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    How tacky is it to use Adidas and Nike products on the SAME day

    From 0 to 10. 0 being classy and 10 being the tackiest being in the universe. Like going to play tennis with adidas shoes and a nike shirt.
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    What is up with this drop volley non-sense?!

    Going to the net? Drop volley. The other player isn't that far back? Drop volley. The other player wouldn't be able to run the ball down unless you hit a shot that's VERY slow? DROP VOLLEY. Nadal, Medvedev, Zverev, etc. I don't even think it's that much easier. At some point simply hitting it...
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    Rublev appears shorter on tv

    Rublev appears shorter on tv, but he is 1.88m tall. To me for some reason he appears like 1.80m on tv, something like Kohlscreiber, but he is taller than Ned and Fed. Anyone else has this optical illusion?
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    Have you ever lost 6-0 6-0 ?

    Tell us all about it.
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    Footwork and big 3

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    Feel free to criticize my backhand shadow. I've already watched some videos of professionals and the shadow doesn't seem far off. 1.Perhaps my takeback is too exaggerated ? 2. And when my right foot hits the ground the forward swing should start sooner? 3. Should I use my shoulder blades? I...
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    Imagine a wet surface...

    ... and the water is thoroughly spread over it. Assume you have a special type of shoes that don't let you fall off but let you slide a little bit. It's not like drenched, just like a fine film of water. It's hardcourt under it. What type of tennis game would succeed? what players would suck...
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    Tennis training and weight lifting

    Assume you want to get to 5.0 NTRP How often and why?
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    I'm practicing forehand shadows, however I just noticed that during the wrist extension I do it in such a way that the butt cap is pointing almost to the sky. This HAS TO be a mistake, what drills can I do to correct this? Also if you notice any other mistakes feel free to tell me, thanks in...
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    Nadal 2015 goes to the doctor.

    Calling all stat lovers: Nadal 2015 goes to you asking for a diagnosis for his symptoms. Tell him what's the reason for his ailment and propose treatment. Go.
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    Imagine Nadal didn't get injured in 2016

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda... won RG that year? Discuss. Pd: Also for any racquet experts lurking on this forum, this one other of my threads needs some urgent love...
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    Wilson Blade 98L v6 and Wilson Pro Staff 97L v13

    I'm considering if I should buy one of these two racquets? Have you used either? Tell me everything about them! Thanks!
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    Why pickleball is killing tennis

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    I'm planning on going back to tennis fully committed in 2022 and I want to play not just for fun, but I really want to improve this time. For this reason, everytime I play I will record myself so I can fix my mistakes and post the videos here so you guys can also tell me what you think is wrong...
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    Nadal and lefthandedness

    We all know that Rafa is not actually a lefty but instead has a dominant right hand, it was just that uncle Toni taught him to play with the left hand. However, reading about forcing people to change hands when writing, I came across info saying that it actually has a very low success rate for...
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    Karen Kachanov!?

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    What happened to Dieguito?

    Title is self-explanatory. What happened?
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    Planning on coming back to tennis

    I'm planning on coming back to tennis, it's been almost 6 years without regular training and I want to come back hard in 2021. I'm planning to play next thrusday against someone strong even if I get destroyed, just to play tennis again. I'm planning to hit the ball as hard as I can as long as...
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    Chess and tennis, players comparison

    The other day watching a chess game played by Morphy I thought: "wow, Morphy really is Federer, effortless attacking", and started wondering, which chess players can we compare(relate?) to tennis players? Federer=Morphy
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    NOT ALL 20'S ARE CREATED EQUAL 1. Read it entirely. 2. Discuss/ Disgust 3. I do not agree with the article, but I do love me some hot takes.
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    Tennis History buffs please help

    I do not understand (despite having read some no helpful articles) why is the open era a thing? I mean, I know that it started because pros were allowed in slams for the first time, but why wasn't it allowed before? What's so bad about pros playing in such a prestigious tournament? Plz help, thanks
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    New doubles couple become N°1 after winning WIMBLEDON

    Juan Cabal and Robert Farah defeated Nicolas Mahut and É. Roger-Vasselin 7-6 6-7 6-7 7-6 6-3
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    Nadal AUS 2017 vs Nadal AUS 2019 Interesting article comparing Nadal against his former self in 2017. As has been clearly seen, Nadal is playing many more shorter points that before. The question is, if these two version would meet, who would win...
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    What I think Nadal's seasons should be from now on.

    Shouldn't the guy stop playing so many tournaments? I mean forget Indian Wells, I consider he should strive to play the tournaments he hasn't won. Miami for example. Skip Monaco, skip Barcelona, play Roma and Madrid. Play Wimbledon and Halle. Play only Cincinatti, play US Open and Shanghai...