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  1. pico

    Extending a Gravity Pro

    Has anyone here extended a Gravity Pro?
  2. pico

    Signum Hextreme vs Signum X-Perience

    Any users of both care to compare? Thanks.
  3. pico

    CX 200 + users???

    I can't find many users of the Srixon CX 200 + racquet. Just wondering abt your string setups for it and any customisations?
  4. pico

    Shaped poly in crosses?

    If I use shaped poly in mains, would a shaped poly in the crosses be problematic in terms of preventing string movement? This is with regards to an 18 x 20 pattern.
  5. pico

    Prestige 360+ mp customisation

    Just wondering abt your setups for this racquet. I strung it with BHS7T 1.25 on mains and Signum Hextreme 1.20 on crosses at 48lbs. Got 3g of lead at 12. The launch angle is quite low now and then still I find which I like but I would like a bit more clearance. Lovely feel otherwise.
  6. pico

    Ideas for a private court setup

    I am looking to setup a private indoor court. It would just be one court. Need help with how to do this. Some options are: 1) i know a person with a private court. Would be awesome to be able to shelter it since we have snowy winters. Then lighting comes into play too. 2) Renting warehouse space...
  7. pico

    How to return serves that come high?

    I am 5'6 and play guys that are 6'2. Their serves come fast and high at me. What is the best way to return?
  8. pico

    Prince Phantom 97p

    I currently play a Gravity Pro and like it. A friend said good things abt the Prince Phantom 97p. I cant demo it here. Has anyone played both and can compare? I know they are different string patterns. I play a ohbh and so curious abt that mostly.
  9. pico

    Line calling etiquette

    What is the proper etiquette for line calling? I played a guy today. I called some of his serves out which he thought were in. Then I also played serves that I thought were in but he thought were out. It got awkward. I pride myself on being honest and sportsmanlike. I suppose I felt borderline...
  10. pico

    How to make a racquet less powerful?

    Besides stringing tighter, what else can be done?
  11. pico

    Stringing Pure Aero French Open

    I was stringing this for someone but it seems to be different from a regular Pure Aero. I couldn't find the right grommets to tie off crosses unless this is only meant for one piece stringing? Do I still skip 7 and 9 on mains?
  12. pico

    Leather grip makes racquet feel "stiffer"?

    I played with my Vcore 95 for the most of the latter half of last year and it had a leather grip on (I did quite well with this setup). I think early this year in a bid to reduce the weight of the racquet, I replaced it with a synthetic grip and then it never felt the same. A few days ago, I put...
  13. pico

    Lead tape for penetrating slice?

    I play with a Pure Aero VS. It has 2g of lead at 12, 2g at 3 and 2g at 9. I cant hit a penetrating slice as I can with my XT Prestige Pro. Should I tinker with more lead or change the placement?
  14. pico

    Graphene XT Prestige Pro vs Gravity Pro

    Any users of both racquets care to give a comparison please. Thanks.
  15. pico

    Tf40 305 - just too head heavy

    I really want to like this racquet but I still find it head heavy with a Gamma leather grip on and an overgrip (1g of lead at 12). Any tips on things to try?
  16. pico

    Pure Aero VS customization

    I play with a Pure Aero VS and am starting to like it. Used it for 3 sessions only. I put on a leather grip and overgrip. I have 2g of lead at 12 and about 1g at 10 and 1g at 2. I could still use more plow though. My shots are not penetrating enough. I string with BHS7T at 56lbs but it has...
  17. pico

    Syn gut strings slipping out of clamps

    Hi all. I have a Klippermate. I have tried to string a racquet with two different syn gut strings now and they both slipped out of my clamps during stringing. I have been able to string syn gut fine before. Do I need new clamps? I can string poly fine.
  18. pico

    Semi-western backhand players?

    I switched to this bh grip today. I thickened my 4 1/4 grip to allow for my palm to almost be locked in. What I realised is that before I used a lot of wrist in my one hand backhands and it felt "shaky". This change lets me lock, load and rip!!! This is a semi-western backhand grip...
  19. pico

    Graphene XT Prestige Pro?

    Hi guys. I found a good price on the Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro but since I am unable to demo it, can you please provide your experiences with it? The one I am looking it has the following specs: Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro Tennis Racquet Specs: Head Size: 98 sq. in. / 632 sq. cm. Length...
  20. pico

    Prestige Pro vs Extreme Tour

    I am an aggressive baseliner with a one handed back hand. I am unable to demo racquets and am very interested in both these. Which one would you recommend?
  21. pico

    Hitting such good ohbh with Aeropro drive GT

    I have been using my Aeropro Drive GT lately (as opposed to my Vcore 95) and wow - does it work so well with my ohbh. I like the stiff feeling. I feel more connected. Anyone else feeling this? I am trying to nail if it is the stiffness, graphite material, beam thickness, 16 x 19 pattern, 100sq...
  22. pico

    Blade 16 x 19 98 vs Pure Aero VS

    Can anyone who has used these racquets give a comparison?
  23. pico

    What AeroPro Drive version?

    Hi guys. This is my first racquet. I dont recall when I purchased it though it feels before 2008. Can anyone help identify the year from the pic? The serial number is KF44427. I am more interested in the specs.
  24. pico

    Wilson Blade 16 x 19 v6 (2021 version - without CV)

    Hi guys. I just got this yesterday and pretty stoked. I just have to string it up. Anyone else using this? Initial thoughts? My two current racquets of choice are my Vcore 95 (customised) and my RF97.
  25. pico

    Vcore 95 - backhand slice help!

    Hi all. I shift before a Gravity Pro and a Vcore 95. I have about 2g of lead at 12 on my Vcore 95 and my Gravity Pro is stock. I hit a way nicer, penetrating backhand slice with my Gravity Pro but can't get that with my Vcore 95. What can I do with the Vcore 95 (in terms of customization) to...
  26. pico

    Speed gains with poly / multi?

    Hi all. I primarily play full poly. I have used poly / multi hybrids in the past. I currently use a Zepp sensor on my HEAD racquet and am working towards developing more pace on my strokes. Technique can definitely be improved! If I switched to using multis on a cross, would this aid with adding...
  27. pico

    Gravity Pro customizations?

    Hi there. For all you Gravity Pro users, I am just wondering if you have done any customizations? If so, I would love to know. Please mention your string setup too. Thank you.
  28. pico

    Lead tape at handle bottom vs along handle

    When putting lead tape at the handle, does it matter if it is put around the handle at the bottom vs along the handle straight on?
  29. pico

    Shapo and mishits!

    Watched Shapo yesterday and starting to notice a trend of him just randomly mishitting a lot. You guys think it is just him being late or that he would do better with a bigger frame than his current 95 sq inch frame?
  30. pico

    Is my grip size too big?

    I have always played with a 4 1/4 but I would say I am more of a 4 3/8 since I use 4 1/4 as I like smaller grips. I recently found a used Ultra Tour but it is size 4 1/2. I put on a leather grip and overgrip. Here is a link to a pic showing my index finger test. Is this too big...