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  1. SpicyCurry1990

    Catharsis for Nole and by extension myself

    Novak getting over the hump here was surreal. I honestly expected Murray to somehow pull this out given Novak's RG history, but fortunately there is was no curse. RG at last and NCYGS to boot can't ask for more. Haven't been posting much on these forums the last 6 months (primarily due to...
  2. SpicyCurry1990

    After today I'd probably be happy with Fed winning Wimb 16

    Novak has 3 wimbledon titles + a title defense now. He has joined the leagues of Becker and McEnroe as a legend of Wimbledon (and simultaneously destroyed any nonsensical claims of Nadal, Murray, Hewitt or Roddick being better than him on grass). Furthermore he has done it by beating Federer...
  3. SpicyCurry1990

    LMAO Nadal 100% time violations

    Lol they just showed this graphic: % of serving points taking over 20 seconds: Nadal - 100 Just got called for time violation on break point vs Sock. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  4. SpicyCurry1990

    All of Big 4 playing on the same day at a slam?

    With Feds match to resume tomorrow, all of the big 4 will be on court tomorrow. I do believe this a pretty big rarity to occur outside of Wimbledon's Middle Sunday R4 when all players are in action. Outside of that I think the last time it happened was the 2011 USO SF Saturday when Nadal...
  5. SpicyCurry1990

    Appreciating the Greatness of Roger Federer

    Its no secret that I haven't been the biggest Roger supporter on this forum. I have made my reasons clear on why that is, because I believe his fans on this site to be by far the worst fanbase and it gets very taxing listening to their garbage. With that said, though, I have always enjoyed...
  6. SpicyCurry1990

    Novak is 50-7 in sets at AO the last 3 years

    5 of those 7 lost sets are to Wawrinka. The other two are 1 each to Murray and Berdych. Interesting that these are the final 4. Wawrinka is right behind at 47-9 in sets with 5 of those 9 lost sets to Djokovic. He has also dropped 1 to Berdych and then 1 each to GGL, Falla, and Nadal. Nole +...
  7. SpicyCurry1990

    Will Federer beat Nole or Nadal at a slam again?

    Interesting point that I had not realized before. Federer has never beaten either Nole or Rafa at a slam after losing to them for the first time at that slam. Rafa AO - 09 (first loss), 12 (L), 14 (L) FO - 05 (first loss), 06 (L), 07 (L), 08 (L), 11 (L) Wimb - 08 (first loss) USO - no...
  8. SpicyCurry1990

    What was the first match/tournament you ever watched?

    Now that the season is over (well besides DC finals), might be a good time to reflect on what got us into the sport in the first place. My first introduction to Tennis was 1998 Wimbledon with my first match being Tim Henman vs Pete Sampras in the SF. I'd mainly only watched NBA before that...
  9. SpicyCurry1990

    Djokovic sets all time record for fewest WTF group stage games lost

    With 9 games lost. He breaks the long standing record of 13 games lost...set by Federer yesterday.
  10. SpicyCurry1990

    Djokovic first man to ever defend Paris Masters title

    47 Years this tournament has been around, since the dawn of the open era. Numerous world #1s have been the champion, but no one has ever defended the title here...until now! Djokovic also ties the record for most titles here (with 3) as well, joining Safin and his coach.
  11. SpicyCurry1990

    Coric, Kokkinakis, Zverev all through

    Day 1 of US Open qualifying and the under-20 next gen stars were out on the court today. The top star of that group of course is Nick Kyrgios who is ranked high enough after Wimbledon to get direct acceptance into the main draw. The next three biggest stars all picked up big wins today...
  12. SpicyCurry1990

    Is there somewhere the tour money leaders are posted?

    I looked briefly on the ATP website but could not find it in the rankings section. I'd like to know how much players made on tour last year, specifically guys in the 100-300 range who were Challengers regulars.
  13. SpicyCurry1990

    Would anyone be interested in more Round Robin tournaments?

    Take for example a masters tournament like Miami/IW that has a 2 week schedule allocation and a 96 player draw. The top 32 players get byes as it currently stands and the remaining 64 play a knockout down to a field of 64 and then we go from there with traditional knockouts. But the tournament...
  14. SpicyCurry1990

    Craft the perfect tennis player

    Rules: -You can only use each player 1 time -All attributes are assumed to be in prime form but with expected inconsistencies (i.e. Safin Forehand gets you all of prime Safin's forehand not just 05 AO vs Fed). Serve: Pete Sampras Return of Serve: Novak Djokovic Forehand: Roger Federer...
  15. SpicyCurry1990

    Will Nole be the first to pull off the London Double?

    Since the World Tour Finals moved to London, no one has managed to snag both Wimbledon and the WTF in the same year: 09 - W: Federer WTF: Davydenko 10 - W: Nadal WTF: Federer 11 - W: Djokovic WTF: Federer 12 - W: Federer WTF: Djokovic (OG: Murray) 13 - W: Murray WTF: Djokovic 14 - W...
  16. SpicyCurry1990

    Tomic back in the game?

    Bernard Tomic just won his second ATP World Tour Title in Bogota. A win that moves him back into the world's top 70 and back into the top 4 for U-21 (behind Kyrgios, Vesley, and Thiem). This guy has been combustible in his youth with a lot of character issues and run-ins with the law (not to...
  17. SpicyCurry1990

    For those who value YE #1 in the Murray/Hewitt Debate (or in general)

    Murray's top 2 scoring seasons (2011 and 2012) with his points converted into the "old scoring system" (1990-2008 ) Murray 2011 Slam-F (700), SF (450), SF(450), SF(450) YE-0 wins 1000-R64(20), R64 (20), S(225), R16(75), S(225), R32(35), W(500), W(500), QF(125) Olympics- 0 500-W (300), QF (75)...
  18. SpicyCurry1990

    Its crazy how all the best stuff happens when you least expect it

    When LeBron was with the Cavs in 2009 and 2010, I thought we would win the title and we got smacked by Orlando/Boston. The I expected him resign with us and he didn't. When Germany played Spain in World Cup 2010 and Bayern played Inter in the Champions League Finals I expected them to win and...
  19. SpicyCurry1990

    Is Djokovic vs Federer the best rivalry in Tennis History?

    This has all of the elements of a great rivalry: 1)Contrasting styles creating exciting and interesting matches that incorporate all of the elements of the game at the highest level. 2)The young gun Djokovic first arriving on the scene to upset Federer in route to his first slam, but then...
  20. SpicyCurry1990

    Djokovic higher peak and floor, Nadal better average?

    I think this is a good way to describe their playing levels. When Djokovic is at his absolute peak, he is almost always much better than absolute peak Nadal (examples: Madrid 2011, Rome 2011, Wimbledon 2011, USO 2011, WTF 2013, Miami 2014). In these peak-vs-peak battles, Djokovic blew Nadal...
  21. SpicyCurry1990

    Next time the Big 4 all reach a slam SF?

    All 4 members of the big 4 have reached the slam semifinals 4 times: USO 2008 (Murray def Nadal, Fed def Djokovic/ Fed def Murray) FO 2011 (Fed def Djokovic, Nadal def Murray/ Nadal def Fed) USO 2011 (Djokovic def Fed, Nadal def Murray/ Djokovic def Nadal) AO 2012 (Djokovic def Murray, Nadal...
  22. SpicyCurry1990

    Will Djokovic end up as Open Era Hard court GOAT?

    The chances of Djok being a legit over-all Open Era GOAT contender ended after losing 4 of his last 5 GS finals, but he still has an outside shot to win Hard court GOAT and ensure this era produces three different surface GOATs. 1)Right now Nole is #2 in HC masters titles with 14 (tied with...