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  1. stronzzi70

    Comfortable tennis shoes for a long time at the tennis court ?

    Some good tips ? 8 hours at the tennis court
  2. stronzzi70

    Head Radical MP 2021 vs Rsdical Pro 2021 ?

    Which one and why ?
  3. stronzzi70

    Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 17 ?

    Hello About this string could be very stiff or just normal like others poly ?
  4. stronzzi70

    Head gravity pro for 15 years old???

    She likes to hit and punish the ball, she usually hits flat forehand and backhand, she is not very high but very strong, what do you think for gravity pro?
  5. stronzzi70

    Yonex Ezone 100 2020 customization?

    Lead tape where ? Silicone ? Any suggestions is welcome Looking for more stability and control
  6. stronzzi70

    Suggested strings for Head Gravity MP ?

    Hi looking for tips and stress tips for this racquet
  7. stronzzi70

    Annet Kontaveit frame ???

    She is using Pure Strike 100 3 er gen ??
  8. stronzzi70

    Best 5 racquets for advanced 15 years old Girl ?

    would be very grateful to hear your opinions,
  9. stronzzi70

    Yonex V Core 100 S ??

    Please Yonex V Core 100 S Is really so powerfully like Pure Drive or Aero ? What about maneuverability? Many thanks
  10. stronzzi70

    Babolat Pure Strike 100 3 Gen for 14 years old girl ?

    So far I see it, the consistency is good and it has a lot of variety in the game, I am only concerned about the final weight and stiffness, any opinion is always welcome. she is 5.8 and 118 lbs, although she is very strong.
  11. stronzzi70

    Head I Radical MP Austria ?

    I have one I Radical MP brand new unstrung , I would like to know some feedback ? It is underpower comparative with Ti Radical ?
  12. stronzzi70

    Mektic and Koolhof Prestige 360 + PJ ?

    360 + or just PJ ???
  13. stronzzi70

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 vs Prestige 360 + MP ?

    Hello I have 2 Pro tour 2.0 Great racquet , but just curious about how good is 360 + MP compared with PT 2.0 ?
  14. stronzzi70

    USTA National Campus Orlando ?

    Hello Sorry about my question ,I have my Daughter ( 14 years old ) very good player , big forehand and backhand. The big problem is ,we are not people with economic resources but I need to do something for her . My question is : Is there any chance for her in the National Campus Orlando f?
  15. stronzzi70

    Wilson ProStaff 97 Bold ????

    My question is This model has Countervail inside ???
  16. stronzzi70

    Jennifer Brady Pure Aero ?

    She is using pure aero 2019 or the model before ?
  17. stronzzi70

    Yonex V core 100 S ?

    Hello I would like to know more about this frame . It is stiff ? Feel ? Control ? Many thanks
  18. stronzzi70

    Dunlop 300 G Hotmelt original for 14 years old advanced girl ?

    Nice racquet ! But I not sure is correct for her ... She is playing very good ...but I would like some opinions . Many thanks .
  19. stronzzi70

    Dunlop Hotmelt 300 G original ?

    Hello Question. With some lead tape + low tension = still low power frame ?
  20. stronzzi70

    N Code pro open x ?? Strings ?

    I would like to know best combo for this very good frame , ??? Many thanks !
  21. stronzzi70

    N Code pro open X

    It is a stiff frame ??? Great frame BTW ,but I would like to know how stiff is cause I felt some discomfort. Many thanks
  22. stronzzi70

    Head speed MP 360 + ???

    Nice TW review , but I would like to know more info about it What about maneuverability compared with pure strike 305 16 x 19 III gen ? Many thanks
  23. stronzzi70

    Yonex Ezone 100 2020 vs Blade 100 L ?

    Hi I would like to know which one is better for control ?
  24. stronzzi70

    Yonex V Core 98 red vs Gravity MP

    I would like to know : Which one and why ?
  25. stronzzi70

    Pure Strike 98 16x19 III gen ?

    Hello Wondering about flat shots ? Best strings ? Control and top Spin ? Manuevrability ?
  26. stronzzi70

    Tennis racquet for 13 years old advanced girl?

    Current racquet : Wilson Juice 100 304 g unstrung Pro : decent power and heavy balls , little stiff maybe . Cons : Some inconsistency for flat strokes , maybe little heavy for her 330 strung We looking for : 310 strung , nice top Spin and control , decent power . We are thinking about ...
  27. stronzzi70

    Help About SW .

    Ok i have one question 314 grams strung 34 cms balance Swing weight is ????? Many Thanks
  28. stronzzi70

    About Junior Norcal Tournament ?

    Hello Im trying to find out about junior tournament in NorCal ... My 13 years old daughter received housing , but we don't know about what kind of tourney we can find and what level . Many thanks for you help .
  29. stronzzi70

    Wilson Blade 100 L V7 ???

    Please some feedback It is too powerful ??? What about control ? It is stiff ?? 69 RA . Many thanks
  30. stronzzi70

    YONEX EZONE XI 100 ?

    Please any feedback or experience about this frame ? Many thanks