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  1. sbengte

    Umpires can never give Isner a code violation ever again.....

    Congrats to the big guy :D
  2. sbengte

    The Countdown to Nadal's Double Career Slam

    In just over two weeks from now , Nadal will be the first player in world history to have a double career grandslam. - Djoko unfit - check - Wawa unfit - check - Murray out - check - Federer old - check - GenNext sucks - check - Delpo, Goffin in Federer's half - check - Cake draw - check...
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    Rafa to go sleeveless and Federer to go slamless in 2018

    You heard it here first. Discuss.
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    Is luck of the draw too big a factor in slams ? Suggest a better process

    So there is a system in place which is designed to pick the best player of the 128 in a draw. When there is one player playing head and shoulders above the rest (like Djoko 2011 AO or Nadal 2008 RG), the draw doesn't really matter as far as determining the winner is concerned. He would be able...
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    Congrats, Djokovic

    Congrats on the birth of your daughter Tara, Djokovic and Jelena.
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    Cincinnati - the UNREAL slam

    The field this year does not feature 7 of the top 10 players. Unlike the last gazillion "Slams". I contend that whoever wins here is the real vulture and the LOAT. (Luckiest Of all time) I have a feeling it will be the guy with the ugliest strokes.
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    Fed fans : Are you warming up to Nadal ?

    Question for those Fed fans who harbored a strong dislike for Nadal : With the recent turn of events, are you starting to warm up to Nadal and have you developed more respect for him ? For one, he has taken his beatings from Fed like a man : no momentum breaking MTOs, no post loss injury...
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    Fun Big 4 tribute video by inhouse poster

    Found this cool video made by @DreddyTennis45 and wanted some more people to enjoy it, hence taking the liberty of posting it. Hope he doesn't mind.
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    What happened to Wawrinka ?

    This thread has travelled back in time from Monday, 12Sep. While I understand that going by history, he was supposed to win Wimby this year (after AO,RG in the last two years), he could have made up for it by winning the USO final which would make him a HOF candidate. Was he too gassed coming...
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    The countdown to Andy Murray's ascension to #1

    I believe the next one year window is Andy's best chance to finally get to the #1 spot. He is perhaps the most successful player to have never got to #1 at the moment and with Fedal now out of the #1 race and Djoko showing signs of vulnerability, Andy needs to focus his energy on maintaining the...
  11. sbengte

    Federer's lack of stamina cost him a few slams?

    From the beginning of 2009, Federer has more often than not been collapsing in the fifth set of slams in what appears to be a clear lack of stamina while playing against opponents who can outgrind him. Think AO'09 and USO '09 where he lost the fifth set 6-2 which set the tone for several future...
  12. sbengte

    The Nadal comeback : 2010, 2013,2016

    We are in the middle of yet another Nadal comeback and it has to be noted that the similarities between these comebacks are quite striking except that this one took a while longer than expected (but was never in doubt). All this while when some of us said it is only confidence that Nadal lacks...
  13. sbengte

    Which year was more enjoyable, 2011 or 2015 ?

    Personally I prefer 2011 and I still believe Djoker 2.0 in 2011 between AO and Wimbledon was something else, even if he couldn't sustain that level all year long and didn't win as much as in 2015. What made 2011 a better year was that there were two men who were going at each other in almost...
  14. sbengte

    Which of these is most likely to happen at RG 2015 ?

    So the draw is now out and we have more concrete information to make predictions with (for eg : We now know that there will be no Djokodal final). Which of the scenarios is most likely to happen at RG ? 1. Nadal wins RG : If Nadal gets past Djoko, he will win the whole thing. He is...
  15. sbengte

    Question on Stan-Mirka spat

    Sorry about making a whole new thread on this but no one answered this question when I tried asking it on the other threads on this topic. Assuming Mirka was heckling Stan ,with or without the intent of trying to disrupt his concentration while he was serving/receiving , what I don't get is why...
  16. sbengte

    2014 Fall season predictions

    Post your predictions for the 2014 fall season here. We will revisit in a couple of months. Here are mine: SUI will win the Davis Cup (France is the favorite, still going with this bold prediction) Nadal will win WTF (He has always gone on a rampage after returning from an injury...
  17. sbengte

    Edberg/Becker/Ivanesevic/Chang - Who has your vote for USO'14 ?

    So here's the semifinal line up at the USO. Becker vs Chang and Edberg vs Ivanisevic (For those living under a rock, these are the coaches of Djok,Nishi,Fed,Cilic) If you forget the players they coach for a moment, what final and winner do you want to see ? My preference is for...
  18. sbengte

    Will there be a new champion at the USO 2014 ?

    4 of the last 5 years, there has been a new champion at the USO (2009-2012 Delpo, Nadal, Djoko, Murray) with last year being an exception. A lot of people are betting on Federer but I think people are overly optimistic based on his Cincy win. A best of 5 is not the same as best of 3 and I...
  19. sbengte

    All top players apart from Nadal ill/injured for Wimbledon !!

    #2 Djokovic injured #3 Wawrinka ill, doubtful for Wimbledon #4 Federer : Over the hill, not a contender any more at 33. May make the semi , but unlikely to win. #5 and defending champion Murray still a shadow of his pre-surgery former self. The way he played in the RG semi makes me suspect if...
  20. sbengte

    Roland Garros 2014 Draw : Analyses & Predictions

    This year, the draw will play a very big role in who goes all the way at Roland Garros since the rankings have changed quite a bit from the usual as compared to previous years. So thought of starting a thread to analyse the potential draw for top players at RG. Nadal and Djokovic will be the...
  21. sbengte

    Djoko - Nadal won't meet at RG 2014

    With the clay season nearing it's grand finale, I see a lot of premature talk about yet another Djokovic-Nadal showdown at RG this year. Given their ranking at this point of time, they can only play each other if both make it to the finals and it is in no way a given. Nole is prone to upsets...
  22. sbengte

    Australia day jinx for Nadal ?

    AO 2010 , Jan 26th : Outplayed by Murray in the QF, retires AO 2011, Jan 26th : Going for the Rafa Slam, loses to Ferrer in the QF after being injured mid match AO 2014, Jan 26th : Going for the double career slam, loses to Stan in the final. He has also won matches on Jan 26th at...
  23. sbengte

    Warriorinka !!!!!!!!!!

    What an achievement ! Taking his first 3 sets off a 13 time slam champion who is as tough as they come in his maiden final. Unbelievable. Couldn't believe my eyes when I checked the score and I thought I had read it wrong. Congratulations !
  24. sbengte

    Can Fedrinka take down Nadal ?

    The most likely outcome for the remaining two matches is that Nadal is going to abuse two 1HBHs on his way to the title dropping 1 set at the most. Stan being a first time slam finalist with 0 sets won against Nadal so far has about .01% chances of beating him in the final. The physical and...
  25. sbengte

    Watch Nadal's "tough" draw evaporate in the Melbourne heat

    All I have been reading ever since the draw came out is how Nadal has got a 'tough' draw but does anyone seriously think that Nadal won't make it to the finals ? Don't get me started about Monfils and Nishikori, they are not going to touch Nadal at a slam. So also old man Hewitt, that ship...
  26. sbengte

    Murdl, Fedberg , Djocker, Wawman : Who will have the most success ?

    We now have a bunch of partnerships with players from the 80's and 90's pairing up with current top players. Of these, the Murray - Lendl pair had WIN written all over it even as they announced their partnership and has already proved quite successful in giving the slamless Murray two slams...
  27. sbengte

    Nadal will defend a HC title in 2014

    Since Nadal has won a bunch of HC titles this year, he is bound to defend at least one of them ending the talk of Nadal not defending a single title off clay. Making this thread so I can bump it when it happens....and folks can start preparing to deal with it :D
  28. sbengte

    Nadal says he is still in pain, knee not 100%

    He reveals some facts like his PRP treatment in 2009, which even his die hard fans seemingly don't know about. Miracle Recovery ? I'm still in pain, says Nadal My knee still not 100%, says Rafael Nadal Nadal said his team had tried several treatments, but nothing worked fully. "My...
  29. sbengte

    Who will Nadal beat in the USO '13 finals ?

    As I have said elsewhere, the winner of this USO is decided even before a single ball is struck. This feels exactly like RG '13 and the only question that still remains open is who will collect the RU plate. With Djoker-Murray-Delpo-Berd all together in the doomed half of death, only one of...
  30. sbengte

    How many games will Fed take from Nadal in the Cincy QF ?

    No one else made this *important* poll, so here it is.