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  1. topspn

    Additional stock ASICS

    Hi TW, when are you getting stock of resolution 8 shoes and other ASICS shoes? It seem there is next to nothing left only the outlier sizes
  2. topspn

    Matching Service

    Hi, When we call in to ask for a racquet with a specific spec match service, we can get weight and balance. TW Europe does it phenomenally better! They provide you with complete specs of 4 frames with weight, balance, SW and the measured RA. And then you could pick a racquet from them. Can TW...
  3. topspn

    Solinco Racquets

    I wonder if these racquets are gonna be available on TW? @TW Staff
  4. topspn

    Radical Cap Grommet

    Hi TW, Will Head make cap grommets available for the new Radicals?
  5. topspn

    New Yonex VCORE

    So what is the change with these frames? Is it just PJ? or are their layup or mold changes?
  6. topspn

    Confidential and Tour Sniper

    Thoughts please from peeps who have tried both. I am very familiar with confidential and played it plenty. Never tried Tour Sniper, just snippets from some on the board. They are both apparently very predictable and modest launch angle with good control. I am thinking TS might be a slightly...
  7. topspn

    Face Masks

    With more COVID restrictions, indoor tennis now have to wear a mask playing on the court. Any suggestions for masks that stay in place and do not move around while you’re playing?
  8. topspn

    Linus Swing Weight Machine

    Can’t find it anywhere though
  9. topspn

    Prince Precision Tuning Center

    TW, you guys have made an investment in Prince Sports and you carry their racquets and strings. Why didn’t you also make the prince tuning center machine available as well? Some of the tennis geeks may be interested
  10. topspn

    Demo TF TFight 295 RS

    The demo i got is strung with a multi string and it seems that’s all that’s available for the demo. What is the string? I assume it’s a Tec multi but can you tell me what it is and tension?
  11. topspn

    String patterns

    So we have 16 x19 and 18x20 as the two main string patterns. However we have some variations here and there. Add a bit of control to 16x19 then 16x20 or open up a bit more 16x18. Open up an 18x20 a bit then 18x19. Wilson even tried the spin racquets with more mains but less crosses 18x16 Why...
  12. topspn

    TW Tungsten Tape?

    Where is the TW Tungsten Tape? It disappeared
  13. topspn

    Massage/Percussion Guns

    Anyone have experience with these things? Like Theragun, TimTam, Hypervolt, or others that have worked well for you? What do you use them for i.e. warm up, recovery. How have they effected you do you think and what if anything do you benefit from? How is reliability so hopefully they don’t...
  14. topspn


    In summer weather, I am often sweating buckets playing tennis and of course sweat rolls down into your eyes. It is crappy struggling to see at times so i have tried all sorts of hats and nothing seems to work. No matter the band underneath they all get soaked up in sweat within 1/2hr and sweat...
  15. topspn

    On Shoes: The Roger

    On shoes releasing the Tennis inspired The Roger
  16. topspn

    New Head/Penn balls?

    I see you have these balls in EU. Will they be coming to the US and TW selling?
  17. topspn

    How to remove a shrink sleeve

    Just got two Aeropros 2013 off the bay and one of them was way heavier then spec @342g and far more HL. So lookked under the trap door for any added silicone or weight and couldn’t see anything. So i took off the grip and see if weight was added underneath and i saw the shrink sleeve. Explained...
  18. topspn

    Extended length Frames Compromise

    We all know the pros and cons so not really trying to dive into that. Just wondering when it comes to a little extended length like a 27.25 and how much difference does that really make to mobility and quick reaction to volleys. If you look at longbodies web site they have some pretty...
  19. topspn

    New Head Radical 360+??

    When are they coming out? It seems that 360+ is getting good feedback on feel and touch. I all honesty, 360 was terrible in the couple of racquets i tried so curious how 360+ may have improved the radical line.
  20. topspn

    Advantec Strips and Grip

    I was curious but yikes, pretty pricey
  21. topspn

    Dunlop AO Balls?

    So what is the verdict on AO balls? My local pro shop started carrying them and I am curious. I normally try to stick as much as possible with Propenn XD but also use the US open balls. I haven’t used Dunlop grand prix in a long time since they became inconsistent.
  22. topspn

    On Shoes

    So these guys make super comfortable excellent running shoes. Roger Federer is now part of the team with an investment in the company so it is impossible they don’t make a tennis shoe. I have two of their running shoes and they truly are fabulous and can’t wait to see what Swiss engineering...
  23. topspn

    Is this a case of armed with Fury? Or a lame Rhyme
  24. topspn

    ProKennex Ki Q+ 5X Pro

    This seems like a very underrated frame or at least unnoticed by so many. PK don’t have the following they may have had a couple of decades ago so understandable. This is a terrific frame though and I’m not an extended length person but on a whim tried it out. Terrific power/precision with the...
  25. topspn

    Wilson Trinity Balls

  26. topspn

    Dahcor: My Experience Ordering a Racquet

    I wanted to start this thread to show my whole experience with Dahcor. Who you say? Yes, it is called Dahcor and there are a couple of threads already about this racquet sports start up with an ambition to be the standard for custom ordering tennis sports equipment. After a while of waiting to...
  27. topspn


    Hi guys, Looking for insoles that are more supportive than the basic ones that come with the shoes. However thick insoles do not work for me since i have wider feet and a high top of the foot so any narrow shoe wouldn’t be a fit for me. And thicker insoles would also make my current shoes too...
  28. topspn

    Insoles Superfeet FLEXthin

    Looking for more support then basic insoles, however i have wider feet so thick insoles do not work as it makes the the shoe fit too tight. I’d like to try the Flexthin perhaps it’s a good fit. Anyone try it out or similarly needed thinner insoles for fit?
  29. topspn

    Court FF2

    I noticed the Court FF2 is out and you guys seems to like it. The first court FF was extremely difficult to get on and off your feet if you have wide feet and a high mid foot. How is the FF2 in comparison?
  30. topspn

    Dunlop New ATP Balls

    Anyone try these new Dunlop balls yet?