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  1. RoarTT

    CX 200 limited 18x20

    In the latest TW podcast with JB, they talk about him playtesting a CX 200 limited 18x20 (at about 8:25 in). Anyone knows if this is like the regular 98 inch head with 18x20 pattern?
  2. RoarTT

    Asics Solution Speed FF 2 size

    Hi! I'm currently using a pair of Gel Solution Speed 3's in size 10.5 (euro 44.5) and thinking about getting the newest Speed FF 2's. Just wondering if i confidently can order the same size in the FF 2?
  3. RoarTT

    Prince Vortex Triad

    Is Prince Vortex Triad a replacement for Prince Tour XS? I like that string but can't find it anywhere anymore (In Europe). How similar is Vortex Triad?
  4. RoarTT

    Tecnifibre TF40 vs. Ultra Tour, string spacing

    How is the difference in the string spacing and launch angle between the two? :)
  5. RoarTT

    Leather grip installation, double sided tape necessary?

    I’m about to install a Wilson leather on my Dunlop and wonder if it’s absolutely necessery to use double sided tape to make it stick over time at the butcap? Never installed a leather grip before but i have read a lot places that it’s difficult to make it stick, even with adhesive backing.
  6. RoarTT

    Pro Staff 97 vs. 97L

    Has anyone tried both and know if the 97L has that same erratic stringbed response that is often reported from the 97?
  7. RoarTT

    Leather grip thicker than 1.50mm?

    I can't seem to find any. The sticky thread says that some manufacturers has thicker sizes, but i can only find 1.50mm as thickest these days?
  8. RoarTT

    Tecnifibre TF40 315

    I have seen much talk about the 305 version but little about the 315. Been searching a bit but haven’t found much. Anyone have some experience to share? :)
  9. RoarTT

    Pure Strike Tour 2020

    Are there any fresh opinions on this one here? :)
  10. RoarTT

    Nadal with updated RA?

    The latest sample racket from Pro Stock tennis specs RA at 72. No matter if that is strung or unstrung spec, i guess it’s likely he changed. All previous reports of RA for his racket has been 65.
  11. RoarTT

    Volkl V8 Pro review

    On the way?:)
  12. RoarTT

    Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore

    Any experiences?
  13. RoarTT

    Verdasco with Radical OS

    Tennisnerd points out Verdasco hitting with Radical OS. Kinda cool:)
  14. RoarTT

    Pure Aero VS/Tour

    I see that TW Europe have dropped the price considerably on these, but TW still have them at full price. Any one have som fresh take on either the VS or VS Tour?
  15. RoarTT

    H19 16x19 vs. TC97 16x19

    Anyone tried both?
  16. RoarTT

    Closest to Pure Drive of old?

    What current Pure Drive like racket is closest to how the Pure Drive used to be (say 2012 version and earlier) before they introduced all the dampening Techs (muted feel), widened string patterns and so on?
  17. RoarTT

    Stiff throat and flexy hoop?

    Wich current rackets has ha stiff throat area and a flexible hoop? I have heared that the TC97 is one of them?
  18. RoarTT

    Vcore 95 and Pure Aero VS (Tour)

    Anyone tried both? VC95 and either the PA VS or PA VS Tour.
  19. RoarTT

    Responsive feel?

    what exactly is ment by a racket having a «responsive feel»?
  20. RoarTT

    Angell leather thickness

    I can't seem to find it in the grip sticky thread, so does anyone know the thickness of Angell's leather grips?
  21. RoarTT

    The new Yonex Vcore 95

    Thought i would start a seperate thread about this frame. How many have tried it yet? What did you think of it? How does it compare to the previous SV version? What are other similar playing rackets out there (past or present)? And so on :)
  22. RoarTT

    Pure Strike Tour (2014) and Pure Aero VS Tour

    Anyone tried both and can compare? :-)
  23. RoarTT

    Pro Kennex grip shape?

    What other brand(s) is it closest to? Did a search but only found a thread 4 years and older, so i ask in case things have changed on their rackets over the last years. :-)
  24. RoarTT

    Dunlop Srixon grip shape and size?

    Does the Dunlop Srixon rackets have the same grip shape/size/butcap as the older Dunlops?
  25. RoarTT

    Yonex VCORE Pro 97 grip size

    Hi. I have read in several threads that Yonex grip sizes runs larger than other brands and i'm wondering if anyone can confirm if that trend continues With the VCORE Pro 97 line? I'm currently With Dunlop L4 and wondering what size will be best on the VCORE Pro.
  26. RoarTT

    Dunlop NT Tour 97 16x19?

    I see you are selling the new NT Tour 97 18x20 and i know Dunlop has made a 16x19 version as well. Will you be getting that?
  27. RoarTT

    Starting clamp max tension

    What’s the max tension i can pull directly when starting crosses with my Gamma starting clamp?
  28. RoarTT

    Yonex vs. Dunlop grip size and shape

    I have a Dunlop in L4 grip wich is just Perfect and i'm thinking about getting a Yonex. I know grip shapes and sizes have been discussed a lot, but i would just like to know if anyone have switched between Yonex and Dunlop grips specifically, and can comment on if they feel very different in...
  29. RoarTT

    Removing old replacement grip adhesive

    So i was going to replace the Wilson Sublime grip on my Ultra Tour with a new one but when i start wrapping at the butcap, the new grip seems to slip on the residue adhesive from the old grip wich has become slippery and not sticky. Does anyone know an effective way to remove the old adhesive...
  30. RoarTT

    Six One Team iterations

    Anyone tried the latest Six One Team iteration available at TW Europe? I would like to know how it Plays compared to previous iterations. I have only tried the kfactor Version myself, so if anyone tried both of those that would have been great.