
  16. Satch

    Wilson Ultimate Duo setup

    is it better to install them in k95 16x18 or tecni vo2 max 18x19 what tension and should lux go for crosses? i like both racquets but what is better for setup
  17. Satch

    Caption this...

  18. Satch

    Who had tougher semi??

    Fed or Sod the terminator??
  19. Satch

    Djokovic no. 2 at the end of '09?

    So can he manage to do that? His game is amazing now, better than ever, he can do some damage on Wimbly.
  20. Satch


    i am glad to see him back on tour.... i really respect this guy because of the way he strikes every ball, his 2hb is also one of the best bh's in history of the game. too bad he is mentally weak player, also his serve is poor... any chance that he could do some damage this year?
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    Some amazing videos....

    i found this on tube and i would like to share. - Marat 1 - Marat 2 -...
  22. Satch

    ATP World Tour 250 organization...

    So i need a list of jobs and little review of every job from people who have experience (have worked at these Tournaments). job's like: Catering Building Players and stuff playround Center court
  23. Satch

    So what level is this famous musician?

    it's Adrian Smith guitarist from Iron Maiden, he is a fan of the sport for a long time so i would like to see what do you guys think, he is playing with Harris in this video.
  24. Satch

    Nalbandian to defend Madrid and Paris...

    Last season he played very bad until these two masters, and then he started to play fantastic… What are his chances to repeat that results this year? :confused: i really miss his game
  25. Satch

    So… where are the famous faces?

    Where is DeNiro, Michael Douglas his wife and his father, Sharapova and all the others that came to the last years USO final… Could it be that nobody likes Fed-Murray match.
  26. Satch

    Djoker's new girl...

    so is it true, or is that just another story for the press. Leryn Franco
  27. Satch

    Roger should stop hitting his BH slice return ASAP!

    that shot killed him in the Wimbly final and it’s becoming really bad shot with over 60-70% going to the net now… can he hit his BH return "normal"?
  28. Satch

    Nadal switched his playing style?

    So do you think he has become more aggressive (since last year RG final), he now stands closer to the baseline (he used to stand 2-3 meters behind), also his FH have much more depth, and a little less spin, also much more pace. Also Fedex said this: “He no longer plays short balls, the way...
  29. Satch

    String life Q...

    I was wondering if I buy string reel it should last me at least 4-5 years… Is it good for string to lay around for so long (4 years), I mean will it lose some playability or it would be ok like fresh strings? Oh yeah i am considering geting Nylon string.
  30. Satch

    Moya vs. Nadal Chennai '08

    Anybody watched this match? It's really unbelievable what Carlos showed us today, what a game, and he is over 30 years old. unbelievable FH and running, for over 4 hours, this MATCH is a legend really... I am so disappointed that Moya lost, although he had some match points :D