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    Babolat Pure Aero 2019 or 2016?

    I absolutely share your view of the Pure Aero line. Im still trying to find a replacement for the 2013 apd. What have been produced since then are bunch of baseball bats with no feel at all. For some reason players do not want to feel the ball coming on/off their string bed. Otherwise i can't...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    When i feel the ball coming on/off my string bed, this is what i perceive as "the feel of the racquet". And based on that feeling i claim that the racquet is either muted or responsive. And with this particular racquet i feel like its muted. Can't say the same thing about Prestige that is often...
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    Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Thread

    What string did u end up with? I can't stand the muted feel of the racquet...Also why do people praise the feel of the racquet when you don't get any feedback from it....
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    A good string for Prince Textreme Tour (310)

    Hi, what string would u recommend for Prince Textreme Tour (310) based on your own experience? The racquet is pretty muted IMHO, so i would like a string with some touch a spin potential. Weiss CANNON Ultra Cable hasn't unfortunately worked for me in this racquet. It's the only string I've tried...
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    Son, you had me at meat tornado. :laughing:

    Son, you had me at meat tornado. :laughing:
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    Babolat Aero grommet compatibility

    Are the grommets for the current model of Pure Aero compatible with the older models of the racquet? I want to get a set of new grommets for my Babolat Aeropro Drive GT 2013 but I just don't know if the new ones will fit. Does anybody have any experience with this? Thank you.
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    Weiss cannon ultra cable durability

    Thank you for the insight. I also read your comments here:
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    Weiss cannon ultra cable durability

    Hi, has anybody played with WCUC until its breakage? If so, r u commenting on the durability from an amateur's or a pro's POV? I'm also curious about how it compares to the other shaped polys in terms of durability (focus hex, tour bite, cyclone, rpm blast, hyper-g...).
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    MSV Focus Hex 1.23 vs 1.27 mm

    Hi, does anybody have any experience with playing both Focus Hex 1.23 and 1.27? I'm currently playing with the 1.23 one. I understand that the thicker gauge won't be as powerful and comfortable and it won't have as much feel as the thinner one. Would you say that the difference between these...