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  1. 14OuncesStrung

    Paire should be sanctionned...

    No. We will not stop until this French clown with the 19th century beard and moustache are gone from professional tennis.
  2. 14OuncesStrung

    Grass is a's 2021....Change the surface to hard, and relocate Wimbledon while you're at it

    You've clearly never watched tennis being played on grass before. Enjoy The Championships.....
  3. 14OuncesStrung

    I think Federer’s decision to withdraw was...

    If Roger thinks this is ok, then it's time to retire.
  4. 14OuncesStrung

    please tell me , how the hell robin soderling beat nadal in 2009 RG R16 ?

    Nadal's knees were screwed from winning AO. And at the time his parents were going through a messy divorce. So that affected him a lot.
  5. 14OuncesStrung

    How to curb that enthusiasm and build the point

    Hit a drop shot. Work on developing more variety in your game. More variety, more options. Counterpunchers thrive on you being predictable and following patterns of play. You want to avoid that.
  6. 14OuncesStrung

    Sadly, it's inevetiable that Wimbledon will soon be played in BO3 on Hard Court in free-color choice

    Who the hell are you? The village idiot? Are you trying to annoy everyone? It's about time they played on Middle Sunday. Nothing else about Wimbledon will change.
  7. 14OuncesStrung

    Djokovic last one standing...

    I'm a big fan of Tsitsipas. I will not mourn the retirement of the "big 3". We have many exciting players coming up. I don't really expect Roger to play for another year or 2, and honestly I don't care. If he's too much of a baby to travel solo to compete for the AO title and if I have no idea...
  8. 14OuncesStrung

    Which player would win a woody tournament?

    Would you people quit it with these ******** threads? I know COVID is tough... How about you read a book?
  9. 14OuncesStrung

    Fognini was defaulted yesterday. Was it a correct decision?

    Why can't the linespeople get defaulted? They did the mistake... Why should the players always suffer a penalty when they get mad at what could be a crucial mistake on a set/break point? This culture has to stop.
  10. 14OuncesStrung

    Which player would win a woody tournament?

    In my opinion.... NOBODY!!!!!
  11. 14OuncesStrung

    How many of us use an insert?

    It's either a thicker foam and/or gel.
  12. 14OuncesStrung

    How many of us use an insert?

    I wear aftermarket insoles on all my shoes. Orthotics are too hard.
  13. 14OuncesStrung

    Dominic Thiem claims he "fell into a hole"

    Listen to some relaxing music. Eat a big juicy t bone steak with some roasted potatoes and a green salad. Have a decent beer with it. Afterwards, drink some nice tea (with honey, not sugar.) And take a deep breath. Talk to someone about how you're feeling. I hope you have a pet in your life. And...
  14. 14OuncesStrung

    Pickle ballers self rate

    This is the tennis section. Leave.
  15. 14OuncesStrung

    Dominic Thiem claims he "fell into a hole"

    You realise you're complaining about the life of a well off tennis player, on a tennis forum? You realise how futile that is? You don't even know how hard it is to get to the top of the game, let alone break the top 100. It's not like Dominic was some 20-22 yr old wonderkid who set the world on...
  16. 14OuncesStrung

    Nadal: Novak is more obsessed with records... I have a healthy ambition...

    If Novak wants to go after a record, here's one for you... The only player to win a grand slam after switching to a single handed backhand after being successful with a 2 hander. LOL
  17. 14OuncesStrung

    When racket modding goes wrong.

    But WHY!?!??!? ergh
  18. 14OuncesStrung

    When racket modding goes wrong.

    I don't have the whole story. What string are you using and at what tension?
  19. 14OuncesStrung

    Will Rafa regain No 2 ranking before Rg?

    I don't think so. This year will be the downfall of Rafa.
  20. 14OuncesStrung

    What’s the worst racket to ever win a grand slam final?

    PS 85. :p How anyone played well with that undersized stiff paddle of a racquet is beyond me. PS 90/95 is where it's at.
  21. 14OuncesStrung

    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Bring back the Pure Control/Pure Storm!!!!
  22. 14OuncesStrung

    Is there any plans of carrying Bidi Badu tennis clothing products here in USA TW or TW europe ?

    I don't know about you but I think "Bidi Badu" is a pretty mentally irregular name for a sportswear label. Sounds like to me more a name for a company making baby's clothing.
  23. 14OuncesStrung

    Is anyone else sick of...

    I don't care. I'm not buying Lacoste ever. It's overpriced yuppie gear for rich schmucks.
  24. 14OuncesStrung

    Shoes problems from sliding on hard court

    Roger Federer when he at his fastest in his prime, never slid on a hard court. Not everyone's ankles are up to that force. I still stand by my philosophy, sliding on a hardcourt is just a fad. It encourages you to get off balance. It doesn't help you recover from a defensive position for the...
  25. 14OuncesStrung

    Blu Tack is magic

    Any racquet under 340-350grams unstrung ain't good for my joints.
  26. 14OuncesStrung

    Toni Nadal hired as the coach of Felix Auger Aliassime

    If you're not going to tell us why you dislike him, then you're not really inviting any worthwhile or intelligent discussions. Grow up or leave the forums.