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  1. g4driver

    Wilson Ultra Pro (18x20) v3 grommets ? Will they fit a Wilson Ultra Tour 97 (18x20)?

    Wilson's customer service is woefully lacking. Last week I emailed Wilson asking about the availability of Wilson Ultra Pro (18x20) v3 grommets which they don't list online as it is only sold on Wilson's website. Retailers like Tennis Warehouse are NOT allowed to sell the Wilson Ultra Pro v3...
  2. g4driver

    Wilson Grommets -- What is going on with Wilson ?

    @TW Staff any update for these grommets? a) Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 Grommets availability b) Wilson...
  3. g4driver

    Any chance TW is getting the Blade Pro Feel Dampners in? I tried the Clash dampeners in Blade 98 frames of 3.0 players who "require" matching strings and matching green overgrips, because, well they "Clashed". My humor wasn't fully understood nor appreciated. :(:(;)
  4. g4driver

    Collaborative Effort By Bob Patterson: To all the parents of beginners who think their 11 year beginner needs poly. Please stop and read this

    Collaborative Effort By Bob Patterson: When it comes to poly strings, we all need to make sure adult recreational players and juniors know the facts. I speak to many manufacturers, coaches, and racquet technicians, and the consensus is that recreational adult players and junior players are...
  5. g4driver

    Where did the thread with a new poster bragging about using Steriods to go from 3.0 to 5.0 go? was it moved to Odd/Ends?

    I needed the laugh today and that guy's thread didn't last 10 minutes but the replies were priceless.
  6. g4driver

    They're back...Wilson PS 97 2016 and most importantly grommets. And more importantly. 20 sets ordered. Maybe I need more. :unsure:
  7. g4driver

    Pure Drive 2021 Grommets

    @TW Staff any idea when you might list the 2021 grommets for the 2021 PD family? Clients going through them already and TW doesn't list them for sale yet. thanks
  8. g4driver

    Blade 98 16x19 V6 and V7 Grommets

    @TW Staff, The Wilson Blade 98 16x19 V7 Grommets are out of stock...expected in-stock June 10. Can your staff confirm if V6 Blade 98 16x19 Grommets have the same drill pattern and will work in a V7 16x19 Blade 98? I have V6 grommets but no V7 16x19 grommets hence the question.
  9. g4driver

    Whoa...Babolat Basic Logo Hat II..These are designed for people with size 8+ noggins

    @TW Staff and @Babolat Official Since there is no option to leave a customer review of these hats, here's mine. Great hat quality, but one size certainly doesn't fit most. After putting the hat on and adjusting it, I still had a full 3-inch tab flopping around on the outside of the hat...
  10. g4driver

    2019 Babolat PA+ to the 2020 Yonex EZone 98+: Power & plowthrough comparision

    Michelle, Mark, Troy, or Chris, could you comment and compare the 2019 Babolat PA+ to the 2020 Yonex EZone 98+ in terms of power? Given the same strings, same tension how much less power can one expect from the 2020 Ezone 98+ compared to a 2019 PA+? All four of you were on both playtest. I...
  11. g4driver

    Kobayashi Maru String Scenario

    The player breaks the Hyper G Mains of a Hyper G 1.30mm/1.25mm Head Hawk set up in his Ai 98 in 12 hours, he now has a serious elbow injury and wants to keep playing but you can't use "poly" or Kelvar. Can you find him a solution with these restrictions: 1) the setup lasts at least 10 hours 2)...
  12. g4driver

    How to Find Your Ape Index

    Interesting topic from the climbing community and how it relates to sports,be%20a%20%2D3%20ape%20index -3 Ape Index :( Man I should have stuck with soccer. To all of...
  13. g4driver

    Why do TT Members who have little to know interaction with other TT members send private messages asking for free packs of strings?

    Am I the only person who gets these requests? :unsure: Do they consider these things? 1) The other party had to purchase the strings. 2) Take the time and effort to mail and pay for postage to mail strings to the requester. So here's my suggestion for them: Simply send a Venmo request to...
  14. g4driver

    Did TW stop selling your 9 grams of Tungsten Tape? It was nicer than the Babolat Tape

    Can you bring it back, please? It actually sticks to a frame without using Superglue which the Babolat Tape requires.
  15. g4driver

    Isospeed Cream / Technifibre HDX Tour>= Gut / Poly [emoji848]

    1.28mm Cream 54 Lbs ($8 a pack) 1.30 mm HDX Tour 56 Lbs ($15 a pack on sale st TW) An $11.50 string set up that stands up to Natural Gut/ Poly. This is the best hybrid I have found that actually had me cut out Wilson "Made in France" Natural Gut 1.30mm/ Head Hawk 1.25mm that wasn't ready to be...
  16. g4driver

    Racquet Holder for Stringers ???

    Brittany or any of the other helpful TW reps, Any chance you sell racquet stand/holders for folks who string at home? I know Prince use to make some small holders but I can't find them anywhere. I have seen Wilson's large holders that mount on a wall, but not sure if I need something that...
  17. g4driver

    Babolat Pure Drive Solid Bumper Gaurd Grommet Set

    TW, Can you list the item number/part number so I can order the solid Pure Drive Bumper Guard Grommet Set for these Pure Drive/ Play/ Plus frames? I am looking to buy solid bumper guards in the grommet sets for the 2009/10/11 and 2012/13/14 Pure Drives. So many PD owners need new ones...
  18. g4driver

    Prince Textreme - Sony Compatible Buttcaps

    I have three Prince Warrior Textreme Warrior 100 frames. One has a busted buttcap. And no I didn't throw it. Not one of those guys. It was from a staple adding a leather grip. I've put hundreds of staples in grips. This is the first the cracked...
  19. g4driver

    Prince Textreme Warrior 100 grommets ?

    Which grommets fit the Prince Warrior 100 16x18 frame ? TW only lists the 100L grommets - Sorry, just not sure what a 100L was so I had to click and search for the 100L then compare string patterns and take a guess these would fit. The TW rep wasn't sure after I called. Seems this is harder...
  20. g4driver

    Any information on possible updates to the Wilson Steam 99S?

    Any chance of same specs with an 18x16 pattern in the Wilson Steam 99S? I asked this question to PeteFig but didn't see a reply. Thanks much
  21. g4driver

    Why can't TW US sell the same clay court Asics shoes that TWE sells?

    Just curious, since TW has the ability to get Asics to make TW exclusive colorways for TW, if TW could also get Asics to allow TW to sell clay court Gel-Resolutions and Speed Solutions in all the colorways that TW Europe sells. Well TWE can keep the Orange as their exclusive. The Blues...
  22. g4driver

    Yonex question for Brittany and Jason...reaching a plateau

    Brittany and Jason, Do you see any Yonex frames coming out or currently exist (maybe the DR 100) in either a 16x18 or 16x19 pattern that could modify to the following strung specs: 98 to 100 square inches Strung RDC 66-67-68 Wilson Pro Overgrip or Yonex Supergrap Volkl Leather Grip strung...
  23. g4driver

    How to deal with teammate who has some 4.0 strokes and a 2.0 mental game

    I've seen a lot of teammates and opponents in my day. They came in various shapes and sizes with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses, but I've never struggled more as a partner and a Captain trying to deal with a guy who could by all means be a very good 4.0, if not for his almost...
  24. g4driver

    New Tennis Ladder for Atlanta, GA Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC

    Not USTA, Not ALTA, just well run a well run ladder by a company who loves tennis. They have Single, Doubles and Mixed Doubles at six different levels: Singles 2.5 through 5.0 Combo Doubles 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 (Combined Rating) Mixed Doubles 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0...
  25. g4driver

    Heartfelt Thank You to Paul Reed and Mark Boone

    I truly appreciate the extra level of detail placed in getting all five of my Steam 99S frames basically customized. Paul is without question amazing doing what he does getting all frames matched in every aspect. Mark, can't thank you enough for your generosity. I sold the first two I bought...
  26. g4driver

    Head Hawk Touch -

    Do you have a date to sell Head Hawk Touch? And do you know if you Head might offer a playtest through TW? Head Hawk has been a great cross the Pacific Tough Gut mains, but I'm interested in trying a full bed of Hawk Touch in a Steam 99S, especially if it lasts 12 sets. Thanks for...
  27. g4driver

    Head Graphene XT Speed MP A = Head SMPA

    Yesterday I got to string up a demo of this in a 16x16 and compare it side by side to a Steam 99S 16x15. I'm going to refer to the Head XT Speed MP A as the SMPA to make this a little easier to type And yes, it looks very sweet...
  28. g4driver

    Steam 99S : setup for more control / less spin / arm friendly

    So the Steam 99S produces massive spin with it's 16x15 pattern. I am a middle of the road 4.0 looking to adjust the Steam 99S with a few string tweaks. I am a natural flat hitter who plays singles and doubles about the same, and equally well. I tend to rely on a highly dependable forehand...
  29. g4driver

    Wilson Steam 99S 18x16 with flex in the 64-66 range - Why not?

    So many frames on the market. Is there room for this one? I think so. The Steam 99S is great for a lot of players, but there are some players who feel the Steam 99S is close but just missed for them. I'm one of those guys. Two of the biggest knocks I see on the Steam 99S are: a) lacking...
  30. g4driver

    TW Comments on Prince Tour 100T ESP - since no playtest

    TW staff, Can you please post any comments on this frame since it wasn't playtest by the TW staff? I haven't read any comments from TW regarding this frame at all. Did I miss a thread on this frame? :) Any comments particularly in comparison vs the Wilson Steam 99S in terms of spin...