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  1. SinneGOAT

    Poly Tour Rev vs. Hyper G Soft vs. Tour Bite

    Hi Tennis Warehouse, I wanted to ask a question about these strings. I was going to try each of these strings, and was hoping somebody who has tried each of these strings and is familiar with them to compare how they perform. I was also thinking of giving hyper g and tour bite soft a look. I’m...
  2. SinneGOAT

    Thoughts/help on these shaped strings?

    Hi guys, I plan on trying some shaped strings to get control and add spin to my game. I plan on trying: Tour Bite+ Tour bite Soft Hyper G + Hyper G Soft Poly Tour Rev I was going to use each at 52 pounds in my microgel extreme MP. I have heard interesting things about TB Soft, such as it being...
  3. SinneGOAT

    Will Youtek IG Extreme S 2.0 grommets fit the MP?

    Noticed the Mp grommets for the YT IG extreme 2.0 are gone. Will the S fit? They both have the one main skip.
  4. SinneGOAT

    Should I give full bed Synthetic Gut a try?

    So I have tried various multi/poly or gut/poly hybrids. While I enjoy them, sometimes I want to try a full bed of synthetic gut or multi or gut. I am an all court player but I definitely prefer to hit a big ball and move in quickly to finish a point. Would a full bed of synthetic gut accentuate...
  5. SinneGOAT

    Federer racquet stiffness

    I found this video from Wimbledon around 2012-2013. I think this should clear up Federer’s racquet stiffness.
  6. SinneGOAT

    Good tension for syn gut/poly hybrid?

    I plan on trying a syn gut/max power hybrid. I use a head extreme mp. I really enjoyed gut/max power, but want something comparable for less. What tension in the mains would you recommend for the syn guts that I have chosen: Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 Gamma Syn Gut 16 Gamma wearguard syn gut 16...
  7. SinneGOAT

    Best year for tennis in the 2000’s?

    the 2000’s is perhaps my favorite decade of tennis to watch. It was awesome to watch Federer dominate and then Rafa comes to oppose him. However, which year in the 2000’s had the best tennis? Highlights are welcome :)
  8. SinneGOAT

    Microgel extreme pallet shape?

    Hi guys, was just curious what pallet shape does the re-issued head microgel extreme mp have? And also does anyone know where I can buy some L3 tk82s :) thank you!
  9. SinneGOAT

    Has a player ever been beaten so bad you felt sorry?

    I’ve been thinking about matches where a player is absolutely demolished that you feel bad for them? Like where they just try their absolute best and they still can’t break past the opponent? One of the times where I actually felt sorry was James Blake in the 2006 ATP Finals vs. Federer. I mean...
  10. SinneGOAT

    What match has Federer been most comfortable with the 97?

    What match comes to mind where Federer has seemed the most comfortable and aggressive with the 97? I’d say either AO2018 or Indian Wells/Miami 2017.
  11. SinneGOAT

    Where did Karatsev go?

    Karatsev seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth after the French. What happened?
  12. SinneGOAT

    How the Bronx saved itself during a pandemic

    Just saw this documentary put out a few hours ago on how people in the Bronx fought Covid. Absolutely heartwarming to see people helping other people.
  13. SinneGOAT

    The wait for 21……..

    Now that the slams are all counted for, we sit at 20/20/20. This next Australian Open, depending on whether the Big 3 play, will have a good chance at being the 21st for one of them. Enjoy some highlights of the Big 3 winning their slams.
  14. SinneGOAT

    The increase is here…….

    Today is the day. Wilson has raised the prices on all of their products today. $10 more for the blade, an extra $50 dollars for a pro staff, $20 more for the clash, extra $20 I think for the ultra and the burn stays the same. Imagine paying $280 dollars for this crummy pro staff. Absolutely awful.
  15. SinneGOAT

    Beat strings for extreme mp?

    So I usually play gut/poly, but I just tried the 360+ extreme mp with Alu power at 47/45 lbs. and it was really good. However after 1 1/2 hours, it started moving a lot. What strings and tension do you guys think complement this racquet? I will try it with gut/poly if I do make the switch.
  16. SinneGOAT

    Extreme MP versus Clash 100

    Paging all the people who have tried both, how do they compare? I’m looking for spin, easier maneuverability, more power and feel. I’m really narrowing it down to these two, the vcore 100, and the pure aero. What are people’s thoughts on these racquets and if they’ve tried both, how do they compare?
  17. SinneGOAT

    Why ban Polyester?

    With the other thread going on discussing using bigger balls and people saying speed up courts to promote more net play and approaches, I’ve heard many times people arguing to ban polyester strings. My question is why? They are very low powered strings, not great for putting away volleys and...
  18. SinneGOAT

    Federer’s single greatest outfit from the 2000’s?

    What was Federer’s single best outfit from the 2000’s? I think his best was the 2006 Australian Open. The lines and the green+white were very classy and clean. His 2005-2007 outfits were the greatest.
  19. SinneGOAT

    Happy Birthday Roger!

    Happy Birthday to one of the greatest players of all time! Enjoy some of his greatest moments!
  20. SinneGOAT

    Experience the Magic Once Mote

    Experience one of the best US Opens of the 2010’s. Nadal was on fire and he would not be contained! Magical from Nadal.
  21. SinneGOAT

    Best Non-Swirly Pure Drive Paintjob

    What’s the best looking pure drive that isn’t the swirly? If we included the swirly it’s obvious it would be the best or the most popular, so I’m taking it away. What’s your favorite pure drive paintjob? The one that has grown on me the most is the 2015. I love the two blues along with the large...
  22. SinneGOAT

    Playtesters of Vcore 100 and 100+

    Hi Tennis Warehouse, I had a question for playtesters who tried both the vcore 100 and 100+. If they had trouble with the maneuverability with the 100+, do they think it would be an easy enough transition to the 100 they wouldn’t need to demo the 100? Or does the racquet change enough going from...
  23. SinneGOAT

    Vcore 100 vs. 100+

    Hi everyone, I’m going to try the vcore 100+. I’m slightly worried about maneuverability as this is the big thing I want out of my racquet. If I like the vcore 100+ but I don’t like the maneuverability, can I skip the demo for the 100 and just buy it? Will it feel the same and be the same just...
  24. SinneGOAT

    Vcore 100+

    Has anybody hit with this? How does it play compared to the pure aero plus? How does it compare to the standard ezone 100? What are some good string setups? Full bed PTP?
  25. SinneGOAT

    What tension for hybrid in pure drive?

    Hi everyone, I plan on putting in a hybrid of gut 16 or triax 16 mains and Alu power 1.25 crosses in my pure drive tour. What tension should I do to keep comfort good but good control? I was thinking 57/53 with the gut or 55/51 with the Triax. Would this be too stiff? Would Triax be low powered...
  26. SinneGOAT

    How do I motivate myself?

    When I play tournaments, I lose my first round 9/10 times. When I lose a first set or start feeling the match go away, I start just playing subconsciously and passively. Also I just feel a lack of motivation sometimes knowing I’ll be there all day. Do I need to just constantly pump myself up...
  27. SinneGOAT

    Best racquets for attacking tennis?

    I play a style of attacking the net quite often and I rely on maneuverability, good feel and good put away power. I currently use the blade but it does suffer a little in the maneuverability category. I enjoyed the latest pro staff 97 but it’s power was only slightly higher than the blade. I...
  28. SinneGOAT

    Open pattern player frames

    I use a blade and I’m quite happy with it. I use the 16/19 version and I find it to be ok. However the pattern is pretty dense and I find it hard to get the extra bit of net clearance and spin I would with something more open. What are some open pattern player frames? Something like the pro...
  29. SinneGOAT

    Should we be worried about safety on grass?

    Today was sad to watch. The slipperiness of grass was horrendous, and the retirement of Serena is terrible. Why should we accept conditions like this? Ankle twists, damp courts, low traction. Will this be a sign for Wimbledon to try and improve the safety on grass?
  30. SinneGOAT

    Goodbye Sinner

    It makes sense Sinner is out first round. Tough opponent, new to grass, different conditions and a rain delay. While I wasn’t expecting it for the most part, I hope Sinner can rebound and start to clench more titles. I give it another year or 2 before he really becomes scary.