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  1. cknobman

    First UTR tournament this past weekend

    Played my first UTR tournament this past weekend and fount it quite intriguing. Right now UTR has me at around a 6.4. Since USTA tournaments in my area keep getting smaller and smaller I decided to give this a shot. This particular tournament was run as follows: Saturday: singles only -...
  2. cknobman

    Zverev on Murray and Federer

    During the post match presser Mischa Zverev was asked about his performance and the match against Roger Federer. This is part of what he had to say: Interesting to hear that. Dig at Murray or compliment to Roger?
  3. cknobman

    String savers, yeah they work but not for me

    So I've completed my first experience with the use of string savers. I purchased as set of Babolat ElastoCross 2 String Saver Locks from TW. My string setup is a hybrid: Mains: Wilson NXT 16 @60lbs Crosses: ISOSpeed Baseline control 16 @55lbs I've been playing with this setup for quite a while...
  4. cknobman

    Dilemma - Babolat Pure Aero or Dunlop Precision 100 Tour

    I'm really having a hard time here because I need to make a racquet purchase soon. I've been playing with the Babolat Pure Aero for most of this year and have been loving it. I have an original paint scheme and a stars and stripes paint scheme. I recently tried to get in on the Dunlop racquet...
  5. cknobman

    Halep, Radwanska, Murray, and Tomic at Cincy Quarterfinals

    So my friend and I were two of the lucky people picked for the coin toss at Cincy this past weekend. We did the night quarterfinal match between Halep and Radwanska. Among the swag they gave us we were also allowed to sit on court (literally on the freaking court)!!! It was where the...
  6. cknobman

    USTA Tournament Compass draw format, BEST IDEA EVER!!!

    So this past weekend I played my first USTA tournament using the compass draw format. This was a major zone tournament worth 400 points which required travel and it was a doubles only tournament. I had never heard of this tournament format before and I usually never am willing to travel out of...
  7. cknobman

    Would prime Federer have lost to Wawrinka at the French Open final in 2015?

    In 2015 Wawrink beat peak Djokovic to win the French Open title for the first time. Peak Federer would not have lost.
  8. cknobman

    Tournament Canceled on Sunday, what happens?

    This weekend I played a local tournament that was canceled on Sunday. It had rained Saturday overnight and early Sunday morning and at noon they canceled the tournament. What is sad is by 11:30 sun had come out and courts were almost dry. By 12:30 it was sunny and in the 60s!!!! I feel it...
  9. cknobman

    Bodo "Nick Kyrgios reveals ugly truth about himself"

    So it was only a matter of time but here is Bodo weighing in on the subject
  10. cknobman

    What do you drink while stringing?

    Just wanted to start a fun thread for once. First I am a recreational player so I don't string for a living, just for myself. I don't string for time records but rather at a slow steady pace while watching TV. I have found that I enjoy stringing much more if I have a beer while doing so...
  11. cknobman

    Mid Season Bump, you get one?

    USTA Texas just published their mid season ratings as they do every July 15. For the second year I have been given the mid season 4.5 bump up from 4.0 Anyone else get a bump up (or down)?
  12. cknobman

    Racquet Bracket?

    Is there no Wimbledon racquet bracket? If not, is Tennis Warehouse not doing these at all anymore?
  13. cknobman

    FieldTurf - a grass alternative, why not?

    So many of us agree that the grass season is too short and the ATP should look into possibly extending it. But most of us also know that it is not cheap or easy to maintain grass courts. Grass courts are dependent on the seasons, take lots of time and lots of money to keep in optimal shape...
  14. cknobman

    Riveting tennis took place Sunday

    The Frech Open final this Sunday was the most exciting tennis match I have seen since the infamous Nadal/Federer Wimbledon finals. It seems that IMO the past several years we have had some real stinkers when it comes to Grand Slam finals. Some just outright uncompetitve beatdowns. Some...
  15. cknobman

    No Racquet bracket?

    I've looked everywhere but cannot find anything. Only 8 hours left!
  16. cknobman

    2014 Early league season ratings

    Do all sections do this? Texas does and just published theirs. If your section does, did you get bumped?
  17. cknobman

    No draw challenge this season!!!

    Anyone else besides me get this email: This really stinks.
  18. cknobman

    Austrialian Open Final 4th set clip

    View: Take a look at this rally in the fourth set of the Australian open final 2014 between Rafael Nadal and Stan Wawrinka. Rafa had hurt his back in the second set. Here is a clip of the fourth set. The movements he is making is not indicative of a serious back...
  19. cknobman

    Great Sports Illustrated Article on the AO Final

    Gotta appreciate and give credit to SI and John Wertheim on this outstanding article giving credit where credit is due and not falling into the same dog and pony show every other media outlet has. Wawrinka outplays Nadal in strange, awkward Australian Open final Read More...
  20. cknobman

    Stuttgart To Make Switch To Grass Courts In 2015

    Some of the best news I have heard in a long time right here:
  21. cknobman

    TW why no Dunlop 2.0 series reviews?

    These racquets have been up on the website for order a couple of weeks now and I have been waiting on some reviews. TW can you provide a time-frame for when you might get the reviews done?
  22. cknobman

    New Dunlop F2 series about to come out

    TW quietly lowered the price of all the Dunlop Bio 200 series racquets to $129 today. (except for the max200g) Only time this happens is when the new ones are about to come out.
  23. cknobman

    Bent Drop Weight Bar

    So the other day I was stringing with my Klippermate when I was pulling a cross string that slipped causing the drop weight bar to slam down on the frame of my stringer stand. The force of the impact slightly bent my drop weight bar (I would say 3-4 degrees). I was about 3/4 done stringing...
  24. cknobman

    Weve made fun of Nalbandian but Malisse?

    Many of us on the boards here have given David Nalbandian a hard time for putting on an extra few pounds in his career, heck some of us have even called him fat. I was truly surprised yesterday to see Malisee. He looked fat out there with his belly making his shirt poke out. Heck my wife does...
  25. cknobman

    USTA Mobile Access Website

    I have just published an early version (beta) of a mobile website which the intent of is to try and make the USTA Tennislink site a bit more usable on mobile devices (outside of iPhone since they get an official app). The url is: (when viewing in full...
  26. cknobman

    How can you consider him great?

    After this Q&A in Rome with Rafa how can you really consider him "great" and an all court player??? Q: Given that the conditions were so different last week, was it that Federer was able to adapt better that a lot of players and does this show how the conditions can affect a tournament...
  27. cknobman

    Prince Pro found in trash!!!!!!

    I found this beauty thrown in the trash at my local tennis court!!! It is in excellent shape with only a broken main string. Looks like it has only been strung once from the condition of the grommets. If any of you have any history with this frame let me know your thoughts and opinions. I...
  28. cknobman

    First time reel buyer, need help.

    For Xmas I received my first ever tennis stringing machine. Im loving stringing my own racquets and am now ready to move away from single packs of string and get better value from reels. For the last 3 years I have been playing with Wilson Sensation Duo single packs which come with: Poly...
  29. cknobman

    Congratulations Jack Sock and Melanie Oudin USO 2011 Mixed Doubles Champions!!!!

    I just wanted to devaite from all the threads going on lately between the Serena, Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal discussions and throw out a heartfelt congratulations to both of these young Americans for winning the 2011 US Open Mixed doubles title!!!!!!!!! I watched the match and it was very fun...
  30. cknobman

    Official USA vs. Spain Davis Cup Thread

    Just thought I would start a thread for us to discuss the upcoming Davis Cup tie of US vs. Spain to be held July 8-10 in Austin, Texas. I was one of the lucky USTA members to get in on the pre-sale today before it sold out. Phone lines were jam packed and I could not get through but I was...