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    Marián Vajda snubbed for Coach of the Year?

    Luby is not a coach?
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    Nadal gives up slam race

    Humility is always important ;)
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    Don't think USO 2011 is Djokovic's peak there

    I don't know man. Some posters might get angry at me, but Djoko 2011 might be the best performance in a GS ever against serious competition. Nadal was crazy good, and we all know what happened.
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    Admit it

    wth is a pure groundstroke
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    87 years old Feliciano Lopez thrashes Rublev

    Plz use this as your next profile picture
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    Admit it :)

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    Vegan or Meat.. From a personal Perspective.

    What classifies as a vegan? If you eat an animal product once a year, does that classify? Or it has to be absolutely 0 animal consumption as soon as you start your journey?
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    Nadal fans AO delusion

    I just hope he does his best as usual
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    Is it normal for one handed backhand to be much more powerful than forehand?

    It isn't normal, however my coach used to tell me I had more acceleration on the backhand than on my forehand. The thing is that to hit a good OHB you really have to let the arm go and travel "loose", otherwise it doesn't work. On the other hand the muscles of the forehand are so strong that you...
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    Do I really have to hit with topspin?

    You can do whatever you want.
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    Is serve a throwing motion?

    So it's like a throwing motion but without throwing the racquet, interesting.
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    Is serve a throwing motion?

    That depends on the definition of serves, throwing and motion. IMO what I would say serve has some elements of throwing, but not in the general way you think of throwing
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    The serve is not a throwing motion

    Man that salt is tasty yum yum
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    Have you ever lost 6-0 6-0 ?

    It's good to have short memory ;)
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    The serve is not a throwing motion

    Here because of the last video. Btw, I agree with Nick ;)
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    How tacky is it to use Adidas and Nike products on the SAME day

    So the more popular brands the classier?
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    Rajeev Ram GOAT

    I'm a doofus