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    Australian Wimbledon Champions Ash Barty and Evonne Goolagong-Cawley pay tribute to each other.

    Two classy, sporting champions that are excellent ambassadors for the sport.
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    Chris Evert- Underappreciated.

    For Evert fans, and those who would like to know more about her.
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    RIP Ashley Cooper
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    Sky Sports Article: Roger Federer and Serena Williams: Does Wimbledon cancellation have knock-on effect for legends?
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    Where has my thread gone posting videos that mirrored the tour if it were still taking place?

    I can see absolutely no reason this harmless distraction to current life has been deleted? Please advise.
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    ATP/WTA Videos - following the Tour Calender. And a respite from the C-word.

    Given that so many tournaments are cancelled/postponed, I thought it might be fun to post videos/trivia from previous years from the tournament that should have been taking place. For example, right now it should be Indian Wells. So post videos/trivia for this tournament. And I'll try to...
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    Tennis.Com number one women's match of the decade Do you agree? I do. And also one of the biggest upsets EVER in tennis. There is also a link to the Top Ten matches they picked.
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    Full Match: BBC 2019 Wimbledon Ladies Singles Final

    This is the full BBC Ladies Singles Final. It includes comments from Evert, Navratilova, Austin, Shriver, Rubin. Williams coach Patrick M. Former British No.1s Annabel Croft and Sam Smith discuss the final and Jo Konta (they have very polite opposing views on Konta calling a journalist...
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    Williams/Ramos. WTA Pro Barbora Strycova gives her view

    WTA Pro Barbora Strycova gives her view. As far as I'm aware, Strycova is the first female pro to go on record as supporting Ramos and not Serena? Yes, I know, another...
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    Is it time to have separate majors for the men and women?

    With Serena Williams calls of sexism, and seemingly, some male players agreeing with her, is it time to separate the men and women completely? Adjust the calender accordingly. Been done before. Each tour could employ it's own officials: address it's own prize money: separate sponsorship/tv...
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    In Retrospect Wade wining Wimbledon. A charming article (The Times)

    4 views of the historic win. It really is quite charming. Part One Did it matter that I won with a beautiful shot? Absolutely’ Four of those involved in the historic 1977 Wimbledon women’s singles final recall their memories — fond or otherwise — to Alyson Rudd Virginia Wade — The last British...
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    @Mainad asked a general quiz question elsewhere and I thought it might be fun to ask questions not only about tennis, but any subject. Hopefully people will play along, asking and answering questions. @EloQuent @stringertom @Aussie Darcy @boredone3456 @pc1 @Pagoo @Vanhool @Mr.Lob @Gary Duane...
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    Jelena Dokic: Another sad story of abuse and stifled talent Another teen prodigy. Another abusive parent. Very sad.
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    Coaching comments videos: "who'd be a coach?"

    The commentator ends this clip by saying "who'd be a coach" :) Muguruza is NOT playing high balls today. She dismisses coaches advice. Promptly loses.
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    ATP v WTA. Discuss.

    On a current WTA thread (Beijing) I expressed my exasperation at the inconsistency of the results of the top women. A poster suggested that the men were not much better and therefore this negated my view. Fair enough. However, if this is the case, does that mean you can only criticise one gender...
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    Chris Evert: Queen of Clay An article on the RG Website that describes the accomplishments and achievements of Chris Evert. Most people that visit the 'Former Players' are probably more than aware of most of...
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    Arthur Ashe: BBC Documentary

    @-NN- posted a thread 'How Jimmy Connors got solved' which prompted me to find more out about Arthur Ashe. I had a spurious knowledge, and a personal connection - my grandparents were in the Royal Box for the 1975 Wimbledon Final. But really knew little about the man, aside from my grandparents...
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    Perceptions: How do we view former players that remains in the public eye?

    On another thread, a poster made a light-hearted comment that when discussing former greats that Willander gets overlooked because he was such a terrible commentator :) I found this interesting. How do we perceive former greats that remain in the public eye, through commentating or other...
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    2016: WTA Review of the Year

    For those of us interested, please post any thing that you enjoyed (or irked you) over the course of 2016. A few of us have posted generally on the WTA Finals thread, so I thought you might want to copy across to here. I'll get the ball rolling with...
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    Must see video. The Australian Postal Service honours 11 of their own.

    This video is absolutely charming. A different time, a different age. But each and every one of them, a timeless Champion. Evonne Goolagong-Cawley "I wasn't a bad player" :)
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    2017: Whom do you think will retire from the game during 2017?

    I read an interesting post today on the WTA Prediction for Majors in 2017, and the poster thought that both Ivanovic and Jancovic would retire next year. So, I was wondering if any one else had thoughts on whom they thought might hang up their racquets? For me, possibly Federer, Karlovic...
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    2017 WTA. Major Predictions: Who will win?

    Threads on predictions tend to favour the ATP , so although I realise the women's tour gets less interest generally on TTW, I thought it might be fun to take a shot at predicting winners for all 4 majors. AO- Kerber (or Serena) RG - Halep (or Puig?) Wimbledon - Serena US - Konta
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    Brit Watch

    I'm not sure if there is a similar thread? If not, it may be of interest to highlight some of the better results of British players we rarely discuss under the umbrella of this thread. For example, 16 year old Katie Swan beat 16th seed Lauren Davis in the qualifying at Miami today, joining...
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    The recent thread on Serena winning SI Sportsperson on the Year prompted some debate as to how the magazine favours it's own countrymen. Personally I have no beef with that - most awards tend to be biased. Therefore, I wondered how many people know previous winners of the BBC Sports Personality...
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    Does any one know how I can edit a thread title?

    I've created a thread and foolishly didn't realise that one word had been auto-corrected by predictive text. I can't find an edit title function. I've asked the mods to correct it but realise there are few around over the weekend. Any help would be gratefully received. Best.
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    Jimmy Evert has sadly passed.

    Jimmy Evert died today.
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    Wta Sdl: Miami

    Welcome to the third event of the 2015 WTA Sudden Death League season: Miami Rules of the game: 1. Every day of the tournament that day's OoP will be posted. You pick one player who you think is going to win. It's a knock out-system: if the player you picked wins, you're through to the next...
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    WTA Sudden Death League: Indian Wells

    Is any one organising this? Is there any interest?
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    Sharapova: crowd favourite?

    Watching sharapova's matches in Paris, and her Wimbledon match today. I was struck by how the spectators seemed, not disinterested, but not really warming to her. I appreciate the crowd generally root for the under-dog, and also if a person dominates for years at a time (Navratilova springs to...