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  1. Tennis Fan

    Question About the Male Players...Anyone Know??

    I know others out there must notice this, but why do many male players touch their penis, pull at their crotch, etc. in between points? Federer is one example of a man who DOESN'T do it, so it's not like all men just have to do it & that's that, end of story. He's a first class act all the way...
  2. Tennis Fan

    Employer & Unemployment Question

    SITUATION: I've been getting unemployment since I became unemployed & continued to fill out continued claim forms when I got my part-time job. My employer just left a message for me saying she got my notice for unemployment & she wants me to call her back to talk about it. I can't tell if she's...
  3. Tennis Fan

    Finding a Howard Stern Show Video?

    Does anyone know a site that shows the VIDEO of a January 11th, 2011interview? (He interviewd Johnny Weir that day.) I can only find audios, but there's got to be videos somewhere online right? There's videos of everything else. Please post the link(s). Thanks a lot!
  4. Tennis Fan

    Fabulous Serena!

    She played tremendously! Her serve is wicked. Zvonereva couldn't keep up. Congrats to her! She gave great acknowledgment to Vera & the crowd.
  5. Tennis Fan

    Serena's Sellling Out w/ Her Merchandise!

    Seren'a cleaning up & I mean CLEANING UP on her merchandise that she's selling on this major home shopping channel. She has (non-athletic) clothing, jewelry, handbags, scarves, skincare, & even shoes. She went to fashion design school you know. People just love her & are BUYING, BUYING...
  6. Tennis Fan

    Ladies' Doubles USO Champs - Before, Durng & After Talk

    Let's discuss what's discussed before, during, & after the ladies' USO doubles champs. So Serena said a nice, sincere apology that she posted on her website & was read on ESPN2 before this match is about to start. I'm glad she did it! Well, NO one booed when the sisters came out. I was...