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  1. galahad


    I'm looking to purchase a dozen jump ropes for a tennis team I coach. I don't want some cheap items, that will fall apart. I'm looking to have these for a while/ Any recommendations???
  2. galahad

    Most Amazing Tournament to attend??

    I'm looking for just unbelievable challenger or pro tournament far my own best experience is at the Clay court tournament held in the absurdly picturesque Kitzbuhel Austria...Lots of good talent, lovely small town, inexpensive....great bucket list tournament.. You??
  3. galahad

    TW tournament??

    In the past, TW players held an annual tournament, often posting videos of the matches, or seems this hasn't happened in a while. Did I miss it? is it posted in some other location?
  4. galahad

    "Launch Angle".??? can someone interpret this??

    Dear TW family I've heard low and high launch angle bandied about when play testers and fans discuss the difference between density of string patterns. Forgive my ignorance, but it seems to me that the angle with which the ball leaves the racquet is purely dependent on the angle of the face of...
  5. galahad

    Now that the Barricade is gone..:(...

    What is the best supportive shoe on the market. I'm using the Gel Resolution, and the outsole could be more durable, and the midsole could be more supportive..thoughts? I'm not looking for a "speed shoe"
  6. galahad

    Asics clay shoe: Gel Resolution 6 or Solution speed 3

    Please discuss, include sizing, comfort, stability, and support.Many thanks
  7. galahad

    Cold weather options for your legs?

    Getting ready for another season of outdoor night tennis in the 0-20(celsius) range. Any recommendations for leg wear would be appreciated. Compression stuff just ins't warm enough. Most of the warm up suits are too floppy. Advice???
  8. galahad

    lightweight, clay court shoes..??

    Any thoughts on the current batch of sneakers, weighing in at under 14. 5 oz with a herringbone tread? medium width would be fine
  9. galahad

    Yonex stick?

    The last racket I really liked was the rd-7 I now use the rq-is1 tour. Thoughts on: rdis 100 midplus rdis 200 midplus rq-is xl tour help? Too many choices?
  10. galahad

    Laver, Still Goat

    The best player is obviously the #1 of the present. Even Justin Gimelstob could beat Bill Tilden, so there is no point in discussing pure talent. The competition will always produce better players, so it makes sense that borg is eclipsed by Mac, by Lendl, by Becker, by Sampras, by Fed. If you...
  11. galahad

    Federer 9 Away From Record!

    Congrats to Federer as he inches closer to Margaret Court's record of 24 grand slam singles titles. I can't imagine he'll make it
  12. galahad

    Best $600 machine???????

    Any thoughts??? The gamma progression??(which model)...the Alpha Revo??? I'm stuck.. Right now I use a klippermate - it has a 2 point mount, and two clamps which are essentially pliers... I'm due for an upgrade. String about 4 raquets a month, but soon my kids will be playing(I'll see to...
  13. galahad

    can grips be reduced?

    I have a Yonex rdx 500,and was essentially given a 4 5/8, but would prefer a 4 1/2. Do I have any recourse??
  14. galahad

    zylon??? gone goodbye?

    so, last year I thought I'd step out into the super highway of tennis tech and put aside my old RD-7, that I'd been using for about 5 years. I tested the Fisher pro-1, head (new orange radical), a volkl....and the babolat control zylon which won out. The head was ok, but frankly the grip is too...
  15. galahad

    open string pattern racquets??

    So it would appear that open string patterns, i.e. fewer mains and crosses, add spin to your game. If that is so: 1. Which racquets currently utilize this feature 2. Why don't all pro's use them, if its such a great thing. Because even if you said, Roddick needs power, he could use a "spin"...
  16. galahad

    best shoes?

    So, if we want shoes for a neutral surface, which company makes the best?
  17. galahad

    better than Babolat Pure Control Zylon???

    So I switched from my trusty Yonex RD-7 to a slighty lighter PC zylon. But I think I 've lost some zip AND some control. Hard to believe. Maybe its that I've gone from playing 2-3 times per week, to once every 3 weeks. Does anyone have any ideas? Still needs to be an arm friendly frame, I've...
  18. galahad


    i know these spacers are intended to extend the life span of strings by keeping them from moving around, but does anyone think they have other effects on play????? If used, I generally get more life out of 17 gauge string...
  19. galahad


    This could have been Cap's year, if she had a brain. Why was she hitting everything up the middle. Is that some new "anti-agassi" strategy. Why did she return straight back to Dementieva? Where was her plan B? She should retire. I'm sick of watching her trying to hit winners up the...
  20. galahad

    Martinas new Bancroft racquet???

    Did anyone see Martina N.'s blue raquet yesterday? It had a stenciled B on it. Should we take that to mean Bancroft is still in the tennis biz?? what the heck is that thing? nice color blue though
  21. galahad

    ball machine wanted

    anyone out there have a used portable machine to sell. If not, any recommendations for me???
  22. galahad

    home page pic of sharapova

    is it me, or is that pic of Maria on the TW Nike, portray poor form? I'm referring to her tennis form here people!!! Isn't her left shoulder pulled out too quickly? If you know her coach, get her to fix that!